Carlos Sobera says that it fills him more “distributing love than money”

Although love pursues Carlos Sobera, or who knows if it’s the other way around, the Bilbao native, far from caring that he may be pigeonholed as a matchmaker by the First Dates program, insists on the importance of affection, since it fills him more “distributing love than money» in television contests.

Love, as he reiterated in an interview with EFE, “is much more natural and necessary, and even the need to love becomes more superior than to eat.”

And he insists on it, because this week he premieres as an actor at the Mérida International Classical Theater Festival with the play “Miles Gloriosus”, a comedy written by Plautus in which love flows, it is true that at the beginning in one direction , and to top it off quite kidnapped.

To talk about Plautus is to chisel comedy, to blur the miseries of the human being to turn them into humor, because if this father of farce had something, it was to transfer to the viewer the possibility of transforming the despicable into parody.

Sobera plays Miles, a boastful person who, in love with Cornelia (Elena Ballesteros), decides to kidnap her even though he knows that someone else has her heart.

Carlos Sobera says that it fills him more

Charles Sovereign. EFE / Jero Morales

Plautus gives Miles “every fault” possible, but, at the same time, he knows how to give him the ability to “create tenderness.” The playwright liked happy endings, giving characters a chance to redeem themselves.

“My character has a journey of transformation, because it starts being one thing and ends up being another, earning a little favor with the public,” the actor and presenter explained.

«Plautus loved to criticize, to be a mirror of reality and turn it into a brutal satire, but, on the other hand, he always looked for the bright side of things, the positivism of his characters so that they had the opportunity to improve», has added.

In short, unravel with humor and fun the ball of entanglement, with a needle included, to sew with some love what seemed impossible.

Carlos Sobera says that it fills him more

Charles Sovereign. EFE / Jero Morales

In the words of the actor, comedy serves, “as Plautus, Seneca or Ovid already said, to learn from mistakes by laughing at them”, and although life “has more dramatic and very intense moments, as has happened with the pandemic, the world needs to live.

“One way to do it, in addition to laughing and enjoying or even making love, is to go to the theater,” he stressed; In addition, comedy, “in any of its forms, serves to get young people hooked on theater and see it as a place to enjoy.”

Sobera faces the challenge from Mérida with “great enthusiasm, but with the challenge and responsibility of doing it well and wanting to please”, especially for being a well-known face. To achieve this challenge, she is accompanied on stage by actresses and actors with whom she has already worked several times, including the director, Pep Antón Gómez.

“The complicity is evident” and is perceived from the numerous occasions in which Antón, Sobera, Elisa Matilla and Ángel Pardo have participated together in other productions. «It is magical to get the cast that was wanted; it is never easy and very little happens because it is difficult to catch them respecting the respective agendas.

Although she has touched all the artistic styles (theater, cinema, series, television) and admits that she is “incapable of deciding on any one in particular”, Sobera maintains that “the theater is where you can really control your work, have the union with the I publish live, something that no other has.”

However, “the chaos of television is wonderful and I love that need to improvise, to react to the unexpected.”

Carlos Sobera says that it fills him more “distributing love than money”