Calabria Movie film festival, the meeting with the cast of the “Bang bang baby” series closes the third edition

A tale of the ‘Ndrangheta between black humor and pop parody: it will be the meeting with the cast of the series “Bang Bang Baby“One of the special events of the last day of Calabria Movie Film Festival, scheduled for Friday 19 August. In dialogue with the journalist Andrea Giordano there will be Dora Romano, Giorgia Arena, Vincenzo Leto and Carmelo Giordano (6 pm with free admission, at Baiacabana c / o Lido Tricoli, viale Cristoforo Colombo, 24).

Through the words of the cast of the series, produced in Italy for Amazon Studios by The Apartmen and Wildside and inspired by the autobiographical novel “Mafia Princess”, it will be analyzed how the way of talking about organized crime has changed today.

The third day of the festival will continue at 8 pm at the Villa Comunale (viale regina Margherita, 98) for one conversation with actresses Demetra Bellina and Federica Torchetti who will tell their experience on the big screen: from the first auditions to the great successes, highlighting the difficulties of identifying with complex but stimulating roles despite the young age. Afterwards, the short films in competition will be screened. Among the international titles we find “Only”By Alessandro Marzullo, a short film shot in Chongqing, China, distributed by Rai Cinema that focuses on the stories of Lili, an aspiring documentarian, willing to risk her life to reach the Old Continent; highly charged voltage is “Free town”By Pietro Malegori, where in an improvised prison, a young woman from Ghana tries by all means to find freedom; from the United States in the race there is “Lost Kings“By Brian Lawes, about the story of a boy who in search of food, breaks into a house in the neighborhood, but when the owners return, he is trapped inside. Calabria short filmwhich includes shorts shot or produced in Calabria, there will be “U Figghiu”Game between reality and madness, set during the Easter holidays, first work by director Saverio Tavano.

Finally, the usual awards ceremony. Also this year, the award for best direction – which consists of a precious sculpture depicting the Calabria region wrapped in a silver film – is made by the goldsmith and sculptor Antonio Affidato. In line with the spirit of the festival, this work wants to convey the love for the territory thanks to the magic of cinema. At 11pm, at Anima beach Club there will be the final party of the festival with the djset of Paolo Polimeni and Raffaele Chinaglia.

Collateral events

Among the off events of the festival it is possible to visit “The long sandy road”Photographic exhibition in 25 shots dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini curated by Giada De Martino and with the collaboration of the Cineteca di Bologna (open every day from 9 to midnight at the Lega Navale, until 23 August). AND “Suspended visions”With the works of Alessandro Nicoli, illustrator from Vicenza, author of the festival poster for this edition. His style is influenced by the aesthetics of 90s videogames and by the futurist master Fortunato Depero. The result of this cocktail are works with angular shapes and pop colors, which synthesize and reinterpret reality. Mama Sunrise (piazza Antonio Gramsci, 7).

The review, financed by Calabria Film Commission and in partnership with the Municipality of Crotoneis designed by Matteo Russo, Luisa Gigliotti and Antonio Buscema, three young professionals of Calabrian cinema, under 35. With three evenings of screenings in the evocative Villa Comunale and collateral events such as exhibitions, focuses with artists and masterclasses spread throughout the city, the festival aims to enhance the regional identity, while opening up to an international audience.

Calabria Movie film festival, the meeting with the cast of the “Bang bang baby” series closes the third edition