A photographer triumphs recreating the world’s most iconic works of art with his daughter

All the great works of art that have gone down in history have their own recreations, whether in the form of parody, criticism or tribute. What is clear is that for a recreation to be successful it has to be full of talent and personality, yes, always respecting the essence of the original. A series of factors that are very difficult to achieve.

Even so, some artists manage to carry out impressive recreations that leave the public speechless, as has been the case with Biel Grimalt, a photographer who wanted to take the recreation of iconic works of art to another level with impressive photographs that have his daughter as the protagonist. It is not surprising then that the result has been a success in social networks.

“One day of this course my daughter told me: we have to take a picture of a painting for school but with me. I got excited. I remembered the replica of the Immaculate Conception by Murillo that had always hung in my grandmother’s house and now in hers. She loved the idea, but we wanted more, ”Grimalt began by explaining on his Twitter account.

Along with the text, the photographer shared an image of the Immaculate Conception of the Venerables by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo and next to it an impressive recreation in which his daughter gave life to the immaculate with the help of many dolls, among which were some characters from the movie Minions or baby Yoda from the series The Mandalorian.

After doing the first recreation test, the result has been so impressive that both wanted to do another one: “I had drawn the milkmaid of Johannes Vermeer with the projector and he liked the idea of ​​doing it too. So we did both paintings that same afternoon. She was excited and happy, ”she explained next to the image.

Not only that, Grimalt and his daughter enjoyed doing their recreations so much that they did not hesitate to do more: “One day, I was reading a thread about the unicorn lady by Rafael Sanzio and he directly told me: ‘Dad, I want to do this too’. A few days later we started to assemble it with some remnants that I got”.

If father and daughter have shown anything, it is that there is no work that can resist them, nor Saturn devouring his children of Goya, nor the triple self-portrait by Norma Rockwell. The duo has shown that they have a talent for giving and giving, he as a photographer and the little girl as a muse.

It didn’t take long for the Twitter thread to go viral, accumulating almost 150,000 ‘likes’ in a matter of days and all kinds of praise from users: “How wonderful! Paintings with your daughter are precious and being able to enjoy that time together is an even more valuable experience. I encourage you to continue sharing more versions of other works because I will love to see them” or “What a beautiful piece of work! Okay, the idea is great, but without a top photographer, that level of quality would not have come out”, have been some of the most popular comments.

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A photographer triumphs recreating the world’s most iconic works of art with his daughter