Black Panther 2 screenwriter is preparing a Snoop Dogg biopic

In the unusual category, Large Screen asks: A biopic about Snoop Dogg. Which is currently in preparation. For real.

It goes without saying that the biopic has been on the rise for several years already. Generally considered a one-way ticket to the Oscars (and other rewards granting pretty shiny statuettes), biographical films of all kinds never cease to invest the dark rooms: whether they are musical such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocketman, Tick, tick…Boom!, or even the backfiring Elviscentered around tragic destinies such as the very pretty spencerthe semi-fictional Blonde hairWhere jackiepolitical, media, historical and we pass and the best, the genre is taking more and more space in the audiovisual landscape.

More recently, for example, it was announced that Pablo Larraín was preparing a biopic on Maria Callas with Angelina Jolie in the role, while director Sam Taylor-Johnson is developing one about Amy Winehouse. All in all, not a week goes by without similar news being communicated to the specialized press. Nevertheless, some projects seem more curious than others. This was the case, for example, with the discovery of a project relating to the parody king Weird Al Yankovic (with Daniel Radcliffe moreover), or more recently of another centered on the iconic Snoop Dogg.

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The improbable story of the famous rapper should therefore land on the big screen in the more or less near future. According to information provided by varietythe project is currently in development on the side ofUniversal Pictures wheras’Allen Hughesto whom we owe in particular the dramatic thriller Menace II Society or From Hell, was announced at the realization. As for the writing, it was entrusted to Joe Robert Colethe co-writer of the two parts of Black Panther.

The film, which does not have an official title for the moment, should thus give pride of place to the entire musical catalog of the artist and will mark the first production of his creative label Death Row Pictures. As for the main interested party, he did not try to hide his enthusiasm for the project. In a press release relayed by varietySnoop Doog said:

Day Shift : pic Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx“How’s your biopic, Jaimie?”

“I waited a very long time to push this film, because I wanted to find the right filmmaker, the perfect screenwriter, and the best possible production company to collaborate with. They all had to understand the heritage that I wants to bring back to the screen, the legacy that I’m trying to leave behind me. There, it’s the perfect alliance. [s’en suit un jeu de mots qui est malheureusement intraduisible en français : It was holy matrimony, not holy macaroni ; ndlr ]”

Snoop Doog having enjoyed a career to say the least versatile, as much to say that this biopic already has something to intrigue. It only remains to know who will lend his features to the man for the screen. Indeed, if Mr. Snoop is no stranger to film sets, it seems unlikely that the artist and his 51 springs will be able to interpret a younger version of his person. although, quite honestly, it might be worth the detour.

Day Shift : pic Snoop Dogg, Jamie FoxxAt the offices of Universal

The project is still only at a very embryonic stage, no production date and even less release date have been communicated for the moment. It will therefore be a question of taking your troubles patiently before knowing more about the project. Time until then to check out his acting performance alongside Jamie Foxx in the relatively decent Day-Shiftcurrently available on Netflix.

Black Panther 2 screenwriter is preparing a Snoop Dogg biopic