Call My Agent Italia, the hilarious monologue about school

In the second episode of the Sky Original adaptation of the French cult series Dix pour cent, the Oscar-winning “revered Master” offers us a reflection on school meetings between teachers, parents and children. A scene from the anthology of comedy

“The meeting at school between parents and children is the closest thing to death”. As usual, the immense Paolo Sorrentino, protagonist of the second episode of Call My Agent Italia, does not touch it slowly. With unusual, hilarious, acute irony, the Oscar-winning director offers us an unforgettable and irresistible monologue of a meeting he had with the professors on recreational activities in which the students’ parents could be involved. the “Venerable master” of Italian cinema (and beyond), introduced by a nun in an elevator, arrives at the CMA with a new, “genius” idea to continue his series set in the Vatican inaugurated by The Young Pope: a sequel to The New Pope entitled “The Lady Pope”, starring Ivana Spagna and Denzel Washington, maybe Madonna and why not, maybe even Lino Banfi… The Oscar winner, in the fiction of the series historically assisted by the founder of the CMA, Claudio Maiorana, told of his bizarre vision to the agents, who just won’t be able to tell him what they think due to excessive awe towards the master. But beyond this unrivaled inspiration, the Neapolitan filmmaker, from the terrace overlooking the eternal city and above all the parterre du Roi of the Bar Rosati, reveals himself to be a forge of hilarity, as Federico Fellini would have said, in revealing the follies, the delusions of an after school (it was once called that) that the Italian director, according to the teaching staff should film. But in the scholastic institution you can find, to quote Sorrrentino’s words, “the most horrendous feeling of the human being: unmotivated enthusiasm”

The cast of Call My Agent Italy


Call my agent – ​​Italy, the sum of all TV-series. The review

The vicissitudes of a powerful entertainment agency and the stories of its partners, who manage the careers of the biggest stars of Italian cinema, for an ironic and irreverent journey through the insecurities, obsessions and secrets of our showbiz. In the Italian version, in fact, the actor management agency at the center of the story, the imaginary CMA (Claudio Maiorana Agency), moves from Paris to Rome, and so the events, between work and private life, of its charismatic agents and their assistants.

Michele Di Mauro (Studio Battaglia, The crimes of the BarLume, Santa Maradona), Sara Drago (The big binge, Jezabel, S/HE), Maurizio Lastrico (Latin America, Loyalty, Don Matteo) and Marzia Ubaldi (The predators, Suburra – The series, L’allieva) interpret the agents of some of the biggest names in the world of Italian entertainment, all grappling with tragicomic problems to be solved in each episode. The cast of guest stars is extraordinary: Paola Cortellesi, Paolo Sorrentino, Pierfrancesco Favino and Anna Ferzetti, Matilda De Angelis, Stefano Accorsi and Corrado Guzzanti will play themselves, giving the agents and their assistants a hard time, the latter played by Sara Lazzaro (Doc – In your hands, 18 gifts, I wanted to be a rock star), Francesco Russo (My Brilliant Friend, A Classic Horror Story), Paola Buratto (Bang Bang Baby). With Kaze (Dog Years) in the role of Sofia, the agency’s receptionist, and Emanuela Fanelli (Drought, Good Girls) in that of one of the most “extravagant” actresses of the CMA, Luana Pericoli.

And with the participation of Alberto Angela, Joe Bastianich, Livio Beshir, Dominique Besnehard, Piera Detassis, Paolo Genovese, Federico Ielapi, Pif, Ivana Spagna.

Call My Agent ItalyPaolo Sorrentino’s complete monologue on school


Call My Agent Italy, from today on Sky. What’s to know

“Vittorio come, I have to tell you something.” “Come, I have to tell you something. On Saturday, the parents were working, so I took my nephew to the quarterly parent-child meeting at school.” “Mh, these occasions are always beautiful, aren’t they?” “I’m the closest thing to death.” “And why?” “Because you can find, in school, the most horrendous feeling of the human being.” ” And which?” “The unmotivated enthusiasm.” “A parent who played the drums started: he said I can do an afternoon drum class for the children. There was a wave from the parents. At that point the wife, who teaches Macarena, said let’s take a Macarena course. The Macarena is very important, it unleashes creativity. Applause, jubilation, a general consent of the parents. Another parent, stocky, one of those who has a lot of free time, said: but I watch cycling on television from morning to night. I can take a cycling course. There was general enthusiasm. As if in the throes of a more or less unknown drug. Everyone said: but it’s a wonderful idea. There should be only and exclusively bicycles in the world, because cars and mopeds pollute. And at that point the teacher looked at me. I knew it. She was coming to me and said: Sorrentino, could you take a camera and film all the courses that are there.” “However, the consensus there was more moderate, because The film critic, as you well know, thrives with perseverance in the heart of the modern parent”. “What happened?” “But, a little embarrassed, I stammered. I said: look, my children are grown up now, but when they were little, they simply went to school and then in the afternoon they played on their own. Even on vacation they rarely went , because my wife and I worked in the summer. And all in all, these guys seem happy to me.” “He’s good. And how did they react?” “They brought down on me a silence that is only due to lifers. A grandfather, an ex-hippie, said with a clenched jaw: delinquent. And another lady, mother of an only child, pointed her finger at me and he said: murderer.” “And what did you do?” “At that point I wrote a letter.” “To the Minister of Education?” “To God.” “Oh, and what did you write to him?” “I wrote to him: God, you take care of education.” “Children?” “No, the parents.” “That’s another good story.” “Eh, but it’s true. And you know it, the truth in the cinema only works with those slightly rickety, greedy directors.” “It offends.” “I am generous.”

Call My Agent Italia, the hilarious monologue about school