Blur return. And here are 5 songs to celebrate it

blur They are back, or rather, they will on July 8, 2023. Eight years after their separation, they will hold a unique concert at the London stadium of Wembley, in which we will see Damon Albarn and company again: “We love playing those songs and we think it’s the right time to do it.” We left them behind in 2015 (excluding a brief appearance in Africa Express in 2019) with his latest album The Magic Whip, nevertheless, the band returns live supported by the rapper slowthaipop musician Self Esteem and duo Jockstrap.

Tickets will be on sale starting at 10 a.m. on November 18, and meanwhile, the band’s guitarist, Graham Coxon, is also warming up: “I’m looking forward to playing with my brothers again and picking up all those songs. Blur concerts have always been amazing to me: a good guitarthe amp on full blast and lots of smiling faces.”

The occasion is special due to the group’s long and influential history: no less than 35 years. The band released their debut album Leisure in 1991, but in reality they had been playing since 1988. “Something special always happens when the four of us are in a room. And I like to think that the same thing will happen at Wembley Stadium on July 8th.” Adds drummer Dave Rowntree: “After the chaos of the last few years, it’s great to be able to play a few songs together on a summer’s day in London.”.

Blur’s return is a memorable event

Of course, for all fans of song 2 and the like, this event by the historic Cholcester band is a highly anticipated moment and a must-get ticket. Whether it is to indulge in nostalgia, rediscover an eternal theme, or simply to attend the return of this endearing group, the performance at Wembley is undoubtedly a key moment for any lover of Brit-pop. Damon Albarn himself hoped to return to the stage with Graham, Alex and Dave as soon as possible. Do it when almost 30 years have passed since the launch of park lifewhich dominated the charts of half the world in 1994, is even more significant. Meanwhile, each of the members of Blur have also moved on in parallel: Dave Rowntree has an album due out in January, Damon Albarn continues with Gorillaz, Alex James finds himself happy in a rural life and Graham Coxon lives between singles and preparing an autobiography: Verse, Chorus, Monster! But, Will Blur reunite?

On Apple Music 1, host Matt Wilkinson asked Damon this question. And the Blur leader replied: “We don’t have anything in mind at the moment. It would be a real joy if it happens. (…) Blur has been a big part of my life and their lives. So we all have great memories, but we don’t want to ruin them…” Matt Wilkinson replied, “Yeah, but they didn’t. I mean, every song and edit that Blur has done since then has been a hit with fans and critics.” Albarn replied: “To date, we haven’t. Well, I know they work, so I don’t have to. worry. We just want to play them with the integrity they deserve, because it’s a bit like traveling back in time., No? And people don’t want to see you playing with those things. It’s like, no, hey, we’re going to a full concert, but there are new versions of all our songs. No, no one cares…”

Blur return. And here are 5 songs to celebrate it