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Have you ever looked up YouTube a commercial without clicking “Skip Ad“? An advertisement that made you laughthen he made you worry. And then he made you hope to never watched that commercial, that I have never downloaded YouTube and bought a smartphone. Finally, he made you say: I have to show this to everyone I know. Well that’s the effect of some of the best Infomercials Of adult swim. Videos that look like commercials but end up being comedy videos more surreal and strange you have ever seen.

The content of the Infomercials videos is intended for adults: in the videos we link there are violent scenes

Adult Swim Infomercials, the most shocking commercial on the internet

adult swim is the container program of Cartoon Network, born in 2001. In essence, it is the adult programming of the American cable channel, which for the past several years has been offering animation and live action, also in streaming. This channel has given us pearls like Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken and the over-the-top The Eric Andre Show.

But interspersed with the rest of the programming, there are the hallucinatory commercials of Infomercials: Some of the best footage Adult Swim has given us. Most of these videos (now almost all on YouTube) start out as an advertisement: from YouTube commercials to teleshopping. But then comes a funny premise. Which inevitably degenerates into a continuous series of exaggerations that make the videos really funny. And sometimes violentor so strange that we do not recommend showing them to anyone who is not an adult.

Spots you won’t forget

The highlight of Adult Swim’s Informercials are the commercials. The strangest you can find online.

Unedited Footage of a Bear

Spoiler: This is not unedited footage of a bear. After a few seconds, you see it appear a “Skip Ad” that you can’t click. And your life will be overwhelmed by a series of shocks that you will not be able to forget.


Hey, there is Randall Parkthat of Wanda Vision and of Always Be My Maybe. In his most controversial role ever, as one of the actors called during a advertising “alla Giorgio Mastrota”. With possible satanic implications, it is not clear.

A Message From The Future

You know those commercials during the electoral campaign, where candidates explain their values ​​and why their opponent is not the right person? This is a slightly dramatized version. But given the last few years of electoral challenges in the United States, perhaps this Adult Swim infomercial wasn’t exaggerating.

Not just commercials

In addition to the actual commercials, Adult Swim’s Infomercials make a exaggerated parody of other commercial TV features as well. With even more devastating effects.

Too Many Cooks

An eighties-style sitcom, based on a pun. The family surname is Cooksthen they take up the saying “Too Many Cooks Spoil The Brothor “too many cooks spoil the broth“. In fact, this family continues to become more and more numerous, inserting all the possible stereotypes of sitcoms. And then going over so that it will keep us awake the next few nights.

This is the video that led to the notoriety this product of Adult Swimeven The New Yorker commented on this Infomercials. Because it’s one of the weirdest things on YouTube. And there really is everything on YouTube.

Fireplace Yule Log

To enter the festive atmosphere, what could be better than a lit fireplace. Or the alternative a video with a slow burning fireplace. Even Adult Swim Infomercials sometimes just want you to relax: enjoy the vision, in total tranquility. Nothing will bother you, really.

Final Deployment 4: Queen Battle Walkthrough

Okay. This is the best video we’ve seen in quite a while. What starts out as a simple video walkthrough of a video game has a funny first comedic twist. And then the authors of this jewel of Infomercials continue to raise the stakes to the ultimate conclusion. Brilliant. And after 20 extraordinary minutes, she even has the cheek to tease us with an easter egg. We take off our hat (squeezing triangle).

These are some of our favorite Infomercials, but if you have any other suggestions, share them in the comments!


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Adult Swim’s must-see commercials