6 things that would happen if ‘Bridgerton’ happened in Argentina, do Latinos have more fun?

Its period love story and characters have caused thousands of viewers to express their fascination with Shonda Rhimes’ project, which is based on the novels by writer Julia Quinn.

So much so that in Argentina they have created a parody with which they show what the plot would be like if it had been carried out in that place.

Bridgerton women would be liberal

In the series, the women of London’s high society are demure, delicate and always show respect towards their superiors and towards men.

From Daphne and Eloise Bridgerton to Penelope Featherington, Kate and Edwina Sharma, who are the main protagonists of both seasons.

Unlike the parody that tells the story of the ladies preparing for the reggaeton dance; revealing themselves to men and showing that they only want to have fun.

“They have begun to reveal themselves from their boyfriends, slipping into shorts and with the wachas arriving at the disco where they have set themselves the goal of moving the toto in front of the attentive gaze of some turomantic gentleman who does not need a corashe”, the video begins.

If Bridgerton happened in Argentina 🇦🇷 The season started in the South Zone and Lady Chiflido is goal to skin the damsels…

Posted by Netflix on Wednesday, March 30, 2022

However, for a better understanding of what is being said, wacha is a way of saying women, while totó refers to the female genital organ.

Fact that is not done in the original series, because they have a card on their wrist where they register the men with whom they dance.

In addition to the fact that the choreography is delicate and respectful, only the hands, shoulders and waist are touched.

Lady Whistledown vs Lady Whistledown

The character who is in charge of announcing the news to the prestigious families and the people through a gazette is Lady Whistledown, who does it secretly so that they do not find out who she is.

In the comic version of Argentina, it is Lady Chiflido, who does not express herself in a respectful way towards the ladies of the South Zone, where the funny plot takes place.

“Surprising, curvaceous and eloquent bitches have gotten bored of the liars who do not even say ‘mmm’, because to read messages and say what to say, dear reader, there is already someone who speaks to them: Lady Chiflido”, expresses the important character.

Apps to get a husband

In order for the women and men of ‘Bridgerton’ to find love and thus reach the altar, they must attend the presentation party given by Queen Charlotte, who chooses the lady who will be her diamond, making her the most desired by singles .

In the skit, the ladies who are portrayed as “poorly poised and graceful” would prefer to meet their suitors through apps, noting that the story is based on the present day.

Contrary to Shonda’s series, where there were no cell phones, social networks, ‘apps’ to post photos, what’s more, there was no light.

“Be careful, the second season of looking for a husband is already starting. If only there were an app that facilitates courtships between young people, all this would be less stressful and also a platform that allows us to see content where and when we want without having to queue at the theater”, express two women who manage to attend to the pumpkin dance.

Women show their abilities to have suitors

In ‘Bridgerton’ the ladies, being of legal age, have to attend with Queen Charlotte to introduce themselves and make it known that they would like to get married, all they have to do is smile and bow.

Something that would not happen in Argentina; there, as they show in the clip, they must mention their skills, from playing instruments to dancing and being funny.

“I know how to put together fernet, 70/30 flame and I play the guitar”, says Carlota Lady Bridgerton, who will marry Lord Quique.

As a curious fact, fernet is an alcoholic beverage from the Italian amaro family that is made from the maceration of various types of herbs, such as myrrh, rhubarb, chamomile, cardamom, oregano and saffron, among others.

“All men are the same”

In the Netflix series, what Anthony Bridgerton did was investigate the men of all families to find out who was right for his sister Daphne, before he married Simon Basset, played by Regé-Jean Page.

In the parody, it is the ladies who are aware of the information, they even mention that all men are the same, this by presenting three men with different names and titles, but comically it is the same actor.

“Che, how similar all the suitors are. It’s just that all men are the same,” says Lady Campbell.

With that phrase she implied what many women say when a man breaks the ideal they hoped to have and they put him in the same bag as everyone else.

Cordoban tea and the Bridgertons’ tea

One of the characteristic drinks of England is tea and its typical porcelain dishes of that time.

The ingredients of the drink in the series include passion fruit tea, a little peach juice, raspberry syrup (a kind of syrup used to sweeten drinks), pieces of blackberries and water.

In the Argentine comedy, the tea they added to pay homage to the series is that of Cordobés, which is not an herbal infusion like the one that the Bridgertons, the Featheringtons, the Sharmas and other characters drink.

It is an alcoholic drink that is made with Vodka and soda.

“It’s Cordovan tea, mommy. It has some vodka naphtha with diet cola, because I’m on a diet,” says Madame Campbell.

6 things that would happen if ‘Bridgerton’ happened in Argentina, do Latinos have more fun?