50’Inside: Jérôme Commandeur imitates Nikos Aliagas, the hilarious Twittos

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A very remarkable sequence. This Saturday, October 8, 2022 in 50’Inside on TF1, Jérôme Commandeur embarked on a very successful imitation of Nikos Aliagas. Between voices to be mistaken, look copied and pasted and daring parody on the subjects of the show, the comedian triggered laughter in the Twittosphere.

This Saturday, October 8, 2022 in 50’inside on TF1, Nikos Aliagas proposed a strong sequence: the interview with Jean Dujardin. The actor returned to his strong link with John Paul Belmondo whom he said he thinks about every day, but also about his Oscar, won ten years ago for the film The Artist. To Nikos Aliagas’ question “What’s left of it?”, the actor replied: “He’s left like a schizophrenia. I don’t feel like it’s me […] I was conscious but I said to myself ‘what is this noise, did I participate in this?'”. This father of four children on the poster of the november movie, where he plays a policeman plunged into the hell of attacks, also evoked his serene relationship to age. “50 years that’s a chic side, we no longer have to seduce, we just have to accept ourselves and make ourselves accepted”.

Jean Dujardin was then invited by Nikos Aliagas to express himself in front of the child he once was, with a black and white vintage photo in support. And there too, the companion of Nathalie Pechalat drew a rather peaceful balance sheet. “Before, I would have said ‘wake up, push yourself a little! ‘, but now I would rather say ‘you were right to observe, not to say everything, to be a bit at the back of the court because this observation time served you, forgive yourself”. If this interview was appreciated by Internet users, it is however another sequence of the show that marked them the most.

“Ohlala Jérôme Commandeur, he is exceptional”

In the second part, Nikos Aliagas welcomed Malik Bentalha to the set. The comedian came to promote the film he co-directed, Jack Mimoun and the secrets of Val Verde. The opportunity for the host to compliment him on his general form, and for Malik Bentalha to joke about his so-called new lifestyle made of “sport, quinoa and capoeira”. But the comedian had in fact not come alone to carry the film. One of the actors on the bill, Jérôme Commandeur, made a surprise appearance a few moments later.

Dressed in slim black pants, leather jacket, finger rings, salt and pepper beard and black hairpiece on his head, the comedian appeared in the guise of … Nikos! And like the latter, he undertook to announce the summary of the rest of the show, before the pub break. True to his reputation, Jérôme Commandeur did not content himself with reading the teleprompter, perfectly imitating the voice of the Greek presenter. He also slightly modified the texts…

As a portrait of the week, the comedian announced a certain “Flix tog flug”, which he presented as “the favorite YouTuber of teens”. “His video where he plays ping pong with Joe Biden catching the ball with his mouth has been viewed three billion times in 7 minutes,” he added about this invented character. For the report on the destination of stars, Jérôme Commandeur evoked “the archipelago of new mosquitoes” in ironic reference to the island of Mustique in the Grenadines archipelago. And just like the host of the show, he even took charge of the statement of the contest. “Where will the next Miss France ceremony be held next December?” On Twitter, his very successful imitation of Nikos Aliagas as well as his jokes delighted Internet users.

Video. Discover the portrait of Jean Dujardin

50’Inside: Jérôme Commandeur imitates Nikos Aliagas, the hilarious Twittos