BIFFF: “The Visitor from the Future” makes the leap to the big screen

Sequel and adaptation of the famous French web series, “Le Visiteur du futur” by François Descraques is invited to the BIFFF before being released in theaters.

Launched in 2009, the webseries “Le Visiteur du Futur” made its mark in French-speaking humorous spheres in its time with winking gags and short rather schoolboy science fiction stories. Many followed the increasingly elaborate adventures of the famous visitor from the future, who came straight from 2555 to prevent a series of disastrous events from occurring. Still, we are no less surprised to see the appearance, 8 years after the last season, of an adaptation and sequel to the cinema.

Rest assured, it is not necessary to have seen the episodes of the web series to understand what is happening in the film. On the other hand, it is better not to be refractory to his humor. “The Visitor from the Future” version 2022, plays fully on what had made its success on the internet: replies loaded with self-mockery, acting that flirts with parody and a very playful relationship to science fiction. The film is mainly aimed at an audience that has been fed on YouTube with comedians like McFly & Carlito, Ludovik, Kyan Khojandi or Monsieur Poulpe.

At the center of the plot, a father (Arnaud Ducret) and his daughter (Enya Baroux). The first, a local politician, wants to build a nuclear power plant, the second to prevent it. She is absolutely right: centuries later, the devastation of the world is only greater because of the explosion of the power plant, as shown to them by the famous visitor from the future, now the unlikely leader of the rebellion against the temporal brigade. . Where their struggles diverge is that he intends to get rid of the father to avoid catastrophe, while the daughter preferred to convince her father rather than kill him. This is commendable, even if the survival of the human species is at stake.

With this plot rich in temporal paradoxes, “The Visitor from the Future” takes us through the corridors of time, from an anxious present to an apocalyptic future where fashion and customs are strongly inspired by Mad Max. We can guess the influence of a good number of science fiction films in the comedy by François Descraques which, with a larger budget than the web series, exhibits multiple sets and special effects… not to believe in this rather artificial futuristic Paris, which still lacks means. But is this the goal?

Between the serious stakes of an apocalyptic science fiction film and the self-mockery that characterizes the universe of “Visitor from the Future”, the heart of the film never ceases to swing. It is the humor that generally triumphs, while attempts to play in the dramatic register, whether it is the relationship between the daughter and the father, the ecological issues or simply the various elements of suspense, fail for the most part. The fault may be with the writing, the staging and the performers who don’t quite seem to believe in it either. The whole thing can still be looked at with a certain pleasure (especially if we adhere to its comic meaning), but would undoubtedly be tastier in small doses, rather than in the sluggish form of a 1h40 feature film.

“The Visitor from the Future” is to be discovered on August 31 at the BIFFF and on September 7 in cinemas.

BIFFF: “The Visitor from the Future” makes the leap to the big screen