Antonello Coggiatti, from acting to theatrical writing: “Winning the Campanile Award was a big hit!”

The National Theatrical Award “Achille Campanile” decreed its winner for 2022: Antonello Coggiatti, a young actor and theater director with an academic background, won first place with his unpublished humorous script, “Crimes and courses”. The decision was taken after a long discussion by the Jury, chaired by Professor Arnaldo Colasanti It’s composed by Luigi Pisani, Emilia Costantini, Michele La Ginestra And Gaetano Campanile. This is the reason given by the jurors: “Two quick and concise acts to ask the usual question: who is the culprit? We attend a lunch and a board game: above all the simulation of each character, but who is there only to say what is hidden behind the masks. And finally the solution of the verdict. That is: after a death, there is always a culprit. The text is striking for its scenic speed and for how the game is always, once again, the wisest way – if you like, even the funniest – to say what everyone is looking for and what no one ever wants: the truth ”. Before the proclamation, which took place on October 30 at the Artemisio-Volonté Theater in Velletri, Coggiatti – who received the check for 1000 euros made available by the Madonna delle Grazie Clinic in Velletri and delivered by Professor Vera Dani plus the trophy made by the Foundation of Partecipazione Arte & Cultura – gave a short interview in which he talked about himself and his artistic experience.

How did you get into writing? Was it love at first sight or something that took over after your artistic training?

Actually I am an actor, I studied acting first at the International Acting School Rome and then at the Fonderia delle Arti with Giampiero Ingrassia. While I was studying, however, I started writing something, and this world opened up a bit. During my second year of studies at the Foundry, I staged for the first time something I wrote, a parody of Sleeping Beauty. Then I experimented on various genres, and I landed in comedy.

Why, among the many genres experimented, precisely the comedy?

Mainly for something my dad often said: “people already have so many thoughts, if they have to arrive at the theater not too convinced and bothering for two hours is useless”. The point of view of him as an employee of him who had never approached the world of theater helped me find a path that could be good for people who do not usually go to the theater.

“Crimes and courses”: what was the genesis of this text, which was then the winner of the 2022 Campanile Award?

The text was born together with my wife Susanna, we were thinking of something that could be captivating and that would bring the audience back to the theater after the forced closure of the pandemic. We came up with a game with the public, and this is demonstrated by the four endings to be represented based on a vote by the spectators …

Is this the first time you have tried your hand at humorous theatrical writing?

It’s the first time I’ve gone that far, it was usually more my pure comedy business. I hope this show gets a good spin, I would have liked to put it on stage right away.

What emotion was the communication of the victory?

As soon as the communication arrived, I was stunned. It was a big hit, even though I obviously believed in what I wrote. I went to review the names of the jury, the number of scripts received and I said “Damn … so I wrote a good thing!”.

Antonello Coggiatti, from acting to theatrical writing: “Winning the Campanile Award was a big hit!” – Velletri Life – 2022