Audrey Fleurot: High Emotional Potential

“Complicated to find the father of a child…” Entrusted to the magazine Gala in 2019, this sentence says a lot about Audrey Fleurot. Because for her career as in her personal journey, the actress has never left anything to chance. Everything she had, she did indeed seek! Worker to excess, we discover her in 2015 very pregnant on the set of the film The Ideal, alongside Gaspard Proust. Frédéric Beigbeder, the director, will even adapt the role according to her advanced pregnancy… Then little Lou is born, on November 19, the fruit of her love with her companion, the filmmaker Djibril Glissant, this father whom she will have so long sought. But no way to stop working. Three weeks later, we find the young mother on the boards of the Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe, playing in The Tartuffe of Moliere! Rest ? Not for her… “I’ve dreamed of doing this job so much, so when I have great offers with people ready to organize themselves to wait for me, I don’t want to refuse them”she will explain about this on a daily basis The Parisian in 2016. A profession, a battle. And a vocation, which Audrey Fleurot saw very early… It was on July 6, 1977 in Mantes-la-Jolie, in the Yvelines, that she was born into a modest family. Her father is a firefighter, her mother a nursery nurse.

Audrey FleurotMom overactive

She, an only child. The first years took place at the barracks before the Fleurots moved to the 19th arrondissement of Paris, to the popular Place des Fêtes. At the age of 8, Audrey has the big revelation of her life. One evening, his father, on duty at the Comédie-Française, takes him to see a play. On her jump seat, the little girl marveled at discovering the magic of the theatre: sets, machinery, acting, applause… Everything bewitches her. The course is set: she will be an artist! She first enrolled in the circus school and spent three years with Annie Fratellini: “I was good at wire and contortion, but not bad at juggling three balls”she jokes in The worldin 2018. Then she tried her hand at ballet without success…

The young redhead is uncomfortable in her skin: “As a teenager, I was very ugly. As I am short-sighted, I wore glasses with thick lenses like bottle bottoms that made me tiny eyes, two braces, I was thirty pounds heavier, and I threw myself into improbable hair research. I quickly understood that charm was not my immediate asset”she remembers for Galain 2016. Audrey then found her way: “When I was 14, I signed up for an acting class and I realized that was it. I didn’t feel in harmony with myself, and it seemed to me that it would become possible through the ‘interpretation of others than me’she analyzes, in 2019, for Psychologies.

With a literary baccalaureate in hand, she entered the Ensatt, the great national school of theater arts and techniques in Lyon, a veritable breeding ground for artists. There, her physique clashes… She clearly does not see herself being entrusted with the roles of young firsts! There followed a decade of intense initiations to the boards, at the rate of three shows a year, ten months out of twelve on the road… There she discovered the adventure of public theatre, the beauty of classical texts and the happiness of belong to a squad! An esprit de corps that she will find on television and in the cinema: “For ten years, I had the opportunity to be on very beautiful stages throughout France (…) But, as I was touring more and more and I was tired of being constantly on the roads, there was a time when I had to make a choice to lighten a schedule that had become very complicated”she summarizes for Les Echos weekendin 2020.

After the demanding theater, Audrey multiplies the projects for the small and the big screen. In 2005, she stood out in Engrenages, the series signed Canal+but it is thanks to the international success of the film Untouchables, released in 2011, that its notoriety exploded. Two stereotypical roles of icy and brittle women who stick to her skin… Her comic potential is nevertheless spotted by Alexandre Astier, creator of Kaamelottwho offered him to join him on the series from 2004, or even by Dominique Besnehard, the former agent of stars, who invited him on the parody Ten percent.

For Psychologiesin 2019, the actress agrees herself: “I can be funny, nice, seductive, but this kind of charm and sweetness is really not easy to develop for me. Of course, it’s a question of physics, but it’s above all a voice intonation. I think I’m soft, deep down, but I still have a harsh tone of voice that escapes me…” The successful series with many seasons have since been linked for Audrey Fleurot, bringing her into the living room and the hearts of the French. In the cinema, it is now one of the bankable names. Through hard work, this hyperactive has managed to reveal the full range of her talent over her thousand and one incarnations… “The only thing I miss would be a zombie or pirate movie”she mocked in Paris Matchin 2021.

“I always have a harsh tone of voice that escapes me”

The secret of the metamorphosis of this ex-complex who has become sexy surely lies in this personal analysis: “Reinventing myself, at home, is almost an obsession (…) I do this job to be able to live several lives”, continues- she in Psychologies. Without ever forgetting her main role, that of mother, who takes her little Lou to these film sets as soon as possible, which she frequents 300 days a year!

The revenge of an ugly!

In 2016, Frédéric Beigbeder, then editorial director of the magazine Himoffers Audrey to do the cover… “For me, it’s a thing of personal revaluation, a revenge, almost. It seemed to the complexed teenager that I was: ‘One day, you will make the front page of Him’, I would have laughed. was an opportunity to take beautiful photos. I just warned my mother to avoid an attack. She found them very beautiful, that’s the main thing”explained Audrey to TV 7 Days.

His best friends

It’s a group of friends in the city as well as on stage. From feature films Divorce Clubin 2019, then Connected, in 2020, they never leave each other! When one embarks on a new adventure, he invites the others… Thus Michaël Youn proposed to Audrey Fleurot to shoot in her next film, BDE (Student Office), but “for personal reasons”, the latter had to decline the role. Nevertheless, last year, it was thanks to comedian Arnaud Ducret that the actress was able to join the cast of the series Lies on TF1. As for the actor François-Xavier Demaison, who we know is a bon vivant, he would regularly bring together all these beautiful people in his country house around good bottles of wine, of course. Friendship is intoxicating!

his loves

Slippery Djibril

“I had been in a relationship since the age of 17 without interruption and suddenly, I found myself alone (…) Then, I met my companion in a tango class. And he became the father of my child”. So Audrey Fleurot summed up in 2019 for Gala the two great loves of her life: the first is called Firmin, a researcher in macroeconomics, with whom she lived until 2013. The second is Djibril Glissant, screenwriter and director – notably for the series HPI – Lou’s father. A love story that forged the sublime actress.

crazy tango

“It’s as if I was looking for a state of trance. I found it in dance, especially tango, which I practiced intensively. For fifteen years, I spent almost all my nights”explained Audrey in the magazine Psychologies in January 2019. What make us want to see it integrate Dance with the stars !

His career

2004-2009: KAAMELOTT

In this M6 series, she becomes Viviane, the Lady of the Lake, responsible for guiding Arthur to the Grail without ever succeeding.


An ensemble film of single women in their thirties. Audrey plays a woman who no longer believes in love… even though she herself has just broken up.

2005-2020: GEARS

In 86 episodes, her role as an unscrupulous lawyer allows her to be noticed by the writer Harlan Coben for his series Safe, broadcast on Netflix.


A sort of Anna Wintour of marketing, she is hilarious in this parody of the luxurious world of beauty, cruel, violent and above all ridiculous.


In occupied France, she is Hortense Larcher, the mayor’s wife, who becomes the mistress of a German officer.


A TF1 series, where the actress, in period costume, embodies a free woman, fleeing her social condition and her tyrannical husband.


Success at the box office, Audrey made an impression there with her role of Magalie, scathing assistant to François Cluzet, who turns the head of Omar Sy.


A huge box signed again TF1, for this series in which the actress plays Morgane Alvaro, a mother with overflowing intuition.


A comedy against the backdrop of a schoolyard war between two teachers who are opposites: Melha Bedia and Audrey Fleurot. A treat to see with the family.

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Audrey Fleurot: High Emotional Potential