At the Teatro di Ittiri the pièce “Era l’oladola?” by Daniele Monachella and Carlo Valle

Teatro ittiri It was the lark Monachella Valle

Saturday 4 February on the stage of the “Comunale” the lucky comedy finalist at Roma Comic Off 2018.

ITTIRI. Meditate and have fun? That is the question. Indeed no: with the brilliant Shakespearean comedy “Was it the lark?” one can laugh and reflect at a brisk pace traveling on the terrain of the absurd and the paradoxes of contemporary society. Highly anticipated in Ittiri for the new cultural season promoted by MAB Theatrethe successful pièce conceived and interpreted by Daniele Monachella And Charles Valle will be staged Saturday 4 February at 8.30pm on the stage of Municipal theatre of Via XXV July.

The performance is an exhilarating reinterpretation of some passages from Shakespeare’s theater in constant reference to “Romeo and Juliet”, but with an original text that manages to express a subtle analysis of today and its contradictions. Not a simple parody then, but a completely authentic comedy that in an hour and ten of reflections leads the viewer into a comical and sagacious dimension of strong emotional intensity, the same one that earned Little nun the prize of “Best Leading Actor” to the Rome Comic Off 2018.

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Among the protagonists, a self-styled Guglielmo Scuotelapera (Nun) “in the century” William Shakespeare confronts his analyst Doctor Trinculo (Valle) in an irreverent game of roles where literature and love describe the madness, feelings, vices and deepest illogicalities of the human being.

In the original work, the song of the lark announced the arrival of dawn and thus the end of the only night of love spent together by Romeo and Juliet, marking their tragic fate. Among allusions evoked with wit, the key quotation taken from the Shakespearean repertoire is one of the most ambiguous questions that will lead the protagonist towards the tormented moment of existential crisis.

“Was it the lark?” it is a production Mab Theatre made with the contribution of Sardinia Foundation Call for Art – Pluriennale “Art, Activities and Cultural Heritage” Classical Music, Opera and Prose 2018 and the patronage of theUniversity of Cagliari (Department of Philosophy) and of the IASEMS extension Italian Association of Shakespearean and Early Modern Studies.

The cultural season currently underway in Ittiri has already hosted numerous successful shows and personalities. Between these Luca Cupani by Zelig with his “Good like porridge”, Concerto for classical guitar by Emmanuel Addis from the “Royal Academy of Music” of London, the “Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens staged by Charles Valle with the cello of Joseph Faddathe Ittiri Theater Company with “Sa ducessa”, the preview of the “borderlands film festival“, then Lucia Dore in “Once upon a time there were Saint Lucia and the Befana” and finally “Generation discomfort” with the award-winning “After which tonight I throw myself”.

From 23 January to 12 Februarythanks to an active collaboration with BAM Theater Of Cagliari it is possible to meet special guests during the rehearsals of the show “Mille” with Ninni Bruschetta And Annagaia Marchiorowhich will debut with a premiere at the Teatro Massimo in Cagliari within the Cedac season.

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At the Teatro di Ittiri the pièce “Era l’oladola?” by Daniele Monachella and Carlo Valle – Logudoro live