Alessandro Cattelan at the Augusteo theater in Naples: «Here is my new challenge between smiles and songs»

He will be staged dead. And yes, on November 26th in Alessandria, near his native Tortona, he will present himself dead to the public with his first one-man-show – entitled «He always said hello» – to arrive, on December 7, at the Augusteo in Naples. Married, two daughters, 42 years old, dynamic, intelligent, eclectic, fast-talking and concrete, Alessandro Cattelan he is a clear example of a showman of our times, who at the age of seven already smelled the smells of the stage as a juror at the Zecchino d’oro. Today he is a successful radio-TV host, launched by Sky and with some acclimatization problems in Rai, but also a writer, actor and footballer: Role? “Central defender”. Who are you rooting for? «Inter, but Napoli are my second team, I’m happy for Spalletti and his boys».

Cattelan, explain this story of the dead man on stage.
“The public will be invited to attend my funeral. And I, from the afterlife I will tell follies, hypocrisies and little foibles of life in the hereafter; it’s a scenic fiction to escape people’s judgment and feel more free to express myself. This also explains the title. He always greeted meant he was a good person, what is usually repeated about the deceased even if, after all, he was anything but good”.

And what follies, hypocrisies, little everyday foibles can be seen from up there that we don’t see?
«I’m going to talk about a boy my age, who lives in a hyper-connected world, with hyper-connected children, where everyone is invited to express judgments and opinions on everything, even in matters they are unaware of. We’ve just figured out how to make separate waste, but we have to have our say… I don’t know… about nuclear power. Or, take militant environmental activism, a serious, complicated issue that requires preparation and not simplistic solutions, such as saving planet Earth by banning plastic straws in fruit juices. If you’re not competent, shut up.”

When did you decide to accept the theater challenge?
“Three, four years ago… maybe more. My manager suggested to me: You should do something outside the TV studios, like a concert. At first I thought of a single evening in a small building. Then came the pandemic. The idea, however, tickled me: to propose moments of show, songs, stand-up comedy, jokes and interaction with the spectators, who I will invite to the stage myself».

Songs? scenography?
«Yes, some, like Broccoletti, the trap parody, or Others’ problems, sung with Ghali. You will also hear the voice of Francesca Michelin; but they will be in a slightly different sauce, in the version suitable for a funeral. The same can be said for the scenography, suitable for the occasion».

Do you feel more like a conductor, writer, actor or footballer?
“Footballer, without a doubt.”

Have you stopped playing?
«No, but since I’ve been in show business, I’ve been playing less and less. I shouldn’t have started this job. I realized it when it was already too late.”

Let’s talk about «X-Factor». He ran it for 10 years. Why did he leave? Problems?
«No, the format is very similar to itself, even today. The nuances change, the substance does not. It’s an attempt to create new talent, which goes with vintages, like wine. There are some smart people, then a lot depends on luck. As for me, I felt I had done my part.”

Projects? TV? New novels? He hasn’t written about it for a while.
“And that’s fine. Now I’m a publisher».

The publisher?
«Yes, I founded a publishing house, for fiction. It’s called Accent. And from 10 January I will resume Tonight there is Cattelan, on Raidue ».

One last curiosity: Naples, what do you say about it?
«I’ve been there many times for work, I’ve always found it quite good and, then, I’m a man of the world. Totò would say: I did three years of military service in Cuneo».

Alessandro Cattelan at the Augusteo theater in Naples: «Here is my new challenge between smiles and songs»