Alexandra Restrepo revealed details of her dress for the 50

Alexandra Restrepo is one of the most recognized and loved members of the cast of Happy Saturdays who for many years has brought joy, smiles and laughter to Colombian homes for the characters he has played in parodies, sketches and sections of the program. Now that this television gem turns 50 on the air, she told us how she prepared for the celebration.

During’s visit to the dressing rooms of Happy Saturdays, we met the actress and comedian Alexandra Restrepo while she was preparing to go to the gala of this great event and we asked her about her makeup, wardrobe and reflections.

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What will your wardrobe be like? Although it is a great surprise, Restrepo told us that he will wear a dress by the renowned Tolima designer Diego Guarnizo with bright colors that represent the diversity of our country, who also highlighted the trust placed in the makeup artist. “It is an invitation to spread your wings and fly”, express.

Regarding what it means to be part of a program that began in 1972 and now celebrates five decades of uninterrupted transmissions healing the sad faces, the actress expressed that, although she has several mixed feelings, what she feels the most is a deep gratitude; Well, she joined the cast when she was only 16 years old and she has been dedicated to acting and humor for more than 20 years with the aim of making Colombians laugh every weekend.

It is very strange to be part of a program that is 50 years old, I am 51 and I have been here half my life; It is something very strange and a theme of gratitude, nostalgia for those who are not here, and happiness for everything we have learned and the family we have created in this time.

It should be remembered that Alexandra became part of Happy Saturdays to be a dancer when Alfonso Lizarazo was director and presenter. There she participated in the ‘Vitamins’, where the contestants of the dynamic took certain prizes while they cheered.

I didn’t know how to dance, there were some contestants and we had to get the prizes from some boards, but all the others were professional dancers and they sent me back.

It is evident that this program has marked several generations and families who, Saturday after Saturday, allowed the beloved cast to enter their homes to let themselves be infected with their humorous occurrences and routines; which is why we asked Alexandra what she thinks she has been the imprint of her by which she will be remembered.

“My mark is to put my heart into what I do and reach the viewers, I hope it has been and always will be.”

Finally, this comedian who He has alternated his appearances on Happy Saturdays with acting projects in series and soap operas. He wanted to send a greeting to Colombians, thanking them for the immense support they have received for so long and that has kept this television jewel on its feet.

Alexandra Restrepo revealed details of her dress for the 50-year gala of Happy Saturdays