A Christmas and a special year with Sicilia Cabaret…

Imagine an evening in a festively adorned Palermo, in a particular historical moment, in a global and overall situation that is certainly not easy for families. Bring together many playful artists, irreverent but without desecration. Put the two together and find a solution that… doesn’t exist. In short, put everything together in a brief summary, if you want a drop in the desert and try to savor that drop slowly. All together, whole families held by the hand. Grandparents with grandchildren, father and mother with children in tow and even children in prams. All this is what happened at the Golden in Palermo on December 26 of the 2022-2023 Christmas holidays.
The cast is the well-tested one of Sicilia Cabaret which certainly deserves all the success it continues to have. A success in some ways greater than you can imagine but which has its roots in the great desire for lightness that we all have. Let’s just say it. We turn on the TV and hear and see everything we don’t want to see and when we come across Sicilia Cabaret with the magic zapping finger we have a sudden relaxation worthy of a beautiful session in a “SPA” which we could call for the occasion “Sicilians For Love”.
Toni Matranga and Emanuele Minafò not only have the merit of knowing how to conduct the whole show in a delicate and never intrusive way but over the years they have had that intuition to bring out many artists, young and old, providing them with a great opportunity and giving the spectators a multicolored and multifaceted fan that manages to really reach many.
The show reunited for Christmas takes up all the successes of the last season with the well-known “cabarettian” parodies that touch on current themes without neglecting the always effective stereotypes of the popular Sicilian theatrical tradition. Here then a very nice Claudione Di Giovanni appears on the stage in the guise of a Santo Stefano disappointed at being considered the emblem of Christmas recycling and consoled by Jesus “humanized” by Domenico Fazio who does not fail to make intelligent references to the difficult world situation .
The entrance of the “Curtigliare” is always greeted with an ovation. They represent the rumors of the neighborhood, that talk and talk of “cutting and sewing” where the words pass from mouth to mouth and the result is far from reality. Danilo Lo Cicero in the role of a Tanina well in sight in the neighborhood and ready to affirm her protagonism; Domenico Fazio is Mimma who is conveniently deaf and ready to stoke the fire; curious by trade and perfect interpreter of popular rumor is Pina played by Giuseppe Stancampiano and Totò Ferraro in Totina who spreads the word by spreading the word on everything.
Flavio Santangelo makes a beautiful and hilarious parody of the very bad “Saw the Riddler” transforming him into a miserable but certainly more human unlikely builder of evil who always ends up being the victim of his own bizarre intentions.
Rosario Alagna has entered the hearts of the spectators with his obsessive Gianni Lactor who, accompanied by the good Dario Terzo who impersonates his agent, is the prototype of someone who launches into the world of entertainment without having any talent. And Rosario himself appears in the role of an “always eternal” Queen Elizabeth who lives her second life in Sicily free from the “chains” of the palace.
The very nice Piero Salerno plays a Piero Dance who follows the most “extremist” trash with always intelligent and well-finished texts that arouse continuous laughter. The character of the French salesman, played by Michael Guagliardo, amuses with his extravagant objects and with his Sicilian-like elegance that he experienced across the border. Another original and highly effective element is Davide Tusa with his cockroach and the magician Plip who appeals to all ages with his unconventional magic.
The Bouncers family comes out of popular prototypes, seen in reverse, of a happily “assorted” family played by Danilo lo Cicero, Rosario Alagna, Daniele Vespertino and Claudione Di Giovanni. And Salvo Palumbo makes fun of the “easy” improvised neomelodic singers and “happily” insistent.
Dalila Pace, well known and now experienced in the “theatrical” cabaret, amuses her with her beautician who is as ungrammatical as she is nice and immediately amusing. Another female presence of all respect is Loredana Scalia who always presents “light” but never banal monologues making fun of the macho attitude of the woman object transformed, “for the occasion”, into a woman in a spasmodic search for experiences of a sexual nature .
Bravo and funny Daniele Vespertino with his Santino il Santone as well as extremely funny is the character of the seller of absolutely useless objects played by Emanuele Selezione.
The monologue by Francesco Rizzuto who travels “in bursts” with his breathless jokes and absolutely original Doctor Corona “tamponologist since 2020” is the brainchild of the good actor Antonio Balistreri.
The singing trio honorably completed a beautiful, popular and family show. Just what we needed!
And finally, like any good holiday show, there is a wish for a year of serenity and peace. We all wish so. Just as we hope to be able to enjoy moments of “lightness” donated by this bunch of madmen that is Sicilia Cabaret.
(Calogero the old woman)

A Christmas and a special year with Sicilia Cabaret… – Siciliafan