10 Actors Who Could Play Wolverine In The MCU (Besides Taron Egerton)

Hugh Jackman first donned the steel blades in the 2000s x-men. He appeared in seven more films as Wolverine before finally hanging up the role, seemingly for good, in 2017. Loganwith the probable exception of the next Dead Pool 3.

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There are no plans to introduce the Merry Mutants into the MCU yet, but with Patrick Stewart’s Professor X making an appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it seems inevitable that the X-men will eventually be used, and Wolverine is of course the brand’s most famous superhero. Hugh Jackman’s portrayal was iconic and replacing him will be tough – tough, but not impossible. Egerton Conference has certainly been mentioned as nearly perfect for the role, but he’s far from the only one who could play it.

Daniel Radcliffe

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Daniel Radcliffe became a household name while playing Harry Potter, the iconic wizard with round glasses and a lightning bolt scar. It’s all too easy, especially for child actors like him, to be cast as the prototypical franchise character he’s played in eight movies. Luckily for him, Radcliffe seems to have an excellent sense of career longevity and has put his Potter days firmly behind him with a series of interesting indie picks, like a corpse that farts in Swiss army manan internet troll with rapid-fire stigmata in Akimbo Firearmsand a singer with a penchant for parody in Bizarre: the story of Al Yankovic.

While Radcliffe can’t rightly be called stocky, he shares Logan’s lack of stature. He is also surprisingly muscular and has proven to grow facial hair. He also has something quite important with the Wolverine: a willingness to fight beasts bigger than him. If a boy armed only with a wand can take on He Who Must Not Be Named, a man with one-foot bone claws coated in indestructible adamantium could surely take on Sabretooth, a villain of equal power but lacking the code of power. strict honor of Logan.

John David Washington

The beautiful son of Denzel Washington has all the charm and chops of his father, and more than enough talent to drown out any whispers of nepotism. Since bursting into the public consciousness with starring roles in BlacKkKlansman, Principle, Malcolm and Marieand Beckett, John David Washington takes up a lot of space in Hollywood but has yet to attach itself to a franchise.

While Washington doesn’t quite fit the description of Wolverine, he certainly has the physique to play the part. He played ball in college, attending Morehouse on a football scholarship where he set the rushing yards record. He signed with the St. Louis Rams as an undrafted free agent, played for NFL Europe with the Hamburg Sea Devils as a running back, and spent four years as a Sacramento Mountain Lion, but his career football ended when he tore his Achilles tendon trying. for the New York Giants. Football’s loss was Hollywood’s gain; in 2015, he joined Dwayne Johnson on Ballers playing a professional soccer player, and the rest is history. Wolverine never played football as a teenager, but growing up in Cold Lake, Alta., his home team would have been the Calgary Stampeders, which coincidentally is the CFL team that Dwayne Johnson played for. played briefly.

Shia Labeouf

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Like Radcliffe, Shia Labeouf was also a child actor, known for television Even Stevens and the movie Holes. An opposing role Will Smith in 2004 I robot helped him transition into his own franchise-leading role as Sam Witwicky in Transformers. After some personal and professional turmoil, LaBeouf looks set to make a comeback after stellar audiences in movies like honey boy, The Peanut Butter Falconand Pieces of woman.

LaBeouf has an undercurrent of tension running through him that would serve him well in portraying Wolverine’s explosive temper. But he also has a sad distance that is essential to the character of Logan who, despite being a prominent member of the Avengers, New Avengers, X-Force and X-men, is still a loner at heart.

Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul has become a household name on some of the best television programs in the world, including breaking Bad, BoJack Riderand more recently, Westworld.

Paul often chooses outcast characters driven by rebellion, perfect for playing a brooding man addicted to animal savagery. And like Wolverine, Paul can also have a sense of empathy towards animals, being an avid beekeeper. Despite his success, Paul doesn’t consider himself a top man, and Logan seems to feel much the same, happy to be on his own until he’s called.

Chris Pine

As one of Hollywood idol Chrises, Chris Pine has a unique vibe. Pine’s roles are diverse enough to encompass blockbusters like star trek and wonder woman but also include animated voice roles, romantic comedies, and best role in a bad musical.

Chris Pine as Logan would be a brilliant cast because he has an energy that screams BWE: Big Wolverine Energy. He is a bit wild and a bit mysterious. Pine is Chrises’ dark horse. He’s cool because he’s not trying to be. He has the stature to be a leading man, action hero, and character actor. He might not have been the obvious choice, but like Jackman, he had become the role, making it his own.

Nick Offerman

Ron Swanson may have been a man, but Nick Offerman is an enlightened person. However, he carves wood with his bare hands and grows facial hair on demand. He brings the machismo without the toxic masculinity. He exudes a bushman mystique that would translate well to Wolverine.

Offerman is arguably the most believable as a man who would seek solitude in the Canadian wilderness. He also has an old school energy that would choose blades over guns. But he also has this gruff uncle thing, practical since Tom HollandPeter Parker is currently looking for a new mentor, and Wolverine and Spider-Man go way back.

David Oyelowo

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David Oyelowo is a classically trained actor who can do it all, from playing civil rights hero Martin Luther King Jr. to Selma to voice the ultimate villain Scar in Disney’s The Lion Guard. If he played Wolverine, he could bring gravity, with a simmering rage hidden cleverly underneath. Like Hugh Jackman, who memorably played Jean Valjean in the 2012s WretchedOyelowo was a scene stealer as Javert in the far more acclaimed 2018 miniseries than Russell Crowebut to be fair, it was a non-musical adaptation.

Some Marvel fans like to insist on strict precision when it comes to casting, but most viewers would agree that the essence is much more important. In any case, Oyelowo has already made history as the first black actor to portray an English monarch for the Royal Shakespeare Company. He is a pioneer.

Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon is a delightful loose cannon, constantly shocking audiences with his pinball skills, morphing from book burner to sleazy broker, crusader, mob boss, vacation drug dealer, and more.

Wolverine feels like a credit that belongs on Shannon’s resume. There’s something essentially undomesticated about him that suits the role. Wolverine is said to be cursed with berserker fury, and if anyone has berserker energy just waiting to be unleashed, it’s Michael Shannon.

Phil Dunster

Known to the British public as LCpl, Will Jensen on Counter attackJamie Tartt on Apple TV Ted Lasso and to a wider audience as football’s bad boy, Phil Dunster is about to take another step in what promises to be a successful career.

A rugby player in his youth, he kept in shape through boxing when the producers of Ted Lasso called. Now he does high-intensity interval training to keep a leaner footballer’s physique. As Jamie Tartt, fans already know that Dunster has what it takes to play a tough man with ferocity, but he also has that physique that keeps Wolverine in fighting shape.

Daphne Keen

In 2017 Logan, the near future (2029) saw a world where mutants were nearly extinct. Logan was despondent and alone when a girl named Laura is left in his care. Laura (aka X-23) is a mutant made from Logan’s DNA in a genetic experiment to create mutant children and train them into super soldiers. Laura has two adamantium claws in each hand and one in each foot. Logan gives everything he has left to get her to safety.

Hugh Jackman decided to retire as Wolverine with the movie Logan. Thanks to Logan’s sacrifice, Laura survives at the end of the film, her future uncertain but at least she is free. At the time, Jackman expressed the hope that X-23 (Daphne Keen) would become the new Wolverine. Only time will tell.

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