Canal+: the new series program

This 2022-23 season promises to be very varied at Canal +, since the encrypted channel presents us with no less than eight series, including six real novelties! On the program, diversity of genres and new faces that give the LA for the start of the school year. Discover the new original creations, some unpublished and already available for a few days in streaming.

Florence Foresti’s first series Désordres, Marie-Antoinette, The Night Laudrier Gaudreault Woke Up from Dolan or 66.5… Canal+’s back-to-school series has some great surprises and new features in store for this 2022 back-to-school season, both on the encrypted channel and on its myCANAL streaming platform.

Canal+ is a channel that likes to innovate, and where original creations flourish every year. And to announce the programs for this return to series and cinema planned for the 2022/2023 season, the historic channel hit hard, in particular by broadcasting a very successful “homemade” trailer, illustrating identified heads of the Canal spirit: Jonathan Cohen, Alex Lutz, Gad Elmaleh Max Boublil, Bérengère Krief, Camille Chamoux, Florence Foresti but also Hervé Mathoux find themselves in the premises of the company… and try to prepare for the start of the school year, in a mini-film of almost eight minutes, through a quality realization signed Khalil Cherti and produced by the production company Les Tisserands. In the background, we can of course recognize the emblematic music of the Champions League, whose matches will be broadcast by Canal+ until 2027.

Here is the series selection for the 2022-23 season by Canal+

Désordres, series by Florence Foresti – soon on Canal+

The iconic French comedian marks his big comeback with the broadcast of his very first series entitled Orders, which will be broadcast very soon on Canal+, with eight 30-minute episodes. Florence Foresti is the creator and director, and features Baptiste Lecaplain, Audrey Lamy, but not only, in the cast, since she also chose the role of her housekeeper… her real housekeeper. A way of parodying her own life, which promises bursts of laughter, but also a certain seriousness, since Foresti wanted to talk about the anxiety attacks, which have punctuated her life for some time, as she indicated in a television interview. on the set of Daily. She is not the first comedian to take the plunge and get involved in writing a series, since Blanche Gardin had also produced her own series, The best version of myself in 2021 on Canal+ as well. On her Instagram account, Florence Foresti has already teased her series, revealing a photo of her, alongside her real-fake dog:

Marie-Antoinette – scheduled for release in October

The one who left an indelible mark in the history of France now has a new series bearing her image: Marie Antoinette is one of the new original creations that will be available on Canal+ in October. One of the freest princesses in history must perpetuate the line of the Bourbons. Her arrival in Versailles, her meeting with the solitary Louis XVI, her free and feminist personality, are recounted and brought to life in the new Canal+ series. The character of Marie-Antoinette inspired the world of fashion in her time and challenged the predominant values ​​within the royal family.

The Night Laurier Gaudreault Woke Up – soon on Canal+

Xavier Dolan therefore returns behind the camera. After his experience as an actor in the multi-award winning The lost illusions by Xavier Giannoli alongside Benjamin Voisin and Vincent Lacoste, the César-winning Canadian director returns to Canal+. He had previewed some images of his very first series on his Instagram account. He therefore signs a new original Canal+ creation entitled The Night Laurier Gaudreault Woke Up. This adaptation of an eponymous play invites us during five episodes to share the daily life of the main character, planted in the 1990s, at the heart of a psychological thriller which speaks of mourning and self-acceptance.

66.5 – soon on Canal+

The series, still mysterious and signed Anne Landois (Gears, The Promise), will follow a young lawyer, played by Alice Isaaz, at the heart of a scandal involving her husband, accused of rape. She will have to return to the city of her childhood in spite of herself, and try to rebuild herself by working at the court of Bobigny.

Paris Police 1905 – soon on Canal+

The second season of Paris Police is announced. After the year 1900, it was therefore in 1905 that a new investigation began, when a corpse was found in the Bois de Boulogne. The trail of the murder is then considered by Inspector Antoine Jouin, who will lead the investigation, in the wood reputed to satisfy all the impulses of Paris. In this investigation, the prefect Lépine is suspected. On the program of this series, vice, corruption but also blackmail… Case to follow.

BRI – soon on Canal+

The French series takes place, as you may have guessed, in a team from the BRI (Research and Intervention Brigade), from the city of Versailles. The historical unit specializing in organized crime will have to prevent a gang war that could arise in the heart of the capital, but also succeed in getting the members of his group to cooperate, between a very charismatic leader and young elite cops.

Tokyo Vice – available on Canal+

The mini series tokyo vicewhose season 1 is already available on Canal+ and myCANAL, features an American journalist (played by Ansel Elgort, revealed in Baby Driver in 2017), which investigates the yakuza. The first episode is directed by Michael Mann (Heat, Collateral, Last of the Mohicans), also Executive Procurator. The series plunges us into the heart of the Japanese mafia and its crimes, after a series of unexplained suicides.

Django – soon on Canal+

Series Django is another original Canal+ creation. On the bill, the talented actor Matthias Schoenaerts, who notably distinguished himself in The Danish Girl, Nevada, Bullheadbut also Of rust and bone. This creation, freely inspired by the 1966 film of the same name (not to be confused with Django Unchained by Tarantino), will be available in 10 episodes of 52 minutes. The artistic team that produced this desired modern and contemporary western is made up in particular of Francesca Comencini, director of the Italian series Gomorrah.

All Canal+ programs are available on the encrypted channel, and on demand on the myCANAL platform. On the Sport side, Canal + is not left out, since the platform will notably broadcast Formula 1 until 2029 and the Champions League until 2027.

Sources: Canal+

Canal+: the new series program