Acting, drama, farce and demagoguery

Plato in Gorgias points out that the sophist is an imitator of the sage (mimetéstoû sophoû), a misleading image that supplants its model in the eyes of the ignorant. Aristotle saw it as the “corrupt or degenerate form of democracy”, since the demagogue uses speech to deceive his audience about the good. In our country, he governs himself through propaganda, manipulation, demagoguery and without any scruple for spreading the most obvious lies. There is no limit or containment. There are no objections to the actions of the ruler considering ethical principles, much less subject to the civility of a State of Law. “Do not come to me with that story that the law is the law”, is the culmination of the farcical drama whose patron dispatches the presidency of the republic. He says that he sleeps well, that his conscience does not bother him, that “we are not the same” with the neoliberals, that he leads the country on the “good path”. In his manner and personal style of governing, he walks calmly, without scruples, over the rubble that his government leaves in its wake. Scrupus in Latin it is a pointed stone. diminutive is scrupulus, “little stone”. There is no pebble in the shoe that bothers the president to make government decisions, whether that pebble is called reality, ethics or the rule of law. The truth can also be made up.

The López Obrador government was conceived, long before it began, not as the sum of government actions, their evaluation, rectification or continuation based on their results, but as a massive and permanent (theatrical) staging of dramatic overtones, always propagandistic and audacious in which demagoguery would cover up the will to amass all available power and numb any attempt to exercise critical thinking. The government as action.

The word drama comes from the Greek dráo, which means “to act”. With this term was designated in ancient Greece a literary genre that encompasses comedy, tragedy and satirical drama. On the other hand, certain manifestations of popular comic theater, of undoubted Italian origin, also influenced the birth and formation of the Roman comedy with its own characteristics independent of the Greek drama. Among them are the Fecennini versus either fescennina carmina procacious, absurd, rude or obscene poems that crossed several characters in an improvised way, where Roman satire and comic drama originated and, above all, the Atellana fable, satirically performed by masked non-professional actors embodying archetypal characters, the first native Italian farce, presumably a rustic improvisational comedy with masked characters. Those farces had common characters: maccusthe clown; Buco (“Fat Cheeks”), the simpleton; papusthe old fool; Dossennus, whose name has been taken to mean “Hunchback”; Y Manducus, perhaps meaning “the Glutton”, in the same way that Gabriel Zaid has called López Obrador as: “an artist of insult, contempt, disqualification”, “insults left and right, although ‘with all due respect’ . “He Despises and disqualifies, but with ‘love and peace’. “He recommends taking care of the other candidates, as if they were assailants: ‘Don’t carry a wallet because it’s going to be a robbery.’ “He composes parodies of commercials, like the mockery against the PRI candidate”: “Tenderness, tenderness: Hurry up! because she is going to beat you Margarita”. “He likes couplets: ‘We don’t want candidates for goats or ducks.’ ‘She grabs the oatmeal, but she votes for Morena’”. Recently, the farce is used to intimidate and defame even the judiciary itself: “Most of the members of the Judiciary are not people characterized by honesty; that is, speaking in silver, they do not resist gunshots, they do not resist temptations, or they are representatives of groups of created interests, they do not represent the people, they despise the people; it is an artificial life, where the people do not count, all interests count, except the interest of the people”.

Another staging, like the spots launched by the government under the pretext of the government report, not counting the morning shows, have no qualms about spreading obvious lies, when the public debt, according to the Treasury itself, went from 10.7 billion pesos in December 2018 to 14 billion in June this year. A 30% increase. Dos Bocas has more than 50% cost overrun, it was said that it would cost a maximum of 8 billion pesos and now López Obrador himself announces that it will be 20 billion that will be squandered. The AIFA with a 55% cost overrun and announces it as one of the best airports in the world, and the Mayan Train with a 172% increase in the injection of public resources. Almost 800 billion pesos between the three works. And the propaganda tells us that “there are savings”. Given the dramatic shortage of oncological medicines and the destruction of the health system that did serve as Insabi, the IMSS-Wellness farce in bland spots. The scam of education and security should be presented as the devastation of an erupting volcano.

Due to the high approval and popularity of López Obrador, it is possible that many will be delighted with this theatrical production. Knowing that behind the plot there is someone and a few others with specific interests to defend with the representation. It would be good for many to know that the theater companies called in ancient times greges, were professional in nature and directed by an impresario, who was usually the stage manager and often an actor as well. Both male and female roles were played by men. Normally, the actors were slaves and had no civil rights. In today’s political scene, they are called propagandists, enablers, useful idiots (a maccus or a Buco). The representations were free, subsidized by the public magistrates, in particular the mayors, in order to gain popular favor in the elections. The ruler, the demagogue, with public resources, is the one who finances and makes the assembly possible.

Nothing bothers the president. He can sit down to write, as Serrat sings in urbanity lessonsdeath sentences with good handwriting.

Acting, drama, farce and demagoguery