After ‘becoming’ a woman and 23 years on Televisa, the driver leaves Chapoy and arrives at ‘Hoy’ disfigured

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Mexico City.- A famous driver, who no longer has exclusivity contract in Televisa after 23 years, he reappeared in the program Today after joining Pati Chapoy months ago and left the channel’s viewers speechless because it looks disfigured for him botox abuse. It is also the actor Adrian Uribewho this 2022 was about to sign his first contract in Aztec TV.

The renowned Mexican 49 years He debuted in the San Ángel company presenting his shows in the disappeared program Humor…it’s the comedians and after making a name for himself, he participated in successful projects like Rush hour, The parody Y 100 Mexicans Said with his character ‘The Victor’. Besides that it became protagonist of a melodrama, which was like you there are not two in 2020.

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However, this year the husband of Thuany Martins confessed that he had stayed non-exclusive on Televisa after more than two decades on the air and rumors immediately arose that he would go to Aztec TV. Adrián appeared giving an exclusive interview to the program windowing of Pati Chapoy where he confirmed once and for all that the San Ángel executives did not withdraw his juicy contract and said that he had decided to resign.

It had been exclusive to Televisa for 20 years, to which I am deeply grateful; They spoke to me to renegotiate, and they told me ‘we are going to sign’ and I was the one who made the decision, I said no, “he assured.

Immediately afterwards the rumor arose that Uribe, who has seen woman’s dress for various sketches and projects, he would arrive at Ajusco for the first time leading the reality show called dancing with the stars. Then it was said that he would be the presenter of the first season of I’m famous, get me out of herebut none of this turned out to be real and the YouTube channel chacaleo reported the high command of the television station they did not want to hire him for “demanding” and it is that they assure that he wanted a millionaire contract.

After so much controversy, a few weeks ago it was confirmed that the driver will continue to work hand in hand with Televisa-Univisión and that he was in Miami, United Statesrecording his new project, which is a late night shows. During the morning of yesterday, Friday, Uribe set off the alarms of all his followers because in the networks of the program Today reported that he had gone overboard with the Botox and that he looked unrecognizable.

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Adrian was disfigured? Although on other occasions the Mexican has been singled out for abusing the scalpel and surgeries to stay young, this time he did not undergo any procedure and actually appeared with the face disfigured because you used a filter. The presenter and his beautiful wife played a prank on his followers by putting on this filter that increases the size of their lips and cheekbones, as if they had abused Botox.

Hey my love, I think that now we do go overboard with Botox and fillers,” says Adrián, while the mother of his youngest daughter replies: “No, it doesn’t even show.”

Adrián and his wife used filters and appeared disfigured

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After ‘becoming’ a woman and 23 years on Televisa, the driver leaves Chapoy and arrives at ‘Hoy’ disfigured