Between Karl Marx and Groucho Marx

There is nothing more pathetic than someone talking about what they don’t know, but pretending to project themselves as an expert on the subject.

This government intends to project itself as leftist, without being so.

The flag of the left, -assumed with vocation, consistency and responsibility-, is very respectable, as it speaks of social sensitivity, solidarity and commitment to others. But today it is clear that the new Latin American left, -with exceptions like Chile, to mention one-, is nothing more than a mafia conspiracy to maintain power.

Therefore, we can say that MORENA has a great promise to transform Mexico.

Listening to some morenistas defending the presidential assignments in Congress is closer to the talented dialogues of Cantinflas, than to the profound language of the people who represent the true left. These morenistas get entangled in their own arguments and end up trying to impose the power that represents the parliamentary majority gives them.

Listening to them launch some quotes from Antonio Gramsci, -the Italian philosopher and ideologue of the left, from the first half of the 20th century-, creator of the concept “organic intellectuals”-, it is hilarious, because it seems more like a script learned by heart, than a culture politics assimilated in depth over years of study.

Therefore, the current problem in Mexico is not ideological and those who see it that way are confused. The Sao Paulo Forum is nothing more than a club of dictators obsessed with power, and not a leftist social project that seeks to develop Latin America in an integral way.

In the end, the Morenoist strategy of dividing Mexicans into left and right, conservatives and liberals, patriots and traitors, -among other classifications-, seems to be one of the political propaganda strategies developed by Joseph Goebbels more than eighty years ago. years, rather than a spontaneous narrative conceptualized by a contemporary politician.

That there are intelligent and critical voices in MORENA, -committed to their ideology-, of course we recognize it and if we do not mention their names it is so as not to weaken them in front of their co-religionists.

It is precisely to that tiny Morenoite minority, -educated and with a universal vision-, that we must offer a true bridge of communication to build a great project for the country, regardless of the historiographical parody of the labels that are used today, -because today ideologies no longer divide us-, but the obsessive search for power of those who lead MORENA and this government.

Everything indicates that the world is going through a transition period that is leading us towards a new model of society and political structures.

Using the words of Antonio Gramsci, who says, -words more or words less-, that a country enters a crisis when the old does not finish dying and the new does not end up being born, it is that we can visualize the crisis in which it is plunged today the world and Mexico as part of it.

Perhaps this is the most relevant point to understand the present moment in Mexico.

It is evident that the current model of social and political structure throughout the world has expired. For this reason, the citizen is looking for a new profile of leaders, who enter politics with a fresh and citizen vision.

However, this renewal is not happening, -neither in MORENA nor in the opposition-, where the same characters as always share the important positions and the new generations that receive opportunities are precisely those who have a close relationship with those who today take the decisions.

To think that this disruptive and fresh model of social and political proposal that citizens demand today is represented by the 4T, is an offense for those who do have a vision of the future.

The 4T is a made-up version of the most archaic of the old PRI’s seventies politics, which we could call “pre-neoliberal.” It is precisely in that authoritarian PRI that our president was formed in his political beginnings.
However, that PRI was renewed after President De La Madrid, who decided to send the brightest minds of that party to study abroad.

Perhaps the technocrats who returned to clean up Mexico’s finances and help build the economic and industrial power that our country is today, -eventually consolidating itself as one of the 20 most important economies in the world-, failed to shield their project of a nation with a social vision that would make sure to offer opportunities to all vulnerable Mexicans, in order to generate social justice.

That humanist vision that should have changed the structures for administering justice has been absent in the neoliberal project. These absences are what we urgently need to correct today.

However, pretending that the 4T can achieve a radical change in our country model is totally crazy, since its starting point is archaic concepts, typical of this world that has already expired.
Their approaches lack the viability to apply in this present world, -very complex and unstable-, which requires highly specialized responses.

Today’s government is the latest version of that outdated world that has not finished dying and clings to power obsessively, pretending to put locks so that its model cannot be changed in the future.

Among the strategies to impose locks that prevent reversing the current decisions of the Executive Power, we can interpret the militarization of the country, which grants the armed forces responsibilities that far exceed the powers conferred on them by the Constitution.

This means imposing on the armed forces the responsibility of guaranteeing the irreversibility of today’s decisions, so that the next rulers cannot modify the political project promoted by President López Obrador in the future. Instead of doing it legally, it is done by making the Army the executor of the supposed “legacy” of the 4T.

What president of the republic will try in the future to reverse powers that the armed forces already have today?

For this reason, it is necessary to appeal to those visionary minds that are today within all political currents in Mexico, to propose with an innovative, disruptive, inclusive and constructive vision, a new model of society, -product of evolution and not of destruction- , to reach that Mexico that many of us dream of.

A country where we have banished poverty by providing development opportunities, -personal and family-, because building the future on welfare policies is nothing more than a perverse way of maintaining political control for electoral purposes.

It is Mexican society that has the future in its hands, because we have, -as part of this generation that we can call “of the transition”-, the historical responsibility of laying the foundations of this new country project that we want to build .

PS… Karl Marx, -as we all know-, was the ideologue of communism from his book Capital. However, Groucho Marx was an American actor, humorist and comedian of the early silent movies, filmed in black and white. Groucho was part of a family of talented and renowned artists and is an icon of comedy cinema, a contemporary of Charles Chaplin and, in his time, comparable to him.


The most important civic commemoration of each year, -the one that recalls Father Hidalgo’s Grito de Dolores-, this year had as the star moment of the popular celebration the song “Chief of chiefs”, performed by Los Tigres del Norte, which is a great success that the public links as a tribute to Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, -the most important drug lord of the eighties-, named with that label that mythologized him as a legend of popular culture.

It is evident that an important factor that predisposes our youth to idealize the lifestyle that is led within organized crime, -characterized by power, money and beautiful women, which is how it is identified-, is precisely this tendency within the entertainment industry, which promotes this theme through TV series, movies, soap operas and songs.

Our most important national celebration of this 2022 was marked by the great impact of this song, which was danced in our most iconic popular square, the zócalo, by a delirious public, in front of the National Palace.

The disconcerting thing is that this famous musical group was hired precisely by the government and there was no authority that asked them not to perform songs linked to drug trafficking and organized crime for moral consistency. The simple hiring of this popular group that has popularized hits such as “La banda del carro rojo”, “Contrabando y treason”, a song better known as “Camelia la texana”, “La Reina del Sur”, and other songs of this cut, would suppose the possibility that some of these were interpreted.

On the one hand, organized crime is being fought as a national priority, and on the other, with actions like this, the growth of “narcoculture” is stimulated in order to keep the “good people” happy and have their support.

How to interpret this inconsistency?… Lack of vision and common sense?… Or moral perversity?

What do you think?

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Between Karl Marx and Groucho Marx