‘Canelo’ Álvarez one more! All the real boxers who have appeared in the movies ‘Rocky’ and ‘Creed’

rocky is one of those legendary movies in the history of cinema and of sport. Sylvester Stallone created a mythical character, who gave him an Oscar and more than 40 years later, the possibility of continuing among boxing fans and the big screen.

Although it is not a 100% original creation, because it was inspired by another story, Sylvester Stallone made Rocky a truly important figure in popular culture around the world.

The story of the ‘Underdog’ is always effective, because nobody wants to see the least favored fail in their attempt at success, in fact, many people around the world have found in Rocky Balboa a source of inspiration.

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It might seem illogical, a fictional character who becomes an idol or inspires other people, but the truth, is that the story of Rocky Balboa could be adjusted to that of any person who goes out to box against life every day and all its situations -such as the September tremors, to which we have to sell the fear of them-.

But, going back to the subject of the movie, because not all the boxers that appear in ‘Rocky’ are actors, well, some, They left their professional careers momentarily to date Sylvester Stalloneeither with important characters or some cameos –like the one that ‘Canelo’ Álvarez will do in Creed-.

The real boxers who have appeared in the movie ‘Rocky’

Joe Frazier – Cameo in ‘Rocky’

You can’t start ranking without a legend and Joe Frazier is the name to start with this count. Has a brief cameo in the first ‘Rocky’ moviealthough he auditioned for the role of antagonist in the third installment, but ended up being Mr. T who played Cluber Lang.

Joe Frazier, boxing legend and with a cameo in'Rocky'
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‘Iron’ Mike Tyson – Cameo

Another legend and a lot of power, although with a minor role. He made a cameo in the sixth installment of the ‘Rocky Balboa’ series where he appeared playing himself, because no one can make a better mike tyson than mike tyson.

Will they reach the price? Mike Tyson wants a millionaire to fight Jake Paul
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Tony Burton – the biggest role in ‘Rocky’ for a professional boxer

You may not recognize him by his real name, but he is one of the most important characters in the entire ‘Rocky’ saga, He is my more or less than Duke Evers, the trainer of Apollo Creed.

He was a professional boxer in the 50’s winning several titles, but his career was short lived due to problems outside the ring that led him to be in prison, where he began acting and when he got out of prison, he began his career as an actor.

Duke Evers, trainer of Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa in'Rocky'
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Peter Lovell

In his professional boxing career, he wasn’t that good, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have his good fights. He faced Ken Norton in 1976, for the title, but unfortunately he could not take the scepter.

He was the first real boxer to appear on ‘Rocky’ and played Spider Rico in three different movies (the first two of the saga and ‘Rocky Balboa’).

Pedro Lovell with Rocky Balboa
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Gabriel Rosado

This boxer from Puerto Rico does not appear in ‘Rocky’ but in the first installment of ‘Creed’, although they belong to the same universe that revolves around Rocky Balboa and his legacy from Philadelphia to the world.

Although his professional career is not to be framed, he has had fights for the world title, without victory for him. In the film, He is one of the boxers Adonis Creed faces on his arrival at the top of boxing..

Gabriel Rosado in the movie'Creed'
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Andrew Ward

Another one that also appears in ‘Creed’ and not in one, but in the two films that have been released at the moment about Adonis, the son of Apollo, although not as a character in the saga but as a cameo.

Its importance within the movies is great, because he trained Michael B. Jordan and was in charge of the choreography of the boxing fights in the film. Off the big screen, he won an Olympic gold medal, has an undefeated record and has repeatedly defended his boxing titles.

Andre Ward on his boxing career
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Tony ‘The Bomber’ Bellew – gave Rocky Balboa himself green gray hair

He played Ricky ‘El Guapo’ Conlen in the first ‘Creed’ movie.In fact, he was the antagonist of that installment and even knocked out Adonis Creed in a sparring session, of course, all of this was accepted by Michael B. Jordan, who was really hit… Ultra mega ouch.

He did very well in boxing after the movie, although he has already retired with an enviable record as a professional. But, his difficult personality led him to have run-ins on the set even with Sylvester Stalloneas he grew up as an Everton hooligan in his native Liverpool.

Tony Bellew as Boxing Champion
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Antonio Tarver – last antagonist for Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa needed a special career closure, because as the same character said in the seventh installment of the saga, he still had things stored in the “basement”, that’s why his last fight -even if it’s for exhibition- it’s against a real boxer.

Antonio Tarver brought Mason Dixon to life, that we really can’t give him the nickname of antagonist, because he really isn’t. He was one of the few who beat Rocky Balboa, but his real career lost steam after the movie and in 2015 he retired from boxing.

Rocky Balboa vs Mason Dixon
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Tommy Morrison – the mini Rocky from the (forgettable) ‘Rocky V’

Possibly the least liked movie among fans of the boxer from Philadelphia, because they simply could not have done it and no one would have noticed that it did not exist.

Buuuut, this movie featured the torch pass between Rocky Balboa and his protégé Tommy Gunn, whom he trained and loved almost like a son, but greed makes him leave with a promoter (a parody of Don King) and has him confront Rocky so they stop comparing him to him.

Tommy Gunn does not face Balboa inside a ring, but in a street fight, which Rocky obviously wins. But back to the actual boxer, Tommy Morrison makes this character an antagonist of the ‘Rocky’ saga.

He competed in the heavyweights and had his best moment after appearing in the film, but his reality was similar to that of his character, since the excesses led him to perdition as a professional. He contracted an STD and died a few decades later.

Tommy Morrison, antagonist of'Rocky V'
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Florian Munteanu – the new Drago

The Rocky Balboa Story (and the creed family) could not be understood without the surname Drago. Well, Ivan killed Apollo in the movies and brought out the fury of the ‘Italian Stallion’ in the fourth film of the saga.

For the second installment of ‘Creed’, a Drago returned and it was Viktor, who faces Adonis in another chapter of Drago vs Creedbut this time with bad results for the Russians.

Florian has not become a professional boxer, he is still an amateur, but it seems that his career is already outside of boxing because he left the ‘Rocky’ saga for go to the Marivel Cinematic Universe and appear in Shang-Chi as Razor Bladeone of the villains.

Florian Munteanu with Michael B. Jordan for'Creed 2'
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‘Canelo’ Álvarez one more! All the real boxers who have appeared in the movies ‘Rocky’ and ‘Creed’