Interview conducted by Giulia Quaranta Provenzano

Today the blogger Giulia Quaranta Provenzano offers us an interview with the character actor Angelo Di Grumo, who is also a speaker and host from Tic Talent [clicca qui per ascoltare la detta trasmissione su Radio Fra Le Note]…

Good morning Angel! VoI would like to ask you right away when, with what intention/planning and above all moved by which inner engine you entered the world of Art and Entertainment as a speaker and conductor of “Tic Talent” [clicca qui per visionare il sito Internet Radio Fra Le Note] and as a character actor in films and commercials.blank “Good morning Julia! My passion and my approach to the world of entertainment began from an early age, so much so that I was already imitating many personalities in the sector … then, being a son of art (my father Antonio was a clarinetist), I began to study music and I started playing percussion in the Sestrese Philharmonic Orchestra – and thanks to it, I also gained experience with Maestro Vittorio Gassman… in the show “Ulisse e la balena bianca”. This was an unforgettable experience because we played the music of Oscar winner Nicola Piovani”.

As a child, what did you imagine you would do when you became an adult and what kind of child was it? Also, what color and what song would he associate with the most significant periods of his life? “Since I was a child, I have always dreamed of becoming part of the magical world of entertainment and of becoming an actor … starting from elementary school, on Saturdays I went to be a speaker on a local radio in Genoa and I enjoyed proposing myself with imitations. Then, at the age of fifteen, there was the meeting with maestro Giorgio Ariani who – during one of the evenings of the National Cabaret Festival – allowed me to debut in a parody of Laurel and Hardy. He was very precious to me because he taught me so much about diction, acting and imitation. I was a “little brother” to Giorgio, as he used to define me himself. My childhood, if I have to descriverand with a color, I remember it in blue. Color, this, that brings me back to my holidays at marand (in Puglia, the original region of my parents). The song that comes to my mind, however, is “L’estate sta finindo” by Righeira… that I was lucky enough to know personally. Another important reminder rIt dates back to when, still fifteen, I met the director Duccio Tessari who made a dedication to me… he recited <> and, then, your signature. Well, he nailed it since that of the deedrand it is now my profession!“.

What does Beauty, Art represent for you and what do you consider to be their power as well as their main quality and value? C.Do you believe that universal Beauty exists, or is there no possibility of objectivity in the evaluation of what is and what is not? “LI see beauty and charm on the same level but, as I am, I prefer to deal with and work (if possible) with people who are not only beautiful on the outside – but who are also characterized by a strong spiritual beauty… In fact, see my participation in the music video “Non mi va” by the Dianese singer-songwriter Garibaldi, at therafe Simone Alessio… I will be altryes in his next video, which will decree the release of his album.

What role do you think it plays and what role would you like the visual image to have in society and in conveying meanings in the most diverse fields of life – not only in the world of Art (for example in music videos), Fashion and Entertainment – and in being, who knows, also an indicator of some psychological characteristics of who one is and who one is facing? In my opinion, the image should reach everyone in a universal way… the message it must convey must be positive, universal and without discrimination.

What are, in your opinion, the connotations of empathy and to what extent is it essential for an actor to be endowed with it? What then can’t such a professional lack, i.e. what can’t be lacking in those who act? “I think that empathy is what you feel when you manage to fully revive the character you have to play, with all its various facets”.

When bonerva, read, listen to a person what affects him positively? In the light of this, is there anyone you regard with particular esteem and with whom you would be happy to collaborate? “I like reading and listening to people who transmit positivity and who believe in what I believe are the true values ​​of life. I am available to those who have, at least in part, the same way of thinking as me”.

Ingrace the public’s favor, meeting and responding to the (presumable) market demands, how do you see it? In other words, is being “chameleonic” and acting on the basis of times and places necessary to ensure that one’s passion also becomes a profession? I believe that being chameleon-like, in my profession as an actor, is very useful … but in any case it is also necessary to show oneself, in part, as one really is.

THE remember, planning and designing, experimenting and daring, instinct and reason how fundamental they are in your daily life and artistically speaking? “These mentioned are all important elements in my life and that help me face the new job opportunities”.

Finally, before saying goodbye, would you like to tell us what your next projects are? Thank you very much for the interview while, to see me, you can do it by going to Amazon Prime … in the film “Lupo Bianco”, directed by Tony Gangitano and also in the film “L’Impegno in un Abbraccio” which was written and interpreted by Giusi Virzi (directed by Carmelo Marino). I will also participate in the film “Il Boemo” by director Petr Vaclav and I will be in the one entitled “Goffredo e l’Italia chiamò” by director Angelo Antonucci. Currently, then, I’m busy on the set of “Tengo a dirlo” (again directed by Marino Carmelo – film based on the novel by Emma Thompson) … and finally, I’m participating in the film “Eye See You” by Andrea Speciale and Alessandro Cabras“.

ANGELO DI GRUMO – “I like working with people who are above all beautiful inside and capable of transmitting positivity”