10 Sequel Movie Titles That Were So Goofy It Was Awesome

A movie title is the audience’s first impression of a movie. The task with the sequels should be an easy one given that most of the heavy lifting for the naming process took place in the first installment. Sometimes makers take a road less traveled and back out of traditional digital sequel titles in hopes of attracting a fan base.

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A quirky sequel title can easily alienate a fan base or re-energize a movie-going audience. Movie titles like Die Hard 2: Die Harder and 2 Fast 2 Furious warrant an eye-roll of their folly, but rather spark the plot. The instances where a film’s ridiculous name sticks on landing is a genius effort.

Aftermath of “Friday” (1995-2002)

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In Friday, Craig and Smokey must one day repay $200 owed to a local drug dealer, or they will face extremely serious consequences. One-day storylines are woven throughout the Friday series, so Ice Cube cleverly moved away from traditional digital titles when naming sequel films.

The Friday series has always resonated with its target audience as it highlights aspects synonymous with black culture. If anyone has ever asked a manager for an exact date for an upcoming direct deposit, it’s more than likely that the answer below reflects the Friday sequels Next Friday and Friday after the next.

“Honey, I Blew the Kid” (1992)

In a 1989 interview with David Letterman, Rick Moranis sums up how the title says it all and the audience knows what they are going to get with their next movie Honey, I reduced the children. The same could be said with the title of the second part Honey, I blew the kid.

The scenario of what was to become Honey, I blew the kid was titled Big Baby and had a lot of similar beats to the final draft. Disney linked the idea to the Honey, I reduced the children universe and rewrote the script as a sequel. The simple title was in line with the original’s effortless title and when Wayne Szalinski shouts the title to his wife in the middle of the film, it elicits a laugh from the audience.

“Meet the Fockers” (2004)

The funniest scene Meet the parents is the awkward dinner scene when the family learns the name of Greg’s government. The sequel makes fun of his last name and is titled My stepfather, my parents and me.

The second film wasn’t a critical darling like its predecessor, but was still a massive box office success. The juvenile title recalled the dinner scene and sent a signal to fans that they could expect to find the same humor as the first film.

‘Die Hard 2: Die Harder’ (1990)

In the continuity of a film considered one of the best action films of all time, die hard 2 had a tough act to follow. simply titled, die hard 2the film’s tagline, Die Harder, was later adopted by the film studio and added to the film’s title for DVD and Blu-ray releases in 2006 and 2007.

The promotional title Die Hard 2: Die Harder became the biggest pop culture reference associated with the sequel. “Cheers: Cry Harder”, “LA Law: Lie Harder” and the episode “Forrest Gump 2: Gump Harder” from The critic all pay homage to the sequel’s odd title. The film falls short of its predecessor, however, the comparative degree used at the end of the title cements it as a worthy installment in the franchise.

“Don’t Be a Threat to South Central by Drinking Your Juice in the Hood” (1996)

Don’t be a threat parodies popular hood movies of the early 2000s. In the initial trailer, the tagline proudly hailed the comedy as “the only movie released [in 1996] with fourteen words in its title”.

Quick References In Parody Make It Difficult To Follow Movies Don’t be a threat is identity theft. The movie name gives an overview of all the popular movies incorporated into the parody by merging all the titles together. fans of Society Threat II, central south, Juice and Boyz N the Hood helped elevate the image to cult classic status.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ (2017)

guardians of the galaxy features an array of stars that come together to protect our support of the universe. Six Oscar-nominated actors are featured in guardians of the galaxybut the star of the first movie was the soundtrack hence the reasoning to mirror the title of the sequel to a mixtape.

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james gunn announced the title of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on his social media in 2015. Gunn put a lot of thought into the name, just as he did with the script and direction. The unorthodox title alerts fans to a reunion with Star-Lord, but also builds anticipation for Quill’s tracklist curated by his late mother.

’22 Jump Street’ (2014)

21 jump street almost single-handedly revitalized the friend comedy genre. After returning its budget opening weekend, the studio quickly pulled the trigger by greenlighting a sequel for the profitable property the same month it was released.

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In the comedic vein that runs through the series, the sequel is unconventionally titled 22 jump street rather than 21 Jump Street 2. The second episode’s closing credits jump on the gag and show teasers for the fictional franchise episodes from 23 Jump Street through 43 Jump Street.

The sequels to “The Naked Gun” (1991-1994)

With two of the ten highest-grossing parodies of all time, The naked gun franchise has always been successful in attracting attention to its feature films. In the parody sequels, The 2 ½ Naked Pistol: The smell of fear and The Naked Gun 33 ⅓: The Ultimate Insultthe screenwriters stuffed jokes in the films from the title to the end credits

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The first film was universally loved by critics and fans. The sequels that followed did not receive the same critical acclaim, however, each film performed at the box office and is considered a commercial success. The madness associated with the titles is consistent in the second and third episodes and the consistency of humor throughout is what persuaded the parody series hardcore to back the sequels.

Sequels to Ocean’s Eleven (2004-2018)

Ocean’s Eleven was a remake of the 1960 heist film starring the pack of rats. The remake was a huge success and two sequels and a spin-off followed. George Clooney lead the team of thieves in Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen. Sandra Bullock took control in the spin-off film capers Ocean 8.

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Ocean is a genius and pulls off a heist together with ten other criminals in Ocean’s Eleven. Each of the following installments involves a number change that coincides with the number of criminals joining Ocean’s party. julia robert joins the party in the sequel bringing the total to twelve, Terry Benedict participates with the original team for a total of thirteen crooks in Ocean’s Thirteenand Ocean 8 consists of a new team of eight bandits.

Sequels to “Fast and the Furious” (since 2003)

The fast and the furious The franchise made billions at the box office for its action-packed racing scenes. Drivers skip curbs and skip sharks frequently as the stakes have grown ridiculously higher with each installment. In addition to the stunts, the movie names are turning heads for the fan base.

There’s not a fan who could list the Fast and Furious franchise in the correct order without an IMDb guide as a reference. The titles of the most recent additions are confusing. The title of the fourth film, fast furious, looks a lot like the first movie. As a result, DVD releases in some countries had to change the title to fast and furious 4 to avoid confusion. with the next x fastwacky titles have become a race, and fans are patiently waiting to see what the studios come up with next.

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