12 New Christmas Movies 2022 That Are Worth Watching

    With Christmas just around the corner, it is not surprising that all the catalogs of the big platforms of streaming begin to be filled with titles focused on representing this magical final time of the year. It is almost a tradition now (and we could remove the “almost” from this sentence) to spend the weekends of November and December getting together on a sofa, under the comforting warmth of a blanket, with a christmas movie background. Who can not like such a plan? If you are one of those who prefers to shelter before going out to throw snowballs; if you are one of those passionate about hot chocolate, lights and Christmas trees… The titles on this list will become your best friends by the end of 2022.

    Possibly if you are here it is because you have already seen each and every one of the best Christmas movies in the history of cinema (and also top grossing christmas movies of all times); those green and red classics that you play over and over again, year after year. Are you looking for news? What titles will be released this year 2022 so you can enjoy them? Whether you have NetflixWhat Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, AppleTV+ either hbo max, here we will gather all the movies of the platforms that are about to drop (and those that, fortunately for you, have already been released). Do not think that this list is for children, we will also include those Christmas movies that adults also like.

    If the new releases are scarce and your options run out in just a week, don’t forget that you can find some of the best Christmas movies on Netflix, which are not from this year but also include many recent titles. Or maybe some of them can help you. The best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime Videoor of The best Disney+ Christmas movies… This “genre” is very complete, of course, even (although it may surprise some) there are Christmas movies you didn’t even know were!.

    Finally, if you still haven’t been able to completely let go of the Halloween spirit, because yours is the “spooky timeof the year, transition from one holiday to the next with these Christmas horror movies that will allow you to have a scary holiday. Without further delay, dive right into our exciting list. From ‘Hit Christmas’, the new Netflix premiere that brings together Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet under the mistletoe; to new versions of classics such as ‘Scrooge: A Christmas Carol’, which retells the mythical Dickens story once again. From north to south and from east to west, the Christmas spirit invades catalogs and platforms. Catch up with the latest! Next: Christmas movies 2022 (new) worth watching!

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‘Hit Christmas’ (Janeen Damian, 2022)

‘Christmas of Golpe’ is now available in the Netflix catalog and with it, Lindsay Lohan, (the mythical actress of the 2000s who gave us some of best teen movies in movie history) returns to screens and to Hollywood, ready to spread the holiday spirit.

Here she will play a capricious heiress who loses her memory after a skiing accident. She will meet a young widower (Chord Overtreet) and her daughter, with whom she will live a Christmas adventure, in the purest style of this genre.

‘The Claus family 2’ (Ruben Vanderborre, 2022)

The boy who becomes Santa Claus returns to have an important mission. On this occasion, he will receive a letter with a mysterious question that will serve as the beginning of an unexpected adventure.

Together with his grandfather Noël, what seemed like a busy but “normal” Christmas, will take a 180 degree turn. This film from the Netherlands is now available on Netflix, just like its original film ‘La Familia Claus’. If you missed the first one, have a mini-marathon!

‘Kings against Santa’ (Paco Caballero, 2022)

*Theatrical release on November 18*

This funny Spanish comedy sees how the two great figures of Christmas face each other once and for all. The Three Wise Men, tired of their “distant cousin” Santa Claus (or Father Christmas, whatever we want to call him) taking more and more prominence from them at Christmas, decide to confront him. What they do not expect is that this movement will awaken a common enemy, the Krampus, which until now has remained inactive.

Karra Elejalde, David Verdaguer and Matías Janick star in this film by Paco Caballero, which will hit theaters at the end of this month.

‘Christmas With You’ (Gabriela Tagliavini, 2022)

*Premiere November 17 on Netflix*

Songs, pop stars who fall in love with fans and find the inspiration they needed… All this within the framework of Christmas lights… Netflix knows what fans of this genre need and gives it fully with this movie.

If you are passionate about romantic movies that help you believe in love, this is for you. Aimee Garcia and Freddie Prinze Jr. star in this fusion of elements from ‘Love Actually’ with ‘Begin Again’ and ‘Notting Hill’

‘Night without peace’ (Tommy Wirkola, 2022)

*Theatrical release December 2*

As we said before, Christmas and horror movies they don’t have to be at odds. There are many fans of these movies who are terrified of Christmas, because why fool ourselves, in real life not everything is as beautiful as in the movies on this list.

Tommy Wirkola is in charge of giving a dose of “reality” and criticism to the magical era par excellence in ‘Noche sin Paz’. With the assault on the properties of a wealthy family, by a group of criminals, the entire family is kidnapped inside their home. What the bad guys don’t expect is an unexpected defender to come to their rescue: Santa Claus (David Harbour).

The legendary actor of ‘stranger things‘ arrives with a beard and a red suit to save these victims, on Christmas day.

‘A New Christmas Story’ (Clay Kaytis, 2022)

*Premiere November 17 on HBO Max*

Ralphie (Jon Favreau), whom we met as a boy in 1983, is now grown up and must return home to Cleveland to give his children a Christmas just as impressive as the ones he once experienced as a child.

Upon arrival, he will be reunited with old childhood friends and will have to face the death of his father. The most nostalgic will be able to conclude the story that they enjoyed as children and that now, like Ralphie, they have to see with adult eyes.

‘Noel’s Diary’ (Charles Shyer, 2022)

*Premiere November 24 on Netflix*

A bit of mystery and a wick that lights up and awakens love. While the protagonist of this story, played by actor Justin Hartley, is tidying up what was his childhood home, he meets a woman (Barrett Doss) who is looking for his biological mother.

Together, helped by an old diary that hides more than one secret, they will embark on a journey of reconciliation with their past.

‘Scrooge: A Christmas Carol’ (Stephen Donnelly, 2022)

*Premiere December 2 on Netflix*

Stephen Donnelly takes as its premise one of the best-known stories of the Christmas season. Charles Dickens’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ follows the story of sullen old Scrooge who, due to his nasty and selfish behavior, is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Day. The trio will have the mission of giving him a vital lesson, taking him on a trip to his past, present and future.

This new adaptation, in animation format, will be released on the Netflix platform on December 2. If the classics are your passion, take advantage and immerse yourself in this new version of one of them.

‘Spirited: The Spirit of Christmas’ (Sean Anders, John Morris, 2022)

*Premiere November 18 on Apple TV+*

As in the previous example, ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens again serves as inspiration for this film. (If you haven’t read the book, what are you waiting for?).

In this case, this musical version starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell focuses on the perspective of ghosts, something never seen before. The old miser Scrooge leaves the focus and gives us a different and funny version of the story that we all thought we knew. Mixing parody with realism, this premiere of Apple TV + is not to be missed.

‘A Christmas full of grace’ (Pedro Antonio, 2022)

*Premiere November 30 on Netflix*

In ‘A Christmas full of grace’ we travel to the southern hemisphere, where Christmas is actually the summer season at the same time. This story takes place in Brazil. There, Carlinhos has discovered that his partner is unfaithful to him. However, although it seems that misfortune is hanging over him, Graça quickly comes into his life, who will pretend to be his new girlfriend in the eyes of his family (with the intention of not giving them the bad news on such important dates). .

Soon, the meeting between these two characters will begin to go down paths that neither of them suspected at first.

‘Santa Camp’ (Nick Sweeney, 2022)

*Premiere November 17 on HBO Max*

We immerse ourselves in the Santa Camp from New Hampshire, USA. In this documentary piece, we will explore the dynamics that take place in this very special summer camp.

In Santa Camp, when the summer days arrive, huge numbers of Santas, Mrs. Clauses and elves gather to learn the processes of their complicated profession. However, this year will be different and something that does not usually happen will happen between the boundaries of this magical place.

‘Christmas on the Farm’ (Debbie Issit, 2022)

*Premiere November 23 on Netflix*

In the last of this list of Christmas movies to be released this year, we find the story of a widowed man, who suddenly inherits a family farm during Christmas.

While he tries to manage the new property and the possibilities of getting rid of it, his children begin to develop a plan so that they can stay there forever.

!! Congratulations!! You have reached the end If you’ve already crossed off all the titles on this list, get ready for the 2023 releases by watching some of family classics to watch again with your kids (since in this children’s film the thing goes, of course).

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12 New Christmas Movies 2022 That Are Worth Watching