«An Oscar for Óscar»: brilliant satire Made in Spain in the Hollywood sky

By Horacio Otheguy Riveira

It starts and ends like a parody, however the ride is by no means flat. It is true that in the first 15 minutes one can have the impression of something that has already been seen, but the characters grow, they develop with the art of mountebanks, comedians of the league that enter, little by little, always between smiles and laughter, in the national drama so often explored by playwrights and filmmakers. Here they are all fathers of a profile of the author and director Mario Hernandeza young man of the theater who, among other shows, offered us a splendid tribute to Mario Benedetti a few years ago in A Naked Woman in the Dark.

This time the effort is very different, it runs parallel to the future of a quartet that lands in Los Angeles amazed to look at the Hollywood sky. They go for An Oscar for Oscar who directed a short film in which few believe he can win. Accompanying him to the great festival of world cinema is a sloppy Minister of Culture, and a Minister of Finance who takes care of expenses to the letter, persecutes excesses, by dint of low budgets. These are interpreted by Agustin Jimenez and Mara Guil with very effective resources. They are a comical couple bordering on the clown, two who collide constantly hiding a passion that seemed impossible.

The shy, somewhat goofy and of course very naive director who is going for the top prize is Jon Plazaola who, like Rebeca Sala, gives a different bell, between the sparkling comedy of his good characters and the very intimate pain of, like everyone else, deceive himself as much as possible in order to survive not only in Hollywood but in the life of walking around the house.

Satire nudges left and right in the world of cinema and politics. He has fun with noble weapons because the whole Spain of walking around the house can be reflected in the archetypes with which he works.

The four performers spin fine and it’s nice to see them and follow them on their journey that goes from the embarrassing to the mere pranks of mature people who have not ceased to be capricious adolescents. A Rebecca Hall, for the first time in the eleven-yard shirt of such a light-hearted comedy. She composes a beauty for hire “but I’m not a prostitute, just company, although I’m actually an actress trying my luck in this movie mecca.” Every moment is a very pleasant surprise, and ultimately makes the most of the final twist, in the same vein as the character of Jon Plazaolaonly that Rebeca deals with an unexpected epilogue that she embroiders with mastery, and what is better is not to advance anything.

The quartet gives it their all in a very successful satire, as tender as it is acid, because, berlangianly speaking, we are all satirized…

An Oscar for Oscar. Mara Guil, Agustín Jiménez, Jon Plazaola and Rebeca Sala.

We are in the city of Los Angeles, the day the Academy Awards ceremony, the Oscars, is celebrated; specifically, in a modest motel on the outskirts of the city, in the room that will serve as the only setting, and where through a glass window you can see, in the distance, the gigantic Hollywood sign. Here comes Óscar Manzano, a young director whose short film has been nominated for awards, accompanied, not even he knows very well why, by the Minister of Culture Guillermo Barrientos, and the Minister of Finance Irene Navarro. Between continuous scuffles between the two politicians, who can’t stand each other, and a few hours before the ceremony begins, the young Pauline, an “escort girl”, appears in Óscar’s room, secretly hired by Guillermo to pretend to be Oscar’s girlfriend. Oscar during the gala and the red carpet… This impossible group of four will live the craziest night of their lives in that isolated motel, meeting and missing something that unites us all: our dreams and everything we lose on the way to achieve them .

Interpreters: Jon Plazaola, Agustin Jimenez, Rebeca Sala, Mara Guil

Text & Address: Mario Hernandez
Producers: Xavier Aguirre, Esteban Roel & Jon Plazaola
Scenography: Asier Sancho
Locker room: Paula Castellano
Sound: Rodrigo Gonzalez
Illumination design: Alvaro Guisado Garavito
Assistant Director: William Rodriguez Cartagena
Photography and Poster: Javier Naval
Production Assistant: J.P. Perez-Padial

Distribution: Txalo Productions

A production of Txalo Producciones and La Mandanga.


«An Oscar for Óscar»: brilliant satire Made in Spain in the Hollywood sky