Agent Fortune: the great deception, the chemistry between its actors is evident

The M16 agentOrson Fortune (Jason Statham, The Fast and the Furious) and his team persuade – through clever blackmail – one of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars, Danny Francesco (Josh Hartnett, Pearl Harbor, The Black Dahlia) to help them in a covert mission to track down and stop the sale of deadly new technologies to billionaire Greg Simmonds (Hugh Grant).

To achieve this, form a team with some of the better operatives, including Sarah Fidel (Aubrey Plaza) and Nathan Jazmine (Cary Elwes, Bram Stoker’s Dracula). In the intrigue is JJ (Afro-American rapper Bugzy Malone, whose real name is Aaron Davies) and Casa (Kaan Urgancioglu, actor of the great Turkish soap opera Eternal Love, 2015-2017).

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Mixing action with explosions, lots of comedy and plenty of shocking lightningthe British Guy Ritchie (formerly of Madonna and unbeatable director) puts a very funny tape on the screen, especially for those who seek to expand through laughter or smiles.

And it is not that ‘The great deception’ is just that, because it also becomes exceptional cover letter for the premieres of this 2023, the year in which -according to the trailers that are exhibited in our Ecuador- there will be a lot, perhaps too much, of youth cinema: Marvel heroes, horror, cartoons and their etceteras. Therefore, Agent Fortune is welcome.

The film Is not perfect. It needs more action sequences, forgotten at times for the sake of comedy, its black humor. But that is erased by the perfection of the cast: the film is stolen by the interesting aubrey square who, practically, eats them all with her sparkling work, in which sarcasm, irony and good lines within the messy script elevate her above her peers.

Nor is it far behind Jason Stathamwhich seems to be in its element, and a Hugh grant who, ceasing to be the romantic heartthrob of the 90s, is now an accomplished and brilliant character actor. His villain in this film is perfect, because he mixes intelligence with nonsense and hits the nail on the head. He doesn’t spend much time on the scene, but his minutes are pure gold.


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Hartnett, Once one of the most promising actors of the nascent 21st century, he revives his laurels and -perhaps- takes advantage. The same happens with Cary Elwes.

Now let’s get to the plot. Strictly speaking, it doesn’t have an original plot and there are scenes that seem to have been copied from other movies. But beware, it’s not that he’s wrong, it’s that Ritchie does it to make fun of, to create a parody of all those films that Tom Cruise shows in their impossible missions, blockbuster magnets that resist parody. There’s also some James Bond stuff, but it’s all so well laid out that it allows this movie to make fun of them, but without hurting them because they’re treated with good taste and the narrative is very playful.

The photography and soundtrack are tremendously beneficial, as are the sound effects. But the most outstanding is the chemistry generated by its actors. That doesn’t happen every time.

Agent Fortune: the great deception, the chemistry between its actors is evident