Alec Baldwin is fired from what would have been his next film for the death of Halyna Hutchins | tomatoes

In a couple of months it will be one year since the accident on the set of rust where, in the middle of a rehearsal prior to filming, Alec Baldwin fired his revolver, taking the life of the director of photography Halyna Hutchins and leaving filmmaker Joel Souza injured. This alerted many members of Hollywood, and the film industry in general, to the poor safety conditions for workers.

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Although the spotlight is on the star of Beetlejuice, the super ghost – 81% for having been the one who pulled the trigger, there are still other names behind whom the authorities pay special attention to the question of how a firearm came to the prop team and how it was delivered to the protagonist when it is supposed to be that must be tested beforehand to verify that they are not loaded. Without a doubt, this has been a heavy burden for Baldwin.

Although many support the actor, criticism has also arisen against him for allegedly intending to continue filming just a few weeks after the tragedy on the pretext that the memory of the victim should be honored by working. Amid an ongoing investigation, the FBI revealed a couple of days ago that Baldwin was indeed responsible for firing the gun, but there are still many questions to be answered.

Meanwhile, this has already affected the career of the recurring star of Saturday night Live not only in terms of his public image, because some projects he had have been canceled and in others he was fired after the official statement from the FBI. During an interview with CNN, alec baldwin He spoke of the way in which he was notified of his latest dismissal just hours before boarding a plane.

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Yesterday I got fired from another job. Everything was ready to go to the set, get on a plane… I’ve been talking to these guys for months and they told me yesterday that “we don’t want to film with you because of this”.

Although he preferred not to say the name of the project or those involved in it, he explained that he had been talking for months and everything seemed to be underway, until the sudden change of producers.

Baldwin has been insistent that he is willing to contribute to the investigation to obtain an answer and in statements through other media he has been insistent on how important it is to discover how that bullet got into the revolver. Hannah Gutierrez-Reedthe armory of rustis so far one of the characters with the greatest responsibility in the event for having delivered the weapon, ensuring that it was unloaded.

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For now, the actor has indicated that he fears for his physical integrity, after former President Donald Trump has pointed out that he is primarily responsible for the murder, of course, because of the enmity he has had with him since the parodies that the actor made for him. Saturday night Live. So far it has not been confirmed that the tape will be finished, but the producer hopes that this will happen with the rest of the cast that included Travis Fimmel and Jensen Ackles.

Alec Baldwin is fired from what would have been his next film for the death of Halyna Hutchins | tomatoes