Casio does not get wet after Shakira’s song: “There is one for everyone, whether you are a ‘king’ or a wolf”

Casio has ruled on the controversy. The watch firm, which can say that it has been seen splattered by controversial song by Shakira and BZRPhas shared a publication on his official Instagram account in Spain in which he declares himself neutral in the conflict that the Colombian singer maintains with his ex Gerard Piqué. In a story, the Japanese watch firm says: “There is a Casio for everyone, be it king, she-wolf or Pikachu himself. And he adds: “For this reason, we are not official sponsors of any side.” Until now, the firm had decided to keep a low profile on the networks, using only its Instagram account. And this despite the proliferation of false profiles that impersonated it in other media, such as Twitter. However, he has taken advantage: his involuntary participation in the breakup of Shakira and Piqué has given him 100,000 new followers on Instagram in just 72 hours,

Barcelona was one of the obvious epicenters of the tornado that Session 53. And not only because Gerard Piqué resides there, to whom all Shakira’s darts were aimed. The Catalan capital is also the headquarters in Spain of the Japanese watch company Casio, which inadvertently became one of the supporting actors of beef between the singer and the soccer player. And all for a verse of the theme of the song with Bizarrap. Actually, for six words. “I don’t even know what happened to you / ‘you are so strange that I can’t even distinguish you / I’m worth two out of 22 / you traded a Ferrari for a Twingo / you traded a Rolex for a Casio.”

And the whirlwind came. The song quickly rose to the top of Spotify. and took over the conversation on social networks. Without looking for it, the affordable watch brand trended on Twitter. According to the consultant marketingCasio and Twingo benefited from this global conversation with more than 400,000 references and, in the case of the watch company, more than 100,000 followers, new posts on Instagram in just 72 hours.

The firm decided to keep a low profile. But the avalanche of comments did lead the Spanish communication team to decide to jump on the bandwagon and post a couple of publications on that network. In one he said: “We love that this splashes us”, in reference to the play on words that Shakira uses in the song. The message was below an image of a clock showing a time: “03:38″ and 53 seconds. The first figure refers to the duration of the song, and the second, to its title. “We have received countless messages. That is why we wanted to tell you: thank you for being part of us ”, read the other post. They didn’t go from there.

Over the past week, the story has only grown. Gerard Piqué said that Casio was going to sponsor the kings leaguethe soccer tournament that leads with the streamer I was going Llanos. And accounts proliferated fake in the networks, which even released a statement that many people accepted as good in which they denied Piqué’s announcement and declared that The Japanese firm was “neutral” in the conflict arising from the separation of Shakira and Piqué. Things got serious. The Casio team decided to start intervening, but carefully. If his image hadn’t been damaged so far, he preferred to avoid any slip up. So he endorsed the maxim that Shakira herself preached in 2010: “Dust yourself off, stand up and get back in the ring.”

Casio denounced the accounts fake. Some disappeared, some did so temporarily, and some couldn’t be removed. “If they specify that they are a parody, there is little to do,” explain company sources. There was little more they could do: neither denounce a statement that, basically, only came to say that in this conflict the watch firm is neutral –which is still true- nor enter into a battle with a world music superstar. and a soccer player from one of the best soccer clubs on the planet.

To make a move on the networks again, the firm led by Kazuhiro Kashio, valued at around 2,400 million euros, decided to wait until this Wednesday. He did it, as did the account fake, declaring their neutrality. In the new publication, this time a storyCasio refers to Piqué (as kingalluding to the league he promotes) and Shakira (as she-wolf, for the famous song) to end by saying that he does not take sides with one or the other. For now, she comes out of that earthquake in networks more than well.

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Casio does not get wet after Shakira’s song: “There is one for everyone, whether you are a ‘king’ or a wolf”