▷ Expo Local Global CCS 2022

Local Global CCS Expo 2022-2023a 10-week cultural project is about to start on November 27 in the city of Caracasspecifically in the Cultural Park Making the Trinity. It will run until February 2023.

A proposal that will unite 22 artists, designers and brands for an exhibition of flannels, t-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts, and t-shirts is a museographic and textile sample. There are also activities such as presentations and conversations.

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Here the Lara state will be represented by three artists, it is Carlos Sánchez, plastic artist; Carlos Romero, chemical engineer and skateboarder and Alejandro Garcés, multimedia artist.

Momentum interviewed the former to find out their proposals for the event that opens in 5 days.

For his part, Sánchez, who is a painter, illustrator and also a creator of comics, confessed that the work that he will reveal to the public is the «Venezuelan reality, but from an imaginary and surreal point of view» where the folkloric is mixed with the local and global.

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He stressed that he will carry two album covers that he has made embodied in flannels. The first designed with characters from his comics with crocodiles, zombies and clowns playing bagpipes.

First model of Carlos Sánchez. Photo: Courtesy @majenye

A second flannel consists of an image of the Bolivar Square in Caracas in the middle of a protest, but with the imaginary addition of giraffes, unicorns and dinosaurs.

«With my work I want to talk about the Venezuelan reality (…) Something as local as the bagpipes, I give it very international touches, with characters that could belong to a cartoon from cartoon Network“, he explained.

In his vision he wants to “insert the Venezuelan and local to the contemporary reality of the baroque image of the Internet.”

When talking about the exhibition, he said he was very happy because it will allow his work, like that of many artists, “to be appreciated in an artistic way and not purely commercial.”

Model of the album cover for the second flannel. Photo: Courtesy @Majenye

Carlos Romero, was another of those who declared for El Impulso, he considers himself a “skateboarder at heart”, despite the fact that his profession is a chemical engineer. with your project Native Skateboardingbecame one of the participants of LocalGlobal.

Just as his passion is the world of skateboarding, he left it reflected in the two flannels that he will exhibit at the stands.

In the first model he framed a historical postcard of the “living legend” -as he describes it- as it is Tony Alva during your visit to Polyhedron of Caracas in 1979 accompanied by a military policeman.

He admits that the background of the image is a parody, due to the antagonism that exists between the police and vigilantes with the skateboarders.

In the second proposal, he clarified that it is the solution to a problem of drying skateboard decks. He described the resolution of this problem as “very complex in terms of engineering level.”

“I put all the resolution up as a sign that engineering and science is not untied from skateboarding,” he revealed.

With his designs on display, he intends to expose the history of the skateboard, the relationship between engineering and the skateboard, the basic principles of his project Native Skateboarding.

Picnics for exhibitions, parties, conversations and more are part of the program of Local Global CCSS 2022-2023which will end on Sunday, February 5 after a 10-week schedule.

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▷ Expo Local Global CCS 2022-2023 will be marked by creativity and the presence of Lara #22Nov – El Impulso