Carlos Álvarez and Jorge Benavides come together again with the ‘sketch’ of “The ladies of La Molina”

Comedians Carlos Álvarez and Jorge Benavides, who over the years have formed one of the most famous comedy duos on Peruvian TV, once again shared the same television set for the recording of their famous comedy sequence called “Las Señoras de La Mill”.

This was announced by Álvarez through his Instagram account, with a photo in which both appear characterized as those pitucas ladies who made viewers laugh so much. This time, in harmony with the situation, they carry a sign that says: “Shakira, friend, La Molina is with you.”

Jorge Benavides and Carlos Álvarez: When will the reunion be?

On the social networks of the “JB en ATV” program, more details were given about the reunion between Jorge Benavides and Carlos Álvarez. The two will appear this Saturday, September 10, at 8:30 pm, in the aforementioned television space.

This meeting of the comedians is the result of an interview that both had with the producer Ney Guerrero a few days ago at the ATV channel facilities. The image of that meeting went viral and made many believe in the return of “El especial del humor”, the last program in which these two comedy figures worked together for more than eight years.

‘JB’ open to the possibility of working with Carlos Álvarez again

Carlos Álvarez maintained that the event was unforeseen and considers it “very difficult” to return to work with the popular ‘JB’, although he did not rule out that this could become a reality at any time, despite his personal projects.

“It can be said that the doors are never completely closed and this coincidence occurred, which for many followers was a happy coincidence, because they never stop bombarding us with messages that they want ‘El especial del humor’ to return,” he said on 3 from september to daily Trade.

According to Alvarez, Jorge Benavidez He was also open to the possibility of getting together and doing a comedy show, mainly because of all the time they have worked together on television.

“I think he (Jorge) was ductile to a possibility. And I appreciate his work very much, he is a great professional. We have worked together for eight and a half years, which is no small thing, it is like a marriage,” he specified.

The duo of comedians

In 2003, Jorge Benavidez Y Carlos Alvarez They premiered ‘El Especial del Humor’, a comedy program that focused on the imitation and parody of political figures, athletes and celebrities, both local and international.

The television space remained until 2014, but Álvarez’s participation ended three years earlier due to some differences and disagreements with the directors of Latin. Walter ‘Cachito’ Ramirez, Lelo Costa Y ‘Fat Casaretto‘ were part of the most remembered cast of the program.

‘El Especial del Humor’ left behind memorable sketches such as ‘Alejandro Choledo and Eliane Karpa’, ‘Rómulo y Bieto’, ‘Chemo del Solar y Jeta Jeta Uribe’, ‘The death of the word’, among others.


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Carlos Álvarez and Jorge Benavides come together again with the ‘sketch’ of “The ladies of La Molina”