10 Movies So Bad They Inadvertently Became Comedies

Sometimes, no matter how hard those involved work, some films do not meet the expected expectations. In most cases, the mediocre or bad movies they are simply ignored and forgotten, but in extreme cases… they become unintentional comedies.

In the history of cinema, or at least of popular culture, there have been some very notable examples of movies that started out as dramas, or action or horror movies, but turned out so bad, ridiculous, unbelievable, or overacted, that people took it for granted.


Avatar: Empty Show or Masterpiece?

The result is usually cult movies. Perhaps for the wrong reasons, which will surely embarrass their directors, producers or performers… but it cannot be denied that they have gone down in cinema history.

Bad movies, unintentional comedies

Super Mario Bros. (1993)

Now that the new one is about to come out mario moviewhich will be a fun one for the right reasons, it’s a good time to remember the ridiculous 1993 version. Unfortunately, it won’t be the only movie based on video games on this list…

The directors Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton they adapted the world of Super Mario Bros. without much idea of ​​what the games were like (and no desire to make it faithful). Consequently, the plot has neither head nor tail (it goes from a parallel world where dinosaurs did not become extinct, but evolved like humans).

Like many movies in the nineties, Super Mario Bros. lives in a kind of bubble without having a clear audience: the plot is simple and childish, but the world is incredibly dark and “punky” to be an official Nintendo product, like a lawless, dirty and vandalized city where violence, drugs and prostitution reign.

Trolls 2 (1990)

trolls 2

Nothing makes sense in Troll 2, starting with its title: not a sequel to Troll (1986)it doesn’t even star trolls, but goblins!

Nobody knows what would happen to the distributors in their heads to launch it with that title, but it is just one more anecdote of this terrible B-movie, with very cheap special effects and performances that seem amateurish (oh my gooooooood)… that it hurts to see it.

Along with The Room, it is perhaps the film that is so bad that it is good that most sympathy arouses in the fans, an endearing film that see to get rid of it without any kind of complex: even one of the actors made, years later, a documentary called “Best Worst Movie“.

The Room (2003)

The room

The most famous bad movie ever, The Room is an absolutely incredible movie. Directed, written, produced and starring tommy wiseauwho also financed it with a fortune that nobody knows where he got from.

Wiseu is a pop icon: no one knows his age, country of origin (he looks Eastern European), family or occupation before he came to Hollywood to produce what was supposed to be a harrowing drama about infidelity, disease and drugs… but which results in a succession of totally unconnected scenesin which the actors recite their lines as if reading them, without understanding why they are there.


The Room- You are tearing me apart- Full Scene

In one scene, for example, the mother of the protagonist tells her daughter that she has cancer with the same naturalness as if she told her that she bought a kilo of tomatoes that morning. Nobody behaves like human beings in a movie that looks like it was made by an alien.

Greg Sesterothe friend and co-star of the film, narrated this incredible process in the book The Disaster Artistwhich was later adapted to the cinema by James Franco. Theater screenings of The Room continue to be held each year, in which audiences have created a “meta”, a series of rituals, such as throwing teaspoons at the screen each time a frame with teaspoons appears in the film.

Plan 9 from Outer Space (1956)

Plan 9 from Outer Space

If The Room is the “quintessentially good, bad” movie of the 21st century, Plan 9 from Outer Space It’s the 20th century equivalent. The most famous movie Ed Wooda director so bad that even Tim Burton made a movie about his life with Johnny Depp in 1994.

At a time when theaters were filled with B-movies, Wood cultivated what in retrospect they called “Z-series.” A movie about UFOs and zombies (the aliens want to invade the earth, first causing an invasion of the living dead) so crappy, so poorly made, that it took decades for it to be recognized as a cult movie.

The Wicker Man (2006)

Nicolas Cage Wicker Man

The Wicker Man, the original from 1973, is one of the horror films that marked an era and an entire generation, for not dealing with the typical monsters or murderers, but with a pagan sect, and terrorizing in broad daylight.

Nicolas Cage he starred in a 2006 remake directed by Neil LaBute that flopped completely. Cage fans know that this one has some of the actor’s most incredible scenes, particularly the scene where he they torture Cage with beesbut the whole movie is littered with moments and characters that don’t make any sense, intentionally made to be embarrassing… but end up being funny.

Why is Nicolas Cage cool?

The Incident (2008)

The incident

M.Night Shyamalan established himself as one of the key horror and thriller directors of the turn of the century thanks to The sixth Sense… but in his later films, such as Señales, The Village or La Joven del Agua, he progressively lost the support of the public.

The Happening has a promising premise: human beings all over the world are starting to die by the millions all over the world, under strange circumstances, like a wave of suicides… but no one knows why.

The result is many scenes in which people “lose their grip” and allow themselves to die (or be eaten), acting without any sense, surfing between the disturbing and the ridiculous, with nothing to create any real tension. … and with a leading family, Mark Wahlberg Y zooey deshanelnot wanting to act.

Very few took it seriously and it was repudiated as one of the worst films of 2008… what time later many claim as a b-movieand even a parody, it is not known if involuntary or not, of the horror film that subverts all expectations.

Alone in the Dark (2005)

From the game to the cinema: criticism of Alone in the Dark

uwe boll He is reputed to be one of the worst directors of all time. He’s like the modern Ed Wood, and that automatically makes his movies have fans, if only to laugh at them.

Unfortunately for us, Boll has used video game licenses many times in his films, such as Far Cry, Bloodrayne, House of the Dead or this Alone in the Darkin which christian slater plays a detective specializing in paranormal events…

Horror games that here are transformed into decaffeinated and generic action movies, crappy special effects, confusing make-up montage full of clichés, explosions and frankly embarrassing moments.

Leprechaun (1993)


Warwick Davisthe actor known for his role as Willow In Ron Howard’s classic, she donned tons of makeup to become one of the most unlikely creatures in horror movies: a leprechaunthat is, an Irish leprechaun.

Considered one of the worst movies of all time, Leprechaun was planned as a horror moviebut thanks to the contributions of Davis they opted more for macabre comedy and with more touches of gore, a slasher with Jennifer Aniston in his film debut.

The story is about a Leprechaun who travels from Ireland to the United States to take revenge on a man who stole his pot of gold. Despite the touches of comedy, it was still a prototypical horror movie, which sought to become the new saga a la Friday the 13th or Freddy… but nobody took it seriously and it became a cult saga full of aftermath each one more seedy and ridiculous.

Batman and Robin (1997)

George Clooney - Batman and Robin

Batman Forever He already infuriated DC fans for his childish portrayal of the Batman, a swerve after the dark movies of Tim Burton, too little commercial. But its sequel is famous for being perhaps one of the worst movies ever, which made everyone involved cringe in making it, including its director. Joel Schumacher.

If you think that today’s DC Films is erratic, think that at least no one can think of producing something like this anymore. batman and robina very expensive film full of special effects and first-class actors (George Clooney, Uma Thurman, Arnold Schwarzenegger) that seems made only for children under eight years… which will also get bored.

Cats (2019)


The list is full of scurfy movies or of B-series, it’s true. You might think that these things don’t happen anymore now: nobody would be able to put together a competent team, a million dollar budget, and make a mess that can only survive if it is reprogrammed by the fans to laugh at it, right?

Well, in 2019 it came out cats. The adaptation of catsone of the most famous Broadway musicals, in which all the actors (including Judi Dench, Idris Elba or Ian McKellen) were terrifying CGI humanoid cats, which caused mockery on social networks when they were revealed in the trailer…

10 Movies So Bad They Inadvertently Became Comedies