5 epic jokes that ‘The Boys’ has made to Marvel and DC: he made a parody of the ‘Snyder Cut’

Movie ‘Dawn Of The Seven’

During the two seasons of ‘The Boys’ you can see how The Seven, the most famous and powerful group of supers, are products of marketing and property of the Vought company, so much so that they have starred in several movies.

The most recent that they are filming during the second season is titled ‘Dawn Of The Seven’, which is a parody of the name of the film ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, even the logo of the film has the same aesthetic as the one from DC’s ‘Man of Steel’.

Marvel Girl Power

In the movie ‘Avengers: Endgame’ during the final battle against Thanos there is a scene in which all the heroines of the MCU pose together and prepare to go through the enemy army and hand over the Infinity Gauntlet to Ant-Man. However, this scene received some criticism and ‘The Boys’ took advantage of it.

In the second season, one of Vought’s tactics to sell the movie ‘Dawn Of The Seven’ is by using the contrived catchphrase to empower women; however, it is in the final chapters that true empowerment is shown as it is Kimiko, Starlight, and Queen Maeve who defeat Stormfront.

“Our executive producer, Rebecca Sonneshine, came in after ‘Endgame’ premiered over the weekend. She was furious. I also saw her and thought: ‘That was the dumbest thing, the most artificial’, and she said: ‘Don’t even tell me’. She found it condescending and I agreed. So it caused us to have a goal, a satirical goal,” Eric Kripke, series creator and showrunner, told The Hollywood Reporter in September 2020.

They mocked Disney + and HBO Max

As part of the series’ marketing campaign, videos of a newscast within the universe of ‘The Boys’ called Vought News Network and hosted by Cameron Coleman are shared on YouTube, but it is in a commercial break for a video released in September 2021 where streaming platforms that have superhero content are mocked.

Despite the fact that the Amazon series is also broadcast exclusively on one of these paid streaming services, this did not prevent The Seven supers from appearing offering the content available only on Vought+.

Ant-Man and his romantic comedy in ‘The Boys’

In the January 2022 segment of the Vought News Network newscast, the presenter breaks the news that the hero Termite, who has the ability to shrink to the size of an insect, has a new movie on Vought+, in clear reference to the hero from Marvel.

The supposed film is called ‘Pocket Romance’ and is about Dolly, a lonely toy store employee, who discovers the superhero hiding among some action figures because he is on an undercover mission. They both embark on an adventure and discover that no matter what size one is, sometimes finding true true love is the greatest mission of all.

The mockery of the Snyder Cut in ‘The Boys’

Before the arrival of the third season, Amazon released a trailer for the movie ‘Dawn Of The Seven’ within the universe of ‘The Boys’, but this version is different from the story that was being recorded in the series, because in it Stormfront is a big part of the story as a superhero and partner of Homelander.

The way ‘The Boys’ justifies the change and the new scenes where Homelander attacks Stormfront and calls her a “fucking Nazi” is by saying that this film is the director’s version of Adam Bourke without the changes he made. on the script a writer by the name of Joss.

This is a mockery of the way Zack Snyder shot the movie ‘Justice League’, but a family tragedy caused him to drop out of the project and Joss Whedon reshot much of it and it was released to poor fan reception. After many years of asking and demanding that Snyder’s version of the film be released, in 2021 it premiered on HBO Max.

Even Snyder himself reacted to the trailer for this director’s version of ‘Dawn of the Seven: The Bourke Cut’ and on Twitter he congratulated the fictional director and said he was excited for his vision to come true.

5 epic jokes that ‘The Boys’ has made to Marvel and DC: he made a parody of the ‘Snyder Cut’