Angelo Zedda, from the Cagliari Calcio commercial to the Isola di Pietro

Rossoblù fans know him very well because he is the testimonial of the famous Cagliari Calcio commercial: Every damn Sunday. But for Angelo Zedda – a long apprenticeship in the world of acting which began way back in 1996 – the first real professional satisfactions came a few years ago, with the landing on the small screen. In the guise of Salvatore Spanothe unfortunate and debt-covered father who he played in the fiction L’Isola di Pietro with Gianni Morandi. But still before with the Petrella sergeant in The Final Frontier by Frank Bernini where she starred alongside Fabrizio Gifuni.

The actor from Cagliari, born in 1973, is among the protagonists of La Sedia, the film by Gianluca Vassallo which will be screened this evening at the Cinema Odissea in Cagliari as part of the festival.

When was your passion for acting born?

I started doing theater in 1996 making my debut under the direction of Maria Assunta Calvisi in a play written by Nino Nonnis in which I play Achilles: a delightful parody of the Iliad. Since then, theater has become a passion. Even if in fact until 1996 I think I hated what for me was the theater, that is the comedy in Sardinian. Then I got to open myself to this new world.

What does acting mean to you?

In this world of lights, shadows, backdrops I have found my true dimension. It doesn’t seem like it but I’m a very shy person and in this the theater gave me a good blow. I manage to put a little of my being and my experience into each character. Paradoxically in interpreting “Jesus in the Passion” directed by Carlo Porru in 2001 I had to look inside myself, look for that “faith” that I don’t have in order to immerse myself as much as possible in that really complicated character. I even watched the “Jesus” by several times Franco Zeffirelli. Working in tourist villages as an entertainer, I have increasingly managed to overcome that shyness in putting myself on the line in front of the public. I have always considered acting more than a passion, often overshadowing the economic side. It has always been primary for me to learn, to absorb as much as I could from every actor, director and teacher with whom I have had the honor to work.

Paolo Sorrentino also has your phone number…

Yes, I received the call from Paolo Sorrentino for The Young Pope. But I remain humble. Joking aside, unfortunately that project didn’t go ahead for me, but knowing I had a minute with him was important for me!

What is your career path?

I studied acting, voice-over and dubbing in Florence at the film school of Beppe Ferlito. I have worked with several directors, including Marco Parodi, Gianni Musi, Paolo Santangelo and Livia Maddalena. I worked for the company for many years Sons of Medas art. With Stefano Raccis we also competed as producers of an innovative show chronicling the life of Edgar Degas. Also, with Little Paris by Maria Assunta Calvisi we staged a show on the first miners’ strike in Sardinia, exceeding 200 performances.

And the cinema?

Cinema arrived almost by accident. I don’t have a purely film training but, as the great directors teach, the more natural you are, the more “true” you are. I did so many castings, both in Sardinia and outside, I studied a lot even as a self-taught person and then, finally, my first chance came. He gave it to me Frank Bernini who entrusted me with the role of “Sergeant Petrella” in the fiction The Last Frontier where I played alongside Fabrizio Gifuni. From there there have been different experiences both on the big and on the small screen. Up to “L’isola di Pietro” where in the last series I played the role of one of the protagonists, Salvatore Spanounfortunate father covered in debt”.

Any given Sunday: Cagliari fans know you well…

Yes, it’s true. I’m the star of the Cagliari Calcio commercial. He chose me anyway Paolo Zuccawho directed a visionary set that recalls “Any Given Sunday” with Al Pacino. I tried to get inspiration from him by watching that film clip over and over again. Both the one in the original language and the one dubbed by the great Giancarlo Giannini”.

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Angelo Zedda, from the Cagliari Calcio commercial to the Isola di Pietro