“Arnaud Ducret in all its states”: the friends of the comedian gathered in Toulon, this Tuesday evening on TF1

The beaches of Mourillon, in Toulon, seem to be becoming a popular place for television shoots. After song of the year, who saw the coronation of Amir, Arnaud Ducret landed last June on the beaches of Toulon to shoot Arnaud Ducret in all its formsa show, between sketches and parodies, which bears its name well, as the comedian has invested himself in making us laugh.

An unprecedented (e)mission for Arnaud Ducret, who came with a 5-star cast: Élie Semoun, Michaël Youn, Audrey Fleurot, François-Xavier Demaison, Jeff Panacloc, Cartman, Samuel Bambi, Virginie Hocq, Tom Villa, Edgar Yves, Les Coquettes , Laurie Peret, Tareek, Élodie Poux, Fauve Hautot, Arthur, Maxime Gasteuil, Ragnar Le Breton, Nikos Aliagas, Harry Roselmack. This humorous Var show will be broadcast this Tuesday evening August 16 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1.

Did you immediately agree to host this show?

I had already worked with the production, DMLS TV which also deals with Motherfuckers. Its president, Mathieu Vergne, has followed me since my first one-man show and wanted to do a show with me. It was done simply, they proposed the project to TF1 which likes me (laughs).

How did filming go last June?

Very happy with the evening. I like the team spirit and I think we all felt it, whether before, during or after the show. Everyone was happy to be there, it touched me. It was great to be able to bring together people that I like and who come from different genres. Comedians like Michaël Youn, comedians, Élie Semoun, Cartman. We will also see my wife, who does pole dancing, or Fauve Hautot, who dances.

Is playing outdoors in Toulon special?

It’s certain! Some artists were initially not a fan of playing outdoors, with noise or wind, but we didn’t have any problems at Le Mourillon. We were pretty good in Toulon (laughs).

In addition to the show, you shot a sketch in the city…

Yes, we filmed a fiction with Elie Semoun at the Mayol stadium. I leave the surprise, but it’s very funny…

Is this the first time that you are the “chief of ceremony” of a show?

It’s different from a single on stage because I also had this animator cap. You have to know how to launch the artists, talk often with the public. It’s an exercise I’m not used to. Simply presenting the artists did not interest me. It is for this reason that I participate in new duets specially created for this evening.

Have you thought about taking Nikos’ place?

(laughs) Absolutely not! Nikos is perfect. On the other hand, if we had to renew this formula, between sketches and fiction, why not!

You will also be showing, at the beginning of September, a French science fiction film, The visitor from the future

The film is great, François Descraques, the director, has incredible talent. Despite the sometimes tight budget for science fiction, he managed to make a crazy film. I was not mistaken

>> Arnaud Ducret in all its formsthis Tuesday, August 16 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1.

“Arnaud Ducret in all its states”: the friends of the comedian gathered in Toulon, this Tuesday evening on TF1