Birth of the Collective Act for Kabylie –

More than thirty people took part in the meeting on January 8 at the headquarters of the Taferka association in Montreuil after a call for a consultation meeting to reflect collectively on the actions to be taken in favor of Kabylia. which has suffered, especially since 2021, the arbitrariness, violence and humiliation of the Algerian state.
Rich debates resulted, after several hours of exchanges, in the establishment of a framework capable of carrying out and coordinating actions. The Collective entitled “Collectif Action pour la Kabylie” (CAP-K) is now mobilizing to provide emergency solutions to the situation prevailing in Kabylia.

Press release Let’s act for Kabylie

Kabylia is facing yet another wave of oppression and repression which is in line with the completion of the “zero Kabyle” operation. Hundreds of citizens are languishing unjustly in Algerian jails, some of them without trial. Others are forced into exile or forced to leave their villages to escape kidnapping and coercion. Added to the arbitrariness of iniquitous and abusive incarceration is that of a judicial system based on orders, anti-Kabyle and revengeful. Totally exploited, he instructs trials on the basis of empty files during which the most elementary rights of the defense are flouted. The Algerian State innovates in judicial matters and creates the “delict of Kabylity”. A systemic discrimination which nourishes an abject anti-kabylism.

The random and arbitrary arrests, imprisonments and death sentences of militants or ordinary Kabyle citizens, most often qualified as “terrorists”, cultivate silence and terror. Judicial parodies, contrary to the universal principles of law, lead to absurd convictions. Hundreds of Kabyle activists and citizens are abused, mistreated and humiliated; some of them are tortured and sometimes even raped. Beyond the injustice and the rogue laws they suffer, such as article 87 bis which criminalizes all peaceful action, it is Kabylia, its constancy and its ancestral values ​​that we are attacking. with unprecedented violence.

After more than forty years of struggles for all of our freedoms, Kabylia is today sinking into an infamous and despicable military and religious dictatorship, coupled with openly assumed state racism. The Algerian regime via its security services, all bodies combined, has cast a lead over Kabylia. Peaceful associative, cultural, intellectual and political initiatives, not controlled by the state, are criminalized. Civil society actors and actresses are persecuted and gagged The Algerian regime has established a state of exception in Kabylie by suspending all rights and freedoms, including that of movement, for thousands of citizens and Kabyle citizens.

Faced with state terrorism in Algeria, the Kabyle diaspora in France, an integral part of Kabylia, took the initiative to form a collective to act and react to the worrying situation that Kabylia is going through. At the end of the consultation meeting held on January 8, 2023 in Montreuil, citizens of the diaspora decided to form a collective entitled “Collectif Action pour la Kabylie” (CAP-K) . The establishment of this Collective of actions aims above all to pool the energies of the Kabyle diaspora independently of the political currents that cross it. The Collective, made up of associative actors, artists and activists from all sides, anxious to act in favor of our Kabylia, has set itself the essential objectives of opening up Kabylia urgently, of clearly demonstrating its solidarity and of breaking down the wall of silence when she suffers violence and humiliation.

The gravity of the situation challenges our consciences and calls for our urgent mobilization to put an end to the repression. Whatever our convictions and our visions on the political future of Kabylie, we have the duty to act in its favor, for the defense and the safeguard of its dignity and its freedom. By putting the interests of Kabylie above all other considerations, the “Collectif Action pour la Kabylie” remains open to all goodwill. The collective also intends to coordinate its actions as much as possible with other actors of the Kabyle diaspora in France and elsewhere in other countries in Europe and America.

Let’s act for Kabylia

Collective Action for Kabylia (CAP-K)

Paris, January 11, 2023

Birth of the Collective Act for Kabylie –