10 Best Superhero Movies Of All Time, According To IMDb

With The Batman marking the ninth live-action Caped Crusader and Thor: Love and Thunder Set to be the 29th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s safe to say that there have been plenty of quality superhero movies released by Hollywood over the past few decades. Not all have received the same success, but the majority are in fact strong.

Of the few hundred superhero movies that have been released pre-TV to the present day, these have landed the top spots on IMDb with a combination of high ratings and one city votes in their favor.

ten Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) – 8.0

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To beat dead Pool by just 100,000 votes, the equally comedic 2014 film guardians of the galaxy marks the tenth spot – coincidentally, it’s also the MCU’s tenth film. It’s almost hard to believe it’s set in the same universe as the other 2014 MCU movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldiergiven the realism and seriousness of this spy thriller.

In fact, the superhero genre as a whole seemed to swing towards dark and gritty at the time, but Guardians showed just how much of a comedic superhero movie that was not a genre parody might do the trick. He undoubtedly helped pave the way for dead Pool exist, although many other factors contributed to this.

9 The Avengers (2012) – 8.0

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The 2012 film that proved just how incredibly successful a connected cinematic universe could be, The Avengers released to massive fanfare, acclaim, and box office success upon release, eventually becoming the highest-grossing film of the year and, at the time, the third-highest of all time.

With character dynamics that highlighted each hero’s unique attributes and iconic quotes a decade later, The Avengers managed to make audiences around the world fall in love with the team. While it establishes the larger universe of the Infinity Saga, it’s also a really enjoyable rewatch on its own, as the creators couldn’t assume audiences’ familiarity with the MCU as they can today.

8 Logan (2017) – 8.1

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What does it mean for a legend to die? Most mainstream superhero franchises, following the lead of the comic books, won’t let their universes end. Maybe some characters may die, and a few of them may not be resurrected, but the universe and the brand live on. This is not the case for Logan.

Like the finale of the original x-men actor Hugh Jackman (and originally Patrick Stewart as well), Logan take the superhero fantasy of invincibility and watch what happens when that fantasy ends and reality kicks in, bringing violence and death to a world over with heroes. Superhero movies still dominate, but it’s hard to imagine them having a better swansong than this searing character drama.

seven Batman Begins (2005) – 8.2

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Although Batman appeared in Tim Burton’s universe before starting in Christopher Nolan, Nolan’s Batman origin story ultimately received more love from IMDb users than any entry. from his previous series. batman begins reimagined Batman at a time when his threats were set in a post-9/11 world.

The film’s reimagining of Batman, however, also acted as a reimagining of the entire superhero genre, with Iron Man (and therefore the MCU as a whole) and Steel man drawing influence from it by telling a character’s origin story and creating a grounded world. Its influence aside, however, it remains a gripping and well-told story about Batman and his relationship with Gotham City.

6 Spider-Man: No Coming Home (2021) – 8.3

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Not only one of the best $1 billion movies, No coming home is Tom Holland’s third Spider Man trilogy and was a great cap for (at least the first part of) the series. By bringing back the Maguire and Garfield generations of Spider-Man and their films, the film became a two-decade celebration of the cinematic crawler.

It’s this celebration, and the fact that legacy characters are an integral part of the story, as opposed to just gimmicks to get people seated, that brought Spider-Man: No Coming Home such stamina at the box office and in the hearts of audiences.

5 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) – 8.4

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Sure, Spider-Man: No Coming Home might never have happened Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse did not have such a strong impact on its own. Although the film remains the lowest-grossing Spider-Man film, spider worms was adored by viewers and won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

Released three years before the MCU began exploring the idea of ​​a multiverse, it also showed that audiences were able to not only come to terms with the idea of ​​different Spider-people and different realities, but could find it to be one of the greatest animated films of all time. That’s why it’s so hard to wait Through the Spider-Versebut it’s worth the cost.

4 Avengers: Infinity War (2018) – 8.4

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2018 Avengers: Infinity War was the accumulation of over a decade of work on 17 MCU films, and it was slated like few films before or since, with its first trailer racking up hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. Somehow, the film met and even exceeded those expectations.

Seeing all the major MCU actors on the same screen was a monumentally exciting feeling, but crossover movies are at their best when their novelty combines with great character work, and every actor brings their A-game, pun intended. . When half the heroes turn to dust, it feels like a full-scale tragedy and creates one of the toughest obstacles for the second film in this two-part story.

3 Avengers: Endgame (2019) – 8.4

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The second half of Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame was a time travel, heist and superhero movie all rolled into one. Since half of Infinity WarWith the cast of being gone until the final battle, that also meant more time with the survivors, who for the most part happened to be the most veteran characters in the MCU.

Half the universe turning to dust may have been tragic, but it was always expected to reverse in End of Gamebut non-dust related deaths in End of Game are irreversible. Seeing Natasha and Tony sacrifice their lives to save the universe, and Steve Rogers finally having his chance to retire and be happy, deserved nothing less than tears from the audience.

2 The Dark Knight Rises (2012) – 8.4

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As the MCU began to realize its full potential in 2012 with The Avengersthe Black Knight trilogy gave audiences its finale later that summer with The dark knight rises. As Loganit explores what happens when a hero’s journey ends, but in this case the ending results in Batman becoming Gotham’s ultimate savior, a title he’s definitely earned.

mounted was never even guaranteed to be made, since Nolan approached each film individually, but IMDb is obviously grateful that he did. The only reason mounted could be considered a disappointment due to the astronomical expectations set by its predecessor.

1 The Dark Knight (2008) – 9.0

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What gives the Black Knight trilogy the best IMDb average is not only due to the fact that the three films are in the top ten of all time for superhero films on IMDb, but that The black Knight itself is the 4th highest rated film period, on tens of thousands of titles. It’s no surprise that this is IMDb’s favorite superhero movie.

The acclaim comes down to the story, which is truly led by Heath Ledger’s Joker, as he and Batman are locked in a truly epic struggle for the soul of Gotham, to prove which worldview is correct: Order and decency, or chaos and destruction. It’s on the level of the mythical, with a resonance going back to the earliest written stories in history. It’s hard to imagine a superhero movie beating its legacy.

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