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Jaime Camil who is listed as one of the ten most influential and best valued Mexicans in the world for his international recognition as an actor and singer, he has unfolded a multifaceted career that includes four platinum-selling albums, hosting recognized international television formats and an extensive career in television and film, which soon took him to give solid steps in Hollywood.

Camil is loved and admired by Mexican and Latin American audiences for his memorable lead performances; which is why he too, thanks to his acting ability and charisma, he has the great responsibility of giving life to Vicente Fernández in The king a series produced by Caracol Television and that tells a faithful, moving and memorable story of this charro.
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In the midst of the demanding recordings in Mexico, Jaime took time out of his schedule to speak at length with about the great experience it has been to personify the legend of Latin American music on screen. Of course, he did not escape from Colombianizing himself a little more and bringing out his good sense of humor.

Playing Vicente Fernández has been, without a doubt, the biggest and most important challenge that Jaime Camil has been presented in the race, as he himself has assured in previous interviews; Well, we are talking about the greatest idol of Mexico and a monumental exponent of ranchera music in the world. For this reason, the actor “talked” with great propriety about the challenge that has been to bring this character to life.

“The great challenge with Vicente is that, when you imagine someone doing Vicente, you generally transport yourself to parodies, caricatures, imitators; And so, as actors, we have to try to know his mannerisms, move like him, talk like him. […] It’s important to make it human, the public connects with characters through the heart, through emotions, through real situations…”, Camil said.

Jaime did not overlook one of the biggest challenges of this production and that is the fact of having had four actors giving life to Vicente Fernández at different stages of his life, since they had to seek homogeneity between all the interpretations.
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What did Jaime Camil discover about the real man behind the idol?

The followers of the charro know ‘El Rey’, the idol, the artist and the man who stepped on thousands of stages with his successful songs. However, Jaime, during his meticulous histrionic preparation —biographical, personal and, above all, emotional— discovered details of the real Vicente Fernández that many did not know.

“He has a charro suit that has 62 gold centennials on each leg”revealed the actor with a laugh, and also spoke of the valuable friendship he has with Vicente’s family, a detail that gives him greater responsibility for this role, but also allows him to learn more intimate stories from “El Ídolo de México”.

“The perseverance and desire that this man had to succeed is incredible. The desire, the tenacity, the difficulties that come from extreme poverty, the loss of friends at key moments in his life, the deep love for his wife, whoand first is the family…he added.

“As long as you don’t stop clapping, your Chente doesn’t stop singing.”

It is not a secret that Vicente Fernández’s songs are part of the popular Mexican songbook; In addition, they know no borders or languages, since they have marked many generations, to the point of breaking records in sales and reproductions. Despite his departure at the age of 81, this charro he will always be remembered for his great musical legacyand not for nothing does he have the title of ‘Sinatra de las rancheras’, since he left almost a hundred albums, more than 300 recorded songs and at least 40 films.

Faced with this great repertoire, it seems “impossible” for Camil to choose just one song as his favorite, but he took the opportunity to reveal that, for El Rey, he recorded around 20 songs with his voice, which allowed him to get to know several from the 60s. and 70 that are not so popular, among them are ‘Paloma errante’ and ‘Camino inseguro’.
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Jaime did not overlook highlighting that the songs by Vicente Fernández and the stories behind are very emotionalwhich caused the entire team to break down in tears during the script readings and even on the set.

Does Jaime Camil really sing in the series El Rey, Vicente Fernández or does he do dubbing?

Yes, Jaime Camil does really sing in El Rey and what a loud voice! This actor is passionate about music and loves doing theater, so, in addition to his body, he also lent his voice to Vicente Fernández for this series.

“I have discovered that I can reach tones, I can sustain notes and I can do certain things with my voice that I didn’t know I could do thanks to the songs I have recorded by Vicente. My voice has surprised me, I feel that it is something that comes from above, from some divine connection, with the family”Jaime said.

Of course, Camil gave an exclusive demonstration of the majesty of his voice for, making it clear why, in addition to his acting ability and charisma, he was chosen to play Vicente Fernández, nothing more and nothing less than the unmistakable voice of ranch music.
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Is Jaime Camil an honorary Colombian?

The protagonist of El Rey, Vicente Fernández, was not spared from becoming a little more Colombian and put to the test how much he knows about the jargon of our country, since he was measured to define some words such as berraco, enguayabado, cantaleta and chichipato, which by Of course they amused him a lot and made him smile when they met them.

But, how is Jaime Camil doing with a Colombian accent?
The level of the interview rose, Jaime had no excuse and dared to send a greeting and an invitation not to miss El Rey, Vicente Fernández; However, for them to understand him better, he did it with a Colombian accent and showed that he definitely has talent.
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“People only die when you forget them”

Unlike other countries, in Mexico death has color and even its own day to celebrate and honor her. Even without going too far, death is a very important character that we always see present throughout the series El Rey, Vicente Fernández.

Therefore, regarding this, during the interview, Jaime shared his way of seeing and conceiving death in his life. Furthermore, he brought up that was fortunate to be part of the famous movie ‘Coco’ with the voice of Miguel’s father.

“I love how my culture and how Mexico celebrate and celebrate loved ones who have already left us, because the truth helps you deal more with grief, with the deep sadness that comes from not having a loved one close to you”Jaime Camil said.

About Jaime Camil:

In addition to film and television, Jaime Camil is also a referent of musical theater in Latin America and the United States. In Mexico, he starred in works such as ‘West side story’, ‘Aladino’, ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘El diluvio quevenida’. In the USA, he starred in the musical destined for Broadway ‘The mambo kings’, participated as Billy Flynn in ‘Chicago’, the American musical with the longest history on Broadway, and played Sam Carmichael in the iconic Hollywood Bowl production of ‘Mamma mia! !’.

His recent participation in the American series ‘Jane the Virgin’, ‘BROKE’ and ‘Schmigadoon!’, as well as in films such as ‘My boyfriend’s pills’ and ‘KIMI’ (alongside Zoë Kravitz and directed by Steven Soderbergh) have ratified it as one of the great Latin American stars in Hollywood.

An in-depth and detailed conversation with Jaime Camil about Vicente Fernández and his role in El Rey