Brendan Fraser protagonist of weight: the actor transforms himself for the film The Whale in competition in Venice

It will be an exhausting wait. Beloved actor Brendan Fraser plays a man weighing over 270 kg in The Whale, the film by Darren Aronofsky selected by the Venice Film Festival 2022.

It was from 2013 that Brendan Fraser did not get a starring role. That year she had starred in four B-movies, all of which were distributed directly to home video. To find the most recent title released in the cinema in which the actor had the main role you have to go back to 2010 with the films Skunks to the rescue And Extraordinary measures.
We know the past fifteen years have been very difficult for Fraser. First the divorce from his wife in 2009, then the diagnosis of a form of autism affecting the eldest of his three children. He lacked the necessary serenity to carry on his professional career which has suffered a sharp decline, making him practically disappear from the radar. Brendan Fraser had also recounted an incident of harassment he sufferednever revealed for years, that he had been instrumental in breaking his whiteness.

The trilogy de The Mummy however, it has always remained in the hearts of its fans. In a sense, the public’s affection for the actor has never waned and little by little, despite the fact that it has changed a lot since the days when he was agile, strong and muscular, Brendan Fraser managed to regain important roles, from the series Doom Patrol to movies Batgirl And Killers of the Flower Moon from Scorsese, both forthcoming. The expectation, therefore, to see him protagonist in a challenging role in the new film by Darren Aronofsky is starting to get spasmodic.

The Whale: the plot of the film with Brendan Fraser

The Whale (the whale) was selected to participate in the competition of the 79th Venice Film Festivalscheduled from 31 August to 10 September 2022. In the film Fraser plays an English teacher who suffers from a severe eating disorder. His obesity has led him to weigh over 270 kg, but what anguishes him most is the distance his teenage daughter has put between them. The professor desperately tries to reconnect with her. The story is taken from the play of the same name by Samuel D. Hunter who here also took care of writing the adaptation for the screen. The daughter is played by the young actress Sadie Sink we know as Max in Stranger Things.

Brendan Fraser he certainly got fat for the role, as shown by the shots a year ago during some public appearances. There is no official news, but it is clear that the make-up and costume departments of the production have given their contribution to further “enlarge” the actor, as required by the script.
Below the first photo of The Whale and further down Brendan Fraser at the film photocall No Sudden Movein June 2021.

Brendan Fraser protagonist of weight: the actor transforms himself for the film The Whale in competition in Venice