15 unmissable series in the HBO MAX catalog

It is often said that HBO MAX is a mark of quality in series, but in these times these series are lost in the background of a catalog that is constantly renewed, confuses us and forgets them. Some classics, others more recent, comedies, dramas, documentaries, animations, with many seasons or just one, we suggest you take this trip through 15 unmissable series that made history or are beginning to retrace it, and that are in the HBO MAX catalog. We put them in alphabetical order so you can find them quickly. There are many more, but for now we start with 15, so they don’t get stuck.

Angels in America (2003)

Five Golden Globes. An Emmy for best miniseries (and many nominations). Al Pacino, Emma Thompson and Meryl Streep in the lead roles. An extraordinary screenplay by Tony Kuchner based on his own play. Mike Nichols’ address. What more could you want. You don’t even need to tell your argument. One of the best “television movies” in history. It premiered in 2003. 6 episodes of one hour each.

Band of Brothers (2001)

Considered the best war miniseries in history. Created by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. With a selected in the direction and performances. Set in World War II. Based on real events. 10-episode miniseries winner of 6 Emmy awards.

Boardwalk Empire (2010-2014)

There was a masterpiece before the Peaky Blinders. Set in the city of Atlantic City, New Jerseyduring the period of Dry Law in the 1920s. Produced by Martin Scorsese, written and created by Terence Winter (The Sopranos) and starring the great Steve Buscemi. A jewel that stands out for its visual style and historical fidelity. In 2011, it won the Golden Globe for Best Drama Series. It won 20 Emmy Awards. 5 seasons, 12 episodes in the first 4 and 8 episodes in the last.


Carnival (2003-2005)

The first chapter in its premiere, in 2003, was the most watched in the network’s history, up to that time. The audiences were falling and in 2005 it was cut short, without a decent ending. A series that wonderfully mixed historical drama, fantasy, the atmosphere of ‘Freaks’ (Tod Browning’s film) and religion. His impeccable technical invoice led him to win 4 Emmys in 2004, all of them related to the setting. 2 seasons of 12 episodes each.

Girls (2012-2017)

The series written, directed and starring Lena Dunham it’s a brilliant injection of raw realism, an uncensored look at the not-so-charming world of the big city (New York), at sex and human relationships. The scenes of everyday life are shown as they are, crude, ungrateful, unbearably real. Girls puts four women on screen as imperfect as any. A deep reflection on friendship, without romanticizing it. The acting figure of Adam Driver was also born there, who later became unstoppable. Winner of 2 Emmy Awards. 6 wonderful seasons.

In my Skin (2018-2021)

BAFTA 2022 winner for Best Series and Best TV Screenplay. Mix of costumbrist drama of everyday problems that finds its best weapon in comedy. Created by Lucy Forbes, the series follows Bethan, 16, a teenager who has a very difficult home life with a mother (diagnosed bipolar disorder) and father (alcoholic and violent) and decides to show another face to her friends, a that does not reflect that little hell. She will use the lie as the only weapon of survival. Hard and tender series at the same time. Great performance by Welsh actress Gabrielle Creevy. 2 seasons of 5 episodes each.

Mad Men (2007-2015)

A drama about one of New York’s most prestigious advertising agencies in the early 1960s, focusing on one of the firm’s most mysterious yet talented executives: Donald Draper.

One of the best series in history. You have to see it again at least every 2 or 3 years. An example of talent, elegance, vitality, sensuality. Performances, photography, art, script, production, sound, everything is of unparalleled perfection. 16 Emmy Awards. 7 seasons of 13 episodes each.

Mad Men Trailer

Rick & Morty

Irreverent and fascinating animated series about a drunken scientist who drags his poor grandson on crazy adventures through time and space. great milestone of the Science fiction. The creation of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland was born as a grotesque parody of Return to the future, but over the course of five seasons it has secured its place as more than just a successful series. A jewel of Adult Swin (they also find Primal on the platform). Winner of 2 Emmy Awards.

Six Feet Under (2001-2005)

A family of undertakers that will make us fall in love and move us. Get the tissues ready. With another of the great unforgettable endings of a series. Alan Ball (American Beauty) created this beauty for 5 seasons. The opening credits were the first to be considered a work of art separate from the final product (it was outsourced). Winner of 6 Emmy Awards and 3 Golden Globes.

Six feet under The last scene – ending scene

The Jinx (2015)

One of the most enigmatic and addictive crime documentary series of all time. Andrew Jarecki (director of Capturing The Friedmans) recorded twenty hours of interviews with Richard Durst that try to shed light on a series of crimes: the disappearance of his wife Kathie in 1982, the murder of the writer Susan Berman in the year 2000 and the death and the dismemberment of Durst’s neighbor, Morris Black, in 2001. In a chilling turn of events, in the last episode, Durst appears to confess to the crimes—loudly into a microphone he didn’t know was on—in a pause of an interview in which they show him two cards. The idea that three very disparate crimes separated in time could be related to each other gives a very special energy to the documentary miniseries. Winner of 2 Emmy Awards.


Directed by Steven Soderbergh. Superbly set to music by Cliff Martinez (with techno music!). A journey through the lives of the staff of a New York hospital at the beginning of the 20th century. With overwhelming realism in operations. We are not, unlike in other series of doctors, before a frenetic emergency room full of cables but the story unfolds as scientific innovations advance. Clive Owen shines as Dr. Thakery. A delight from start to finish. An Emmy Award. Two seasons.

The Sopranos (1999-2007)

What to say about this masterpiece. One of the best narrated characters in the history of the series: the mob boss Tony Soprano. Masterfully performed by James Gandolfini (whom we continue to miss). A unique, perfect cast. And a risky but masterful ending. David Chase put on the bag of genius with this gem of 6 seasons. He won 21 Emmy Awards.

The Wire (2002-2008)

Another of the great masterpieces in the history of the series. Here the one who wears the bag of genius is David Simon (who continues to delight us with more series). The Wire tries to be a realistic view of the life of baltimorefocusing especially on the drug traffic. Many of his characters are based on real people from Baltimore and several supporting actors are fans playing their own characters. 5 seasons. 60 episodes in all. It did not win major awards, but history placed it in the place it deserves.

The White Lotus (2021-2022)

With a first season conceived in the midst of a pandemic, in a sanitary bubble in Maui, this black comedy with acid social criticism created by comedian Mike White (the same from the great School of Rock), will present us with a luxury hotel called The White Lotus where millionaire guests will arrive (like a ruthless version of Fantasy Island). There will be a crime, and we will discover it little by little, like in an Agatha Christie novel. The music of Cristóbal Tapia De Veer (Black Mirror, Utopia) is incredible. The performances have a unique self-confidence, especially those of Murray Bartlett (the hotel manager) and Jennifer Coolidge (a guest who arrives with her mother’s ashes). The second season is already on the platform and now we are facing the same hotel chain, but this time in Sicily. Except for the character of Jennifer Coolidge (Tanya), the others are all new, and with excellent actresses and actors such as F. Murray Abraham (the incomparable Salieri of Amadeus), Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos) or Sabrina Impacciatore (The Last Kiss) , predicting a series that may have many seasons in different points of the world map. He swept the last Emmy’s awards.

The White Lotus I Official Trailer I HBO Latin America

Veep (2012-2019)

One of the best comedies of recent times that narrates through crude and absurd humor the attempts of Vice President Selina Meyer (extraordinary Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and her –incompetent– team to get out of an administration full of tensions and conflicts. between basically useless people. Winner of 17 Emmy Awards.

15 unmissable series in the HBO MAX catalog