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Some time ago the production of the Barbie movie was announced, an adaptation of the famous Mattel doll. The film will be a romantic comedy and Margot Robbie will be the actress in charge of leading it, along with Ryan Gosling, who will play the romantic interest, Ken. It was also announced that there would be more than one version of Barbie and Ken in the film. The direction was left to Greta Gerwig, who is remembered for directing Lady Bird – 97% and the most recent adaptation of Little Women – 94%.

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The first official image of Robbie as Barbie came out a few months ago and a few days ago the first photo of Ryan Gosling like Ken. One of the things that caught the most attention is how exaggeratedly blonde it looks. The actor is already blonde but characterized is almost albino. The Ken character is best known for having browner hair, but certainly over the years there have been many versions of the doll. There are now several people who have found the Gosling resemblance to one version of the doll in particular, Ken and his magical earring.

In the 1990s, the Ken doll and his magic earring went on sale. The idea was that the doll would be seen as what would be considered “cool” in those years. His characteristic earring was not the biggest problem, but his necklace. For many people the necklace was quite similar to a ring for the private parts of a man and at the time the company had to explain that they would never put something like that in merchandise for girls.

What was planned as a reinvention of Ken’s character turned into a scandal. The doll was not taken off the market and managed to sell, but the twist is that it became very popular in the gay community. Curiously, the look presented by Gosling is very similar to that of the doll and although there is no confirmation that it is intentional, people are already making their comparisons:

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They can’t tell me that Ryan Gosling’s Ken doesn’t look like the infamous Ken and his magic earring.

Ryan Gosling in the new Barbie movie gives Ken and his magical earring an air, and I’m not crazy about it.

Oh, so he’s playing gay Ken and his magic earring?

Ryan Gosling and his magic earring send tweet.

I find it interesting that they went with the Ken and his magic earring without the **** ring for Ryan Gosling in this movie.

6/10. It seems too much like they’re going for Ken’s style and his magic earring, in which case he’s missing the lilac mesh shirt and *** ring necklace. Which, given how badly Mattel wanted to bury that doll, means the costume designer absolutely needs to go in that direction.

The film is scheduled to be released in July 2023 and the style that the other characters will have remains to be seen, the aesthetic is very striking and despite being a romantic comedy, the film may have a parody tone. Issa Rae and Hari Nef would be other versions of Barbie and the actors who would be the variants of Ken are Simu Liu and Ncuti Gatwa. For now, Gosling will not be able to avoid memes with his image. In addition to Ken and his magical earring, he has also been compared to Freddie from Scooby-Doo. 30%.

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Barbie: Ryan Gosling’s Ken seems inspired by iconic gay version of the doll | tomatoes