Actors who are brothers: the Bichir, Zuria and Marimar Vega, Sebastián and Emiliano Zurita and more

Actors Brothers Derbez Zuria and Marimar Vega
These celebrities follow in the footsteps of their parents. Photos: Cuartoscuro | Getty Images

In the mexican show business several are the dynasties in which work has been inherited before the reflectors such as the descendants of Vicente Fernandezthe Aguilarthe Pineapple and the Derbez. From families like this they were born brothers who are actors and they are the stars of this count.

Between the Famous who, in addition to blood ties, gave themselves to acting, are also the bichir brothersthe daughters of Gonzalo Vega Y Thalia and Laura Zapata.

Actors who are brothers and followed in their parents’ footsteps

They say “son of a tiger, pintito” and most of these actors followed in the footsteps of their parents, figures who have already consecrated a career in film and television What Eugenio Derbez Y Humberto Zurita.

Odysseus, Demian and Bruno Bichir

The Bichir brothers are also respected for their work in the theater. They are the children of director and actor Alejandro Bichir and actress Maricruz Nájera.

On one occasion, Demián shared that he grew up in the corridors of theaters. In 2012, the performer became the second Mexican actor nominated for an Oscar in best actor for his work in the film “A better life”; He attended the gala accompanied by his mother and his then partner.

José Ángel Bichir is the next of the dynasty, he is the son of Odysseus.

Aislinn, Vadhir and Jose Eduardo Derbez

They are one of the most viewed faces today. His father Eugenio Derbez usually boasts of the love he has for them on social networks.

Zuria and Marimar Vega

They are the offspring of actor Gonzalo Vega, who for years starred in “La Señora Presidenta” and in 2013 was the favorite dad of Mexican cinema with the movie “Nosotros los nobles”. The actor passed away in 2016.

Zuria and Marimar have stood out in several TV soaps and they have also made movies. His brother is Gonzalo Vega Sisto, another actor in the family.

Sebastian and Emiliano Zurita Bach

The parents of these young people are a benchmark for acting in Mexico. Christian Bach he died in February 2019 and is survived by his sons Sebastian and Emiliano.

next to his husband Humberto Zurita he starred in melodramas and also ventured as producers.

In 1996, Sebastián Zurita participated in the soap opera produced by the couple, “Cañaveral de Pasiones” and one of Emiliano’s most recent works was the movie “El baile de los 41”.

Gael Garcia and Dario Yazbek Bernal

The protagonist of “Amores Perros” It is since the premiere of this film (2000) an international movie star. His younger brother Dario Yazbek He has appeared in movies and series, including “Daniel and Ana” and “La casa de las flores.”

Thalia and Laura Zapata

Both have extensive work on Mexican television. In 1992 they shared credits in a telenovela of the Marías trilogy, by Thalía, “Maria mercedes”.

Camila Sodi, Tessa Ia and Naian González Norvind

Camila is Thalía and Laura Zapata’s niece. She has starred in the telenovelas “A que no me dejas” and “Rubí”, in addition to the Luis Miguel series.

Tessa Ia and Naian are her half-sisters on their father’s side, businessman Fernando González; both are daughters of actress Nailea Norvind.

Eduardo Capetillo, Guillermo and Manuel

Although Eduardo is the most famous of his brothers, Guillermo and Manuel also had a past as leading men in soap operas.

Raul and Armando Araiza

They are the sons of television producer and director Raúl Araiza and actress Norma Herrera.

Raúl Araiza Jr. participated in TV soaps such as “Chains of Bitterness”, “A hook to the heart” and “La desalmada”. He has been the host of the “Hoy” program for years.

His brother Armando rose to fame for “Quinceañera” and continued with “Three women”, “Full of love” and “A lucky family”.

Arath and Ulises de la Torre

Arath has been the face of several youth melodramas such as “Soñadoras”, “Amigas y rivales” and “Before I die that Lichita”. His brother Ulises has participated in productions such as “La parody”, “The privilege of commanding” and “Corona of tears”.

Actors who are brothers: the Bichir, Zuria and Marimar Vega, Sebastián and Emiliano Zurita and more