10 Worst Movies Of All Time, According To IMDb

It’s almost impossible to say that their value resembles that of good movies, but there is value in watching bad movies. Sometimes they’re so bad they’re good and fun. Sometimes their productions are stories of pride. Sometimes it’s good for a budding filmmaker to have a good idea of ​​what not TO DO.

According to IMDb’s infamous Bottom 100, these are the 10 absolute worst movies in the history of the planet. Take all you can from these historically unanimous dumpster fires.

10. “Battlefield Land” (2000)

battlefield land is a notorious flop that doesn’t really have any visible defenders today. It’s a deeply awful movie on every level, though it’s surely so bad it’s good, at least sometimes. Based on the founder of Scientology L.Ron Hubbard‘s book of the same name about a human uprising against seemingly superior aliens in the year 3000, everything about the execution here is goofy, sometimes hilarious.

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battlefield land swept the 2000 Razzies with seven wins including Worst Picture. It went on to receive Razzies’ “Worst Drama of Our First 25 Years” and “Worst Movie of the Decade” awards, setting a new record for Razzies won for a single film.

9. “Epic Movie” (2007)

A craze for parody films launched at the very beginning with Keenan Ivory Wayans‘ original slasher parody horror movie, an unsophisticated but undeniably hilarious farce that was, for a time, the highest-grossing film by a black director. More “parody” films, if you can even call them that, got lazily lazier, culminating in a series of films by Aaron Selzer and Jason Friedberg this includes date movie, Meet the Spartans and this artistically bankrupt mashup of scenes from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Harry Potter and other popular IP addresses of the time.

epic movie is so shapeless, so aggressively unfunny, so obnoxious, it goes something like, say, horror movie 2look like Plane!. There is exactly one element that is not atrocious, and that is Jennifer Coolidge as villain “The White B*tch.” The movie gives him less than nothing to work with, but he’s an actor who can’t not be funny.

8. “Save Christmas” (2014)

Growing pains star and Golden Globe nominee Kirk CameronThe Jail of Yuletide has a surprisingly convoluted plot about a Christmas party, bickering between in-laws, and Christmas’s purge of materialism. Cameron has publicly stated that the film’s unanimously poor reception from critics and fans was the result of a conspiracy.

RELATED: 10 Worst Family & Kids Movies Of All Time According To Rotten Tomatoes It’s not fair to slam faith-based films outright. 2021 American Underdog was a touching and well-acted hybrid of religious and sports film, and that’s just one example. But Save Christmas, like many religious films of modern times, is cinematically anemic. The irony here, or at least part of the irony, is that a film ostensibly about restoring the spirit of Christmas turns out to be cold and cynical. Depressing, even.

7. “The Son of the Mask” (2005)

Let it be known throughout the country: Never make a jim carrey movie without Jim Carrey. More than a decade laterThe mask was a massive hit with critics and audiences alike (it was nominated for an Oscar and grossed over $350 million), this cash grab stunned critics in all the wrong ways and didn’t even cross the $60 million mark worldwide.

Jamie Kennedy was charming as hell as fan favorite Randy in Scream, but it’s unfair to expect a performer to match Carrey, in any setting, let alone in a sequel to one of his breakthrough hits. The star is not done a favor by the script which reduces his character to an awkward moron (Carrey’s Stanley was a well-meaning and lovable loser). Son ofyouit Mask has terrible and lazy makeup effects. It’s VFX horror, and despite a PG rating, it feels messy. There is mask cum in this movie. shudder.

6. “House of the Dead” (2003)

Video game movies deserve their reputation as being cursed. For each sonic the hedgehog Where Detective Pikachu (and there are, count them, two of those, and one Sonic sequel), there are seemingly countless game adaptations that offer nothing but numbing, lame action and ineffective fan service.

Arguably the worst of the bunch, although there is some competition from Alone in the darkalso led by Uwe Bollis house of deatha movie that’s somehow more repetitive than the arcade rail shooter it’s based on. Accommodation could ultimately have the edge as the worst of its kind for an infamous and excruciating creative decision to simply lay down moments from the game over scenes from the film.

5. “The Hottie and the Nottie” (2008)

In 2005, Paris Hilton appears in black adam director Jaume Collet Serait is wax house. Largely due to Hilton’s public image and notoriety at the time, this film, an exceptionally good slasher, received negative buzz that it didn’t deserve. The hottie and the nottie marks a return to the big screen for Hilton (now in a starring role), and this we are, indeed, a remarkable stinker.

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With a headline that obtusely presents the truth in advertising, The hottie and the nottie is about an attractive young woman in her twenties who refuses to go on a date until her less sexy best friend finds a suitor. It’s a bit like a modern-day fairy tale, gone to hell. The hottie and the nottie is as morally deficient as it is narratively inept.

4. “Super Babies: Baby Geniuses 2” (2004)

Phew. The worst film of one of the best years for cinema, 1999 genius babies was a critical exercise in misery. The sequel to 2004 (it’s probably worth mentioning that 2004 was also an exceptionally strong year for a great movie as a whole) is considerably worse.

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3. “Birdemic: shock and terror” (2010)

It’s like The birdswithout Alfred Hitchcock… and it’s awful. Special effects that evoke a screensaver from a quarter century ago, an unconvincing romance, and an environmental message are all ingredients for a potential thriller that’s been enjoyed as a fun disaster since its release.

It is a staple of bad movie nights, becoming infamous around the same time as Bedroom. It’s not as unintentionally enjoyable as it sounds, but it’s squarely in territory so bad it’s good. A sequel was released in 2013; a threequel would be in development.

2. “Manos: Hands of Destiny” (1966)

A classic sales pitch that’s been held back, or “held back,” for all the wrong reasons for nearly six full decades, Manos: the hands of fate is a low-fi horror (and horror) about a family who run into a sacrificial cult after taking a wrong turn in Texas.

Manos: the hands of fateis difficult to bear alone, despite a race of just over an hour. With the right group of friends who love bad movies, it’s a chill-paced party. It’s also, famously, the butt of the joke on one of the all-time best episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

1. “Disaster Movie” (2008)

A movie placed at the top of this list might seem to suggest it’s so bad it’s good. In the case of Disaster movie, that is simply not the case. Another Friedberg and Seltzer mashup of dated references, without a single actual joke – you know, set-up and reward, as jokes always have been – in sight. Here’s 90 minutes of cultural hooliganism strung together with a plot about twenty-somethings facing natural and man-made disasters. It’s an uncomfortable, even grueling watch.

Whether Disaster movie is really the worst movie ever made is, perhaps, debatable. But damn if it’s not at least worthy of consideration from this coat of disrepute. This is where the creativity will die.

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