Carlos Latre: “Positivity can and should be trained”

The huhMorista, actor, presenter and Spanish impersonator, Carlos Latre, has an appointment at Baluarte on September 17 and 18 for the “One-man Show” tour. An extraordinary event in which he fuses imitation, music and parody on stage. In detail, this work reviews the political, economic and social aspects of the Spanish scene from a very entertaining point of view. His hallmark, humor, captivates the attention of his audience from the moment the curtain opens until it closes.

-In his day, Charles Chaplin said that “a day without laughter is a day wasted”. Tell us how you manage to charm the audience and get them to break out of their hectic routines.

-It is important to wrap them in something. The public is predisposed and in these times, even more so if possible. They come wanting to laugh and the moment the light goes out, there are people who start laughing out loud. They know what they are coming for and want to give it their all.

-That positivity, that energy, those ‘vibes’ that you give off in front of the spotlights, are they trained?

-They can and should. They have to train. The brain is lazy and if you get used to a negativity, it becomes negative. There is an exercise of smiling in the morning for 15 seconds to generate serotonin and positive energy. Positivity is trained by being positive and making an effort. Otherwise, if we stopped to think about all the misery that surrounds us, we would be completely sunk.

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-What can theater contribute to an artist, unlike other dimensions such as television spaces?

The theater brings so much different to the rest of spaces! First, the presence, the energy and having people there. Each public, each city is different. There are so many influencing aspects that make it unique. It is always from scratch and every day is new. It is a responsibility to act before people who expect to see you and have paid for it. I have forced myself from the beginning that no matter what happens, I must be one hundred percent. The public deserves the best and I have to give it to them.

-During September 17 and 18, the “One-man Show” tour makes a stop in the capital of Navarra to stage the play in Baluarte. How is the reception presented by the Navarrese public? Any news that you can tell us about?

-The reception is expected to be incredible because the first date is already complete and another one had to be scheduled. Lots of news about everything. It will be one of the first shows of the summer, with which, a lot of light, gas, temperatures around 27 degrees. We try to hurry as much as possible thanks to the fact that we have a very good team to be able to react in time to the news of the day. We are going to play the most rabid news of course (laughs).

-If you had to keep one of the imitations that you star in, what would it be?

-The singers freak me out. When Pablo López or Antonio Orozco comes out, I enjoy a lot. You participate with the public, you sing, the lights enter the scene… Everyone knows them. Moving on to newer generations, there is also C. Tangana, Rauw Alejandro… There are many novelties that they like. The most difficult target for me is the public from 16 to 21 years old because perhaps the youngest ones follow me on Tu Cara Me Suena and the adults have already known me for a long time. However, with the young sector I have to connect in a different way. For example, with characters from La Casa de Papel like Tokio or Nairobi.

Carlos Latre: “Positivity can and should be trained”