All canceled series and final seasons of 2023

    2023 will mean the end of many of our favorite series like ‘The Crown‘, ‘Atlanta’ or ‘The Handmaid’s Talebut very sad that it makes us have to say goodbye to characters who have kept us company for years, at least they will have the opportunity to say goodbye to us.

    others like1899‘ or ‘Top Secrets’ They haven’t been so lucky leaving their stories and their mysteries half since its creators hoped to be able to continue counting them. And the truth is that the numbers of hearing and repercussion seemed to accompany, but the section of Netflix series The year has started quite strictly (and it is a trend that the rest of the platforms will surely adopt in equal measure). They even had a hard time renewing one of the hits of the year, ‘Wednesday’, for a second season.

    Gone are the years when Netflix respected the arcs of its series, and even rescued unfinished ones from other platforms to attract and keep his audience. A strategy that now seems to repeat, for example, Apple TV +, renewing series very expensive as ‘Fundación’ or ‘The coast of mosquitoes’ without having had hardly any impact. To all this we must add the pifostio that is bundled in HBO Max with the merger of Discovery and Warnerwith several of the most important series on the platform disappearing in search of a new home that brings in more money.

    The year looks normal, and we hope that the bleeding of cancellations is not as exaggerated as the most apocalyptic prophecies suggest. But let’s not tear our clothes either. Nothing is eternal, and there are times when a timely withdrawal is the greatest of victories. The final seasons of many of these series will be the finishing touch to several of best suspense seriessolving their enigmas, or the best horror seriesrevealing if there is a happy ending after the nightmare.

    Also, there is always the hope that, in a few years, a new season will continue the story several decades later as it happened with ‘Twin Peaks‘ or, this same last year, with ‘Kingdom: Exodus‘, one of the best series of 2022 by the hand of the always groundbreaking Lars Von Trier. In 2023 we will have the return of another mythical series, although the target audience may not be the same…The Serranos‘ will make a triumphant return that will fill us with nostalgiawhenever they solve the end of the original series: Resines’s dream.

    Last year there were very important names among the final seasons and canceled series of 2022. What series will be the protagonists of the farewells of this 2023?

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We will never know if the reptilian elites that rule the world in the shadows, or the Illuminati themselves, picked up the red phone to pressure Netflix to cancel one of the best current adult animation series because, who knows, maybe he was revealing too much truth between flat-earth jokes and New World Order conspiracies…

Nah, it’s kidding, the truth is that the new from the creator of ‘Gravity Falls’ has not achieved the impact that his previous work had. The deep state sewers of the sewers were cool though.

‘JFK’ and 20 Other Movies About “Real” Mysteries and Conspiracies

The end of Gilead is just around the corner: The Season 6 of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ It will be the last, as Hulu has confirmed, and thus one of the most acclaimed and followed series of recent years will say goodbye.

Since its premiere in 2017, the adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel has left an impressive legacy, with a legion of die-hard fans, an indelible mark on popular culture (red robes with white coifs are already an institution), and a commitment to politician who coincided with the #MeToo movement.

To avoid the risk of fulfilling the ‘Tell me’ prophecy, the one that predicts that the series will advance the events of the present, the sixth season of ‘The Crown’ It will be the last in the period series that follows the life of the British royal family. Although, seeing the latest controversies, they would not lack material to continue for another 6 years (at least).

‘Atlanta’ began as a surreal comedy series, and has evolved into plain surrealism, playing with social denunciation, terror and parody, with a colossal sense of humor and cynicism. We have been warning you for some time: ‘Atlanta’ is the freest series of the moment. Don’t miss its latest season, released on Disney+ Spain from January 18.

The wonderful Mrs. Maisel

Steve Blackman confirmed last year that the fourth season of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ It will be the farewell to the characters of the Netflix series. “But before we get to that finale, we have an incredible story ahead of us for season four. One that will keep fans on the edge of their seats until the last few minutes.” Surely yes.

The CW pulled out the scissors last year and took down several of its flagship series like ‘Charmed,’ also unexpectedly announcing that ‘Riverdale’ will end in 2023 with its seventh season. In this way, and after its more than one hundred episodes, the doors of Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe will close forever.

Have we last seen Patrick Stewart Like Professor Xavier from the X-Men? In the MCU of Marvel we always hope for multiverses and cameos, but with ‘Star Trek: Picard’ there is no solution… right? Admiral Jean-Luc Picard will leave us forever continuing the events of the ‘Star Trek: Picard’ season 2 finale in a third season that will be the end of the character. Although, watch out. It would not be the first time that Star Trek plays with time and space to twist established laws…

John Krasinski’s Jack Ryan (and Tom Clancy, of course) will come to an end after its fourth season and after several delays due to the happy pandemic, which caused the ‘Jack Ryan’ Season 3 fall until December 2022.

The television adaptation of the French graphic novel ‘Le Transperceneige’, which was already made into a film in 2013 by the Korean Bong Joon-ho, will come to an end in its fourth season. What will happen to the passengers of the train at the end of the world?

‘Bullet Train’ and the best movies on board a train

A few months before the movie ‘Flashpoint’Flash‘ turn the entire DC Extended Universe upside down, the ninth season of the series based on the speedster superhero will put an end to Barry Allen’s adventures on the small screen 10 years after his pilot.

Although it was scheduled for 2022, it will finally be this year when the fourth season puts an end to ‘Manifest’, a series that was initially canceled but has been rescued by Netflix for a new batch of 20 episodes.

The director and executive producer David Schultner premiered the pilot of one of The best medical series in the history of TV in 2018 with Peter Horton. Back then, it told the story of Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold, ‘The Blacklist’), the new medical director of New Amsterdam, one of the oldest public hospitals in the country.

Goodwin will leave with the job done in a fifth season.

The Nazis have banded together to create a Fourth Reich on American soil, and only the group led by concentration camp survivor Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino) can do anything about it. Are you ready for the second (and final) season of ‘Hunters’?

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All canceled series and final seasons of 2023