Between existential and mass theater

actor and playwright Carlos Vega has learned to live with the “existential theater” and the one that moves the masses, despite the criticism it has received from what it considers the “intellectual bourgeoisie” of the country.

For more than a decade, Vega has been working with Jorge Pabón “Molusco”, creating popular pieces, a move that cost him the rejection of some colleagues, considering that he would dedicate himself to “cafrería”.

“I have gone to see theater plays in other countries where I am devastated and leave wanting. I have seen others in which I have a process of reflection. That theater is not taking place in this country. Here you are good if you make people laugh. I’m not a guy who likes to make people laugh, very different from what people think. My theater, before this, is an existentialist theater… The public complains about the pottery, but when we give another option they don’t go,” Vega told THE SPOKESPERSON.

“The intellectual bourgeoisie is just as dangerous as the economic bourgeoisie, or of social classes, because to think that I am more than you because I have read one more book than you, is very terrible,” he added.

To the pieces he writes under the production of Mollusco, he always tries to add social criticism, from a comic point of view.

Precisely, this social criticism is reflected in The Cab#8n Gamewhich goes on stage from tomorrow at the Center for Fine Arts (CBA) in Caguas.

On this occasion, the criticism will be directed at the country’s social system, something similar to the series that inspires the work, Squid Games.

“Whoever has seen it knows that all the characters die and the one who remains alive falls again into the trap of the system. Initially, he had two pieces for this show. In one we criticized the government, a system, but I realized that this is ‘catching’ for another type of public. So I rewrote and we have a more commercial parody, closer to the actors who are there, to personal things that the public can identify with to ‘goof’ and chavar, but without ceasing to have a social criticism. All the characters are there because the system forces them to be in the series, ”he explained.

Participating in the play are: Jorge “Molusco” Pabón, Alejandro Gil, Ali Warrington, Robert “Fantacuca” Maldonado, Danilo Beauchamp, Norwill Fragoso, Naymed Calzada, Jasond Calderón and Shun Ming Lu Cen.

According to Vega, also director of the piece, the cast will break the fourth wall that is created in the theater.

“We have the couple that thinks about food, the couple that wants to imitate this couple of urban singers. At one point I put Alejandro Gil and Jorge (Pabón) as if they were announcers and were going to do a radio program together, ”she indicated.

On the other hand, Vega described El Juego del Cab#8n as a “theatrical show”, since there will be a dance team and music during the play.

Your next projects

Once the performances of the piece at the CBA in Caguas conclude, it will focus on the return of the monologue La Pepa está en la Ashford, by Juan González Bonilla. The only time this monologue was staged was in the 1980s with Lydia Echevarría. In addition, he is preparing a play with three couples from the theatrical environment, including him and his wife Naymed Calzada. Likewise, he announced that before the end of the year, together with Puerto Rico Theater Lab, he will present Las Químicas, a piece in which four chemical women try to find the formula of love.

For tickets to El Juego del Cab#8n, Ticketera.

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Between existential and mass theater