Capulina and Chespirito. How was your relationship and why did you distance yourself?

Gaspar Henaine Y Roberto Gomez Bolanos They had a personal and work relationship that resulted in a large part of the film productions of the comic couple of Shavings and Capulina.

Both comedians met when Roberto Gómez Bolanos worked at a company called Darcy Advertising, doing commercials and radio shows.

Capulina and Viruta, the name by which their dumbbell Marco Antonio Campos was popularly known, invited Gómez Bolaños to meet them at XEW and began working on the sketch program Cómicas y Canciones.

The formula that Viruta and Capulina achieved with Chespirito’s librettos made their popularity grow to the point that allowed them to reach television with the same program Cómicas y Canciones Adams.

After the success they began to make films with scripts by Gómez Bolaños, who wrote an important part of the films starring the pair of comedians.

Henaine invited Gómez Bolaños to play small roles, with which he began to include roles for himself in the scripts, as Antonio Henaine Frías, son of Capulina, reveals in a video.

The name of Chespirito comes from Shakespeare, and since Gómez Bolaños was dedicated to writing, but was small in stature, he was baptized as Chespirito.

“They made a phenomenal work team to the point that when they prepared the television programs, Roberto taught them the synopses with dialogues, and Capulina contributed different ideas, with which they came to a previous rehearsal and executed the dialogues without a prompter,” says Antonio Henaine.

Their friendship grew to the point that Gómez Bolaños would visit Henaine’s house and their working relationship was so close that they toured South America.

Henaine Jr. tells an anecdote that on a certain occasion they appeared in a small town and began to do their comic routines, and people did not laugh, the women grabbed their shawls and covered themselves, but no laughter was heard. Later Capulina would have found out that the reason was because the village priest told them that they should not laugh at others.

He also assures that Chespirito was the one who gave him the nickname “champion of white humor”, as evidenced by a script in the hands of Capulina’s family.

After their separation due to projects that divided their paths, Capulina also came to work with Horacio Gómez Bolaños, Chespirito’s brother, as well as with Rubén Aguirre, who eventually joined the Gómez Bolaños team with iconic characters such as Professor Jirafales.

Between Capulina and Chespirito there was no break, Antonio Henaine pointed out, but their professional projects moved in different directions.

Gaspar Henaine was born on January 6, 1926 in Chignahuapan, Puebla, and at the age of six he moved with his family to Mexico City.

At the age of 10, he made his debut in the cinema with a brief participation in Allá en el rancho chico (1938), a parody of the classic Mexican cinema Allá en el rancho grande.

His godfather Manuel Dondé, who was an actor and uncle of the sisters Lorena and Teresa Velázquez, encouraged him to study drama and won his first prize for his performance in a performance of the play Madre querida.

Before joining Los Trincas, Henaine participated in the Los Excentricos del Ritmo quartet.

In 1952 to Marco Antonio Campos Contreras “Viruta”, to whom he proposed to form a comic duet and the couple began their work under the title “Capulina and Don Viruta on the radio”.

In 1953 they began to film some films with which they became famous throughout Latin America.

Although at first their style resembled that of the American comedians Laurel and Hardy, known as El Gordo y el Flaco, Viruta and Capulina developed a different style, but despite their success, they had differences that caused the end of their collaboration.

Capulina and Chespirito. How was your relationship and why did you distance yourself?