Bertrand Chameroy on RTL, Matthieu Noël on Inter… We listened to the start of the comedians on the radio

We will laugh in the morning now. In this period of dark news, between inflation, war in Ukraine and pandemic, the radios have decided to reinforce humor on the air for this return to school. Five comics in the morning of Yves Calvi and Amandine Bégot on RTL, another with Apolline de Malherbe on RMC, Matthieu Noël on a daily basis on France Inter, Jean-Luc Lemoine in the “Culture Médias” team on Europe 1… But what are they worth? We were listening this Monday August 29th.

Bertrand Chameroy already comfortable at 7:15 on RTL

“I introduce myself: my name is Bertrand Chameroy. So I have the heavy mission to make you start the week in a good mood. With these words, the 33-year-old columnist introduced himself to RTL listeners on Monday. Each week, he will present a mood post at 7:15 a.m., alternating with Mathieu Madénian, Élodie Poux, Sébastien Thoen and Sandrine Sarroche.

For his premiere, the one that the public finds every evening in “C à vous”, on France 5, first mocked his new comrade Philippe Caverivière for his poor performance in “Fort Boyard”. “The brightest in the team were the boyars! he quipped before debriefing two pieces of information from the weekend: the possible response in the event of an asteroid threat, and the possibility of the awakening of a dangerous volcano which would eradicate part of the population.

“We were told about the end of abundance, there it may be the end, period, he joked. At the same time, did we want to continue living in a world without mustard, where the Trois Cafés Gourmands are releasing a new album and where Numbers and letters continues without Arielle Boulin-Prat and Bertrand Renard? I don’t think so, no…” A successful and entertaining first column. To be confirmed next Monday.

Matthieu Noël mocking on France Inter at 7:57

A new comedian in the most listened morning in France, not an easy mission. New recruit from France Inter, Matthieu Noël fitted in perfectly on Monday for his 7:57 ticket. With a main target: the “star duo” of the antenna, “the Jay-Z and Beyoncé of the PAF”, Léa Salamé and Nicolas Demorand. “Thank you for thinking of me rather than someone more dear,” he quipped before turning to the interview given by the two allies to Télérama this summer. “I don’t know how your respective spouses took this interview but, obviously, at home, polyamory is not a taboo, he explained. Special dedication to Léa’s guy when he read the sentence: Our couple is so strong. When it no longer exists, it will be dizzying. I have never experienced such a successful marriage, with anyone. »

Then the 39-year-old comedian mentioned another summer interview: his, at Parisien, to discuss his transfer. “I said it in the press: joining Inter is like joining Real Madrid. Good, less salary was the complete sentence, that, they cut it… ”commented the ex-voice of Europe 1, having fun at the absence of advertising, “our crack to us for the non-subsidized. “Before teasing Léa Salamé on her vacation in Cap Corse and her” banana split dripping with chocolate “. “With the end of the royalty, finished Corsica, direction Aquaboulevard”, he predicted. Two piquant minutes, impeccably written.

Jean-Luc Lemoine without originality on Europe 1 after 10 a.m.

Humor in the midst of culture and the media. This is the bet taken up by Jean-Luc Lemoine, now on a daily basis with Philippe Vandel on Europe 1, after the 10 a.m. flash. To start, he tackled a television program, “Love is in the meadow”. A decryption of sequences from the successful Monday show of La Six.

The new acolyte of Stéphane Bern in “Historically yours”, the afternoon on the same antenna, comments on each little nugget heard on the Six. We obviously laugh at the pearls released by farmers and their suitors. But tackling “Love is in the meadow”, seventeen successful seasons on the clock, however, does not have much originality. Shame.

Arnaud Demanche takes advantage of his early return to school at 7:25 a.m.

He took a week ahead of his new competitors. He took over on August 22, as did Apolline de Malherbe. Present at 7:25 a.m. and 8:25 a.m. on RMC, Arnaud Demanche has already made his mark. His parody of 32 16, the number to which the station’s listeners can comment on the news, obviously makes you smile.

Like when he imagines the pornographic actor Rocco Siffredi adapting Ligue 1 matches into an X film. Or an hour later, in “C’est tous les jours Demanche”, when the newcomer returns to the news with good finds. Among them a parody of Kinder Surprise advertisements, imagining collectible bacteria to evoke chocolates contaminated with salmonella this summer. Successful.

Bertrand Chameroy on RTL, Matthieu Noël on Inter… We listened to the start of the comedians on the radio