‘Background Noise’ (2022)

Background noise (White Noise) is a film directed by Noah Baumbach starring Adam drivers Y Greta Gerwig. You can see it from now on Netflix.

Background Noise is, at the same time, a respectful adaptation to a disrespectful and highly respected author, Don DeLillo that, in a way i (responsible or not) has been slapping the idea of ​​stability for decades.

No one should be surprised by this sometimes surreal, sometimes uneven and always daring dystopia of a dream that we naively imagine.


A toxic cloud covers the entire city. Jack is a university professor who, in the midst of the apocalyptic chaos, is forced to confront the very idea of ​​his existence.

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Background Noise Movie Netflix
Background Noise (White Noise.- 2022)

Irony and ambition are contained in what would be expected to be an impossible adaptation that nonetheless manages to convey not only the story of the novel, but also DeLillo’s leitmotiv. And it does so by going beyond the story itself, as good movies should, with good evocative imagery, excellent script and performances, and well-paced editing. Baumbach plays comfortably with the irony and absurdity of the whole situation with his brilliant script, photographically using his shots punctuated by archival footage, turning the chaotic structure into a decelerating quantum order, inert and terrifying, and massively funny.

It is a film in which its director manages to highlight the elements that must be highlighted: the actors, the script and the tempo. Adam Driver shines as him, managing to convey the comedic angle of DeLillo’s portrayal of Professor Jack Gladney (I love his blue-tinted glasses – kudos to the costume designers). Driver amazes with his ability to comically portray this somewhat passionate and oddly pitiful character. Greta Gerwig is quite good as Babette, his devoted wife, and she manages to capture the essence of the character, becoming more convincing as the film progresses. It’s an absolute delight to see Don Cheadle as Jack’s teacher and friend, optimistic, impressionable and constantly observant.

Background Noise comes across as a very clever film about stability, which is so fragile. The unconscious attitude of even the supposedly brightest minds, the politicking in any ecosystem – in this case the academic one in a Montessori-like setting – and a sharp comment (thanks to DeLillo) on the naivety, conformism and arrogance that afflicts us all. most of us.

White Noise entertains, comments and will delight many viewers. An intelligent adaptation of the novel that does not have a dull moment with its funny characters and a story with a unique vision of the dynamics in a catastrophic scenario.

Background Noise Movie Netflix
Background Noise (White Noise.- 2022)

Irony and contained ambition.

do you remember cosmopolis? Robert Pattinson I was playing something else, but the idea was the same: the world was collapsing and the iron structures were nothing more than an illusory axis on which to build a metaphor. Sagittarius A* was always there, but we didn’t even want to know of its existence.

Background Noise seems like a very intelligent film about stability within a spark that, if it explodes, makes everything fall apart forever, a spark that was always there and that we persist in ignoring and that, deep down, was inevitable that it would explode.

A film that shines as a parody, that makes a good portrait of the academic world that knows so much and that, surprise, ignored that spark that jumped and that, after many mathematical simulations of that NASA supercomputer, persisted in ignoring that, in the Bottom line, we are just a pixel in an almost infinite universe of galaxies that devour each other.

And Sagittarius A*, just a spark.

A very uncomfortable movie. A cruel daily metaphor of the always orderly and fearsome anarchism of the academic… and of the unavoidable.

Challenge achieved.

Release date

August 31 on Netflix

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Adam Driver
PALM SPRINGS 03, 2020: Adam Driver at the 2020 Palm Springs International Film Festival Film Awards Gala.
Picture: Paul Smith/Featureflash

Adam Driver

Adam Driver He is an actor known for the saga Star Wars and for movies like Annette (2021).

Adam Douglas Driver was born on November 19, 1983 in San Diego, California, United States.

He first made his Broadway debut in the play Mrs. Warren’s Professionnothing less than the protagonist to, the following year in 2011, act in the film of Clint Eastwood, Edgar. The next year,, Spielberg noticed him for a role in lincoln and success came to him in the HBO series, Girls, in which he gave life to Adam Sackler. It earned her an Emmy nomination (of the three she has). In 2014 she starred in the film Hungry Hearts and in 2014 he came to Star Wars playing the villain Kylo Ren.

Around here we have seen him a lot and in good movies like The Gucci House (2021), The Last Duel (2021), Story of a Marriage (2019) and in Undercover the KKKlansman (2018),

By the way, she is also a singer, and she demonstrates it wonderfully in the musical Annette (2021).

Greta Gerwig

Greta Gerwig is an actress and director known for films like Hannah Takes the Stairs (2007), Greenberg (2010). Greta Gerwig has directed three films: Lady Bird (2017), Little Women (2019) and the recent Barbie (2023).


Noah Baumbach

Noah Baumbach

Noah Baumbach, born September 3, 1969, is an American screenwriter and filmmaker. He received Oscar nominations for writing his films The Squid and the Whale (2005) and Marriage Story (2019), both also directed by him, while the former earned him being one of the few screenwriters to sweep the Oscars. “The Big Four” critics: Los Angeles Film Critics Association, National Board of Review, New York Film Critics Circle, and National Society of Film Critics.


Sam Nivola
May Nivola
Jodie Turner-Smith
andre 3000
lars eidinger
Barbara Sukowa

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Background Noise (2022)

Background Noise Movie Netflix

Movie title: white noise

Plot: A toxic cloud covers the entire city. Jack is a university professor who, in the midst of the apocalyptic chaos, is forced to confront the very idea of ​​his existence.

Publication date: July 25, 2022

Country: USA

Duration: 2h 16m

Author: Veronica Loop

Director(s): Noah Baumbach

Screenwriter(s): Noah Baumbach

Photography: Lol Crawley

Music: Danny Elfmann

Actors): Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig, Jodie Turner-Smith, Don Cheadle, Alessandro Nivola, Raffey Cassidy, Sam Nivola, May Nivola

Gender: Comedy drama

Companies: Passage Pictures, A24, BB Film Productions, Netflix, Heyday Films


An excellent script, hilarious and sharp, which manages to do some justice to DeLillo’s work. Driver wows in his truly comedic portrayal of Jack Gladney.

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