Amazon will produce a miniseries on the FTX debacle

An eight-episode miniseries that will explore the unraveling and scandals behind cryptocurrency exchange FTX and its leadership is slated to begin production soon.

The series has been acquired by the technology conglomerate Amazon and will likely air on Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service.

It is understood that it is based on “privileged information” of the journalists covering FTX and its founder Sam Bankman-Fried, according to a November 23 report in the entertainment magazine Variety.

The brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, famous for directing Avengers: Endgame and many other Marvel movies, they sold the idea to Amazon and will direct the miniseries.

Details are scant as to the direction the series will take, the source material it will be based on, and the time period and people it will focus on. and all this is kept secret for the moment.

In his reasons for doing a series on the history of FTX, the Russo brothers told Variety that what happened with the exchange “It is one of the most brazen frauds ever committed,” and they opined on Bankman-Fried:

“At the center of it all stands an extremely mysterious figure with complex and potentially dangerous motivations. We want to understand why.”

Amazon plans to start producing the series in March 2023, and although the characters and the actors who will play them are unknown, The Russos are reportedly in talks with previous Marvel actors they’ve worked with to fill the lead roles.

The idea of ​​an FTX-inspired movie being made, à la The Big Short Y The wolf of Wall Street, on Twitter over a week agoand some members of the community have already taken the lead in casting Sam Bankman-Fried, Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, and other related actors such as Do Kwon, of Terra.

A Twitter user proposed the idea of FTX THE MOVIE on November 12, selecting Jonah Hill, from the wolf wall streetto play Bankman-Fried, while comedian Jimmy O. Yang could play Changpeng Zhao.

Another user created a promotional poster with their interpretation of the film’s title: The wolf of effective altruismmaking a parody of The wolf of Wall Street and mocking the Bankman-Fried philosophical stance of want to help others.

It seems that Hollywood is eager to grab the rights to stories centered on the collapse of the world’s largest crypto exchanges.

The author and financial journalist Michael Lewis, known for his book The Big Short, which deals with the 2008 financial crisis, is reportedly looking to sell the rights to a book on an FTX story after spending six months with Bankman-Fried in the months leading up to the FTX implosion.

Apparently, the big technology company Apple is the favorite to get the rights, beating out competitors Amazon and Netflix, with the intention of creating a movie for its Apple TV Plus video streaming service.

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Amazon will produce a miniseries on the FTX debacle